The epic journey of the plastic ducks

The epic journey of the plastic ducks

China December 1991 it began in the toy
factory where plastic ducks were made a container ship loaded with plastic toys
left Hong Kong in the direction of the USA but then a stormy night came in
January 1992 a container fell overboard after a clash with another container the
plastic toys were abandoned in the Pacific Ocean the journey of the twenty
nine thousand floating ducks began the first nineteenthousand ducks went to
the South after three months they landed on the shores of Australia Indonesia and
even Chile the other 10,000 friendly floatees had other plans and went to the
north 32,000 kilometers from their starting point the Ducks were bobbing
along Alaska and back around it took them three years to reach the place where they fell overboard which was very interesting for oceanographers by following the plastic ducks they learned a lot about the ocean currents after their tour on the Pacific Ocean the Ducks ended up chillin on the beaches of
Hawaii but some of them were going to explore the ocean they went back to
Alaska but this time the remaining floaties drifted north through the
Bering Strait in the Arctic Ocean theDucks went further east and froze into
a block of ice and were slowly crossing the pole at two kilometers a day after five years the ice package reached the Atlantic Ocean the friendly floatees were released from the ice and headed south they were spotted at the place the
Titanic sank but the brave Ducks survived the icebergs after a while the
Ducks landed on the beaches of the USA we’re collectors rewarded a hundred
dollars for those who found them but for some of them the adventure wasn’t over
yet a small group of the plastic ducks were
heading east again in July 2007 after 15 years and
17,000 miles the Ducks ended their journey on the shore of Scotland but
unfortunately it didn’t end so well forall the Ducks while most of them are now
drinking Scottish whiskey are rewarded a hundred dollars on the American market or enjoying a cocktail on the beaches of Hawaii for some of them their journey
ended in the big plastic soup in the north of the Pacific Ocean

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  1. Hey Emma, could you tell me where you got this video? We would like to use it for a non-commercial exhibition and I´m trying to find out about the producer and rights to use it…could you help me?

  2. Hi Emma, we are putting together an exhibit about ocean plastic and marine debris and are interested in featuring this video in our exhibit. Could you tell us more about the rights to the video? You can reach me at [email protected]

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