The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe – Luis Buñuel – Full Movie Multi Subs by Film&Clips

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe – Luis Buñuel – Full Movie Multi Subs by Film&Clips

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  1. Bad enough friday was a slave to his own people , now he started out being a slave to crusoe. But they became better friends in the end.

  2. The little chick in the egg, when it's shell was broken, It thought yeah it's my birthday!!!. then when Robison put the shell back on, it thought oh dear. maybe not.

  3. Although the book per usual is better than the movie, this was a fine story loosely based on Defoe's work. Hopefully , Friday stopped calling him master and instead what they became, friends!

  4. I was always lead to belive he was an adventure hero .but is nothing but common fucking crim iam glad he ship recked an so Manny lives were saved from this Grimm

  5. A great story that explores many themes, survival, loneliness, faith in God and His Word, companionship, human relationships, hard work and rewards, justice and respect for humanity, slavery, friendship and deliverance. Wow! The book of course is way more detailed but this movie shows the incredible hardships men can face and overcome by faith in God and His principles.

  6. I love classic movies like this. It shows how someone might survive if they were fortunate to be able to get supplies from their ship. I doubt anyone would be able to do that nowadays. It's not like those stupid survivor reality shows where all they do is complain and have to dive 5 feet underwater for supplies. Lol.

  7. If your opining for a modern take on this timeless classic, then look no further than "castaway" starring Tom Hanks.. (Friday is a volleyball with a bloody handprint.)

  8. Amazing book. I have read it three times when I was a school student ..a big tanks to Daniel Defoe, absolutely masterpiece!

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