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  1. Has anyone else noticed, When the giant robot breaks into their room, the sound it makes is the creepy alien voice you get from the original xbox home screen if you leave it on for a super long time.

  2. I woulda thought that a master necromancer would have encountered clones before and know how to deal with them.

  3. You know somethin, Jim rash would be perfect for the role of dr. Rusty Venture, if there were ever a live action incarnation film, or a short film helping out a good budgeted director

  4. This episode legit disturbed the hell outta me.
    I'm just glad the slugs are all gone, the current Hank and Dean are the last ones.

  5. That is a very distributing situation for me rusty i wouldn't say is a horrible father but he is a very sub par one but my question is if you know they keep dying over and over agian and that your constantly getting attack by random villians and in life threating situtations just about everyday why are they living with you they should in actually be living with a distance relative where they can be safe and live a normal life that actually makes sense to me but i can't put to much of the blame on rusty he had a horrible father but he should know better or what better for his kids

  6. This adds more to Rusty's character, originally the show made Dr. Venture look like a father who didn't care for his sons' safety. He cares so much to keep clones of them in his basement in case they were to die, and hires a body guard to slow down the dying process.

  7. they should had another season oh season where aliens did invade that would been something cool heroes and villains unites, I am still wondering what would happened if doctor venture actually made money plus or minus Brock came back to see what happened to Hank.

  8. This might be the best episode of the show.

    "Fine! I hate you. Hey, I'm thinking of making grilled cheese…"

  9. 14 times with Brock, who know how many clones Rusty… I mean Doc Venture has created/messed up before they even were fully formed??

  10. if only one of the two died, then they killed the other left and bring both new brothers? or do they keep the left alive? what if the other gets to know that his other brother died?

  11. :44 to 45, the doc's laughter is one of the most likeable and wonderful sounds Ive ever heard in this show. In a twisted kind of way its also pretty cute how he's reminiscing over the memories with Brock like a family, even if its about something as dark as the boys deaths.

  12. Just realized Rusty been working on that teleportation machine since this episode and he completed it in s7!

  13. So I’m confused, do they have the same souls in each body? They’ve both suggested they do and otherwise.

  14. This is one case where one better hope clones don't have souls because otherwise there is going to be legions of the boys in the afterlife.

  15. Ever since the first episode in the first season, things have just been getting weirder and darker.

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