‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Cast Plays ‘Dive In’ | MTV News

‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Cast Plays ‘Dive In’ | MTV News

– If you could cast one spell
on someone in real life, what would it be, who
would it be on, and why? – It would be on Ross to make
him fall in love with me. – Why? – Because I love you. – Aw.
– Good answer. – Hey, guys, I’m Kiernan. – I’m Ross. – I’m Gavin.
– And we’re about to dive in with MTV News. – I go first?
– Dive in, buddy. Do it.
– Alright. For Christmas, Sabrina gave
Harvey magical pencils. What magical item would
be on your wishlist? Lightsaber, done. If there’s one dream that I have in life, it’s just to wield the
power of a lightsaber. If that’s dorky, that’s fine. – I think I might go with wings. – Wings?
– Yeah. – That’s pretty solid. – I’d love a new mode of transportation. – What if I had a surfboard that could fly and also makes smoothies? You know what I’m sayin’? – Oh, my God, an all in one. Other than ‘Chilling
Adventures of Sabrina’, what Netflix shows are you binging? I just started ‘Love, Death, and Robots’. – Yo! For real? For real?
– Yeah, no, for real. – That’s what I was gonna say.
– Oh, my God, it’s so good. It’s crazy, have you seen it? – I really want to, I
know it looks so sick. – You gotta watch out,
though, because sometimes, it’s hard to watch. – Fiery.
– It’s a little gnarly, isn’t it? It looks super intense. It’s gory. – It’s an anthology so every
one’s different, right? – Every episode has new
characters and a new storyline. – Academy of Unseen Arts or Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry? I’m so sorry, I gotta go with Hogwarts. – I think I gotta go with Hogwarts just because I spend a
lot of time at the Academy and so just to shake things
up, I would go Hogwarts. – I would, too. I think the Academy could use a little… – Reforming. – Yeah. – Generally speaking, it’s patriarchal. – Here’s one of the exciting
things about our show, though, is Hogwarts, we all know about Hogwarts but the Academy of Unseen
Arts is still being explored and there’s a lot of things
that can happen, still, so that answer could change. – Is there a character from ‘Riverdale’ you’d like to bring into
Sabrina’s world for an episode? – I’ve always said Archie. I think it makes the most sense because he’s always on
the run and also I feel like he’s a problem
solver and his town hero, so I feel like Sabrina and
Archie could kind of join forces. – Do you think he could handle the magic? – He better be able to. – Who has the best relationship with Salem the cat in real life? – I certainly have the most
tumultuous relationship with the cat given that I’m allergic, which we’ve been over many times. – But the cage says, don’t touch the cats so I don’t touch the cats. I like the cats. – Stuffy on set, yeah. They’re very serious about their work. – What’s an unseen art you
have, AKA a hidden talent? – I can move my scalp. – That’s pretty gnarly. – It’s pretty cool, huh? – I got one, I can put
my thumb upside down. It’s a little twisted, sorry. – Oh, my God! – Oh, I think you showed me that one. – Isn’t that weird? What’s your hidden talent? – I mean, I can make you
a nice salad for lunch. – Yo, you still have to cook for us. – Really good, I’m a really good cook. I will actually cook for you and I’ll make a bomb vinaigrette. I’ll just do the whole thing. I’ll cook for you,
that’s my hidden talent. – Love, marry, banish.
Harvey, Nick, Salem. – That’s the perfect
question for you, too. – I know. I’m gonna say I’m going to… – I already know, this is good. – Oh, my God, I’m gonna
marry Salem, obviously. Life partner. I’m gonna banish Nick
because if I marry Harvey, Nick will find his way back. If I banish this dude,
he’s not coming back. – That’s a good point. – He’s done for it but if I banish you, I fully believe in your
capability to handle it and come back and come into my life again and I’m not kicking Salem out.

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  1. Can we not ship Gavin and Kiernan and left them breathe? Nd also not assume that Gavin is gay. Discussing someone's sexuality is so not cool.

  2. Ok but did Kiernan just hint at the fact they'll get Nick back in the next season or rather, he'll get himself back?? Or is that just me??

  3. It's a little confusing when you see 2 of your "boyfriends" hahahah xd . I think Gavin and Kiernan are so cute togather .

  4. I feel like there was a love triangle going on gavin loves kiernan she loves Ross and Ross loves Gavin like if u had that vibe

  5. Not surprised Kieranan is in this show after all she played a insest role where she sleeps with her brother

  6. Seem like fun decent kids,now imagine how much cooler theyd be without the cancer of pc ideological subversion/brainwashing/indoctrination all there lives,the real life Lucifer is one tricky son of a bitch no doubt.

  7. I will cry and jump off a cliff if riverdale crosses with CAOS. Riverdale does not deserve to cross over with Sabrina!!


    The thought that Kiernan also binges what you're binging :')

  9. Ok but every single thumbnail I've seen with kiernan and gavin in, gavin has THAT look on kiernan and my heart my soul my everything in between just—

  10. after i binge watched season 2, I'm now here watching all their interviews & something's off with kiernan & gavin. either they argued and can't stand eachother ( by the way kiernan couldn't look at gavin everytime at interviews ) or there's sexual tension idk lol

  11. ok all of these gavin and kiernan lovers, obvious, kiernan likes ross, look how much times she looks at ross than gavin

  12. At first evreyone wanted a crossover with CAOS and Riverdale, i thought that if riverdale was introducing all that paranormal stuff was probably because of a future crossover and now everyone is hating on riverdale, the producers are only giving what their viewers want.

  13. I think Kiernan is to afraid to admit that she likes Gavin cuz he definitely likes her, you could tell by the way he is always at her

  14. I think gavin likes kiernan but sabrina likes ross and ross just considers both friends also there might be a possiblity that kieranan also considers both of em friends but MAN DO I SHIP KIERNAN AND GAVIN THEY LOOK SO DAMN CUTE TOGETHER😍

  15. Why in all vids with Kiernan , Gavin and Ross , she s looking most of time at Ross and kinda exclude Gavin , she doesn t really like Gavin looks like

  16. She said she will banish nick and in season 2 he and the devil got trapped together.
    Your dreams came true my dear. Let's just hope he doesn't die in season 3.

  17. 3:30 with that salad I seen a video when Kiki said: My mum is always saying I cooked for 20 people but I cooked only for myself (or something like that)

  18. 0:15 okay where can i get two hot guys looking at me like that??? and gavin kinda looks like kian lawley a bit idk

  19. I’d put Veronica from Riverdale in CAOS she back Sabrina all the way when she’s up against the dark lord plus she could so pull off a witch

  20. Nope, I am not shipping Sabrina with anyone. I am shipping Harvey and Nick. THEY ARE THE ENDGAME

  21. gavin be looking at kiernan but she keep looking at ross most of the time …damnn ross and her look better 🥰

  22. I think Betty and Juhead should be in a episode of Sabrina because they are the investigative couple and they could investigate green dale sense there towns are right next to each other

  23. Kiernan, I respect you, and I agree it would make sense if Archie would be in Greendale for an episode, but when you said Archie is a problem solver and the town's hero.. Girl.. Have you seen Riverdale at all? That guy is even more oblivious than Harvey..
    I mean if you meant Archie in the comics, then yeah, he's kind of the town's hero, but the Archie in Riverdale.. Bruhh

  24. Plz tell me am not the only one shipping Sabrina and nick real life and in the series

  25. Am i the only one who feels like keirnan shows herself soo into ross /harvey but her onscreen chemistry with gavin is something on another level 🔥

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