you oh-oh I'm stuck I'm stuck you idiots push me off the ladder hey guys welcome back to another rOBLOX video we're back again with some time travel adventures I'm here with sigh she's over here ah and we're gonna walk in the last episode we did Sub Zero we completed it we died a few times it was crazy I thought I was gonna do extinction but I saw this message it says warning is Maps really hard and I'm not an expert just yet I need so I thought we're gonna do my mummy mysteries instead so let's go oh this is hard – pros only okay wait only has one life right let's go to the same one oh my gosh right so we're in this is pros only you only get one life apparently in this one we need eight players join us people join us do this by the way we bought a pair I've got a pet and I books printing as well so I don't know how I don't know how that works we're in other way yeah some people that know us are in this one with us so hopefully they could help us out okay if I see you I'll give you a shout out oh this one fire man timid oh oh 1798 eg I've always wanted to go to Egypt while we're here growl you spit on me haha I hate ya in my mouth don't spare me okay he's real excited welcome this is my first time exploring this period is detected the power gem signal in this way alright let's do this before we leave take a weapon okay oh this war can I get that staff I'm gonna get it now these things are gonna get feisty where'd you get the weapons from over here over here I want nice I'm buying this I'm buying an epic staff look I want that you look at me go well what does it do it is fired the thing just defaults you here are you thank you it's not me probably for if us over they were there with it here is the pyramid inside oh this guy I will listen to this guy right here in the green cuz he thought we gotta be chill this time all right all right all right boy let's go boy well these weird heady people they look a bit freaky Oh what do we do oh we're climbing up climbing up alright it's got enough these are core in this these people know what they're doing let's go up look around for a way to open the pyramid well I've got some music I'm up here ruler oh yes do do you do it we're gonna open the pyramid oh we're waiting for one more friend green it's time we chill oh look they're real weird-looking aren't gay I just what I said oh he said over there look let's go see the key I see the key follow the green moon I do not feel – I don't feel – Oh after the last yeah there he got it green weed looking guy got it really we have the key he goes lucky yeah come back let's open the door up I got my fighting staff I'm back to fault line everyone yeah we sure did okay I'm opening the door back up back up never hand the close god oh all right why did the blonde girls always want to die first look at them back up you're gonna get chopped up let's go inside all right let's go I'm nervous this is intense What did he say let everyone go first I'm chill this is the pharaohs temple Oh tomb sorry not temple my power reader is off the charts we are powerful I think this is the most I won't read it end oh oh kill him get up on this thing everyone's up on this thing always got a thousand health he's already been awake him this week what for him we've our stuff kill him Oh Oh sandstorm oh I'm going we gonna die how comes all of us are in oh we're good we're good we're good survive this we are lucky the secret room opened okay huh we've got a puzzle to do do we have to push I'll push the blocks on the colors I think that was good I think that was good we'll get yellow in the middle go come on push hello everyone push it yeah we've all got to push it together come on everyone we've got it yellow down here right yes yellows good yeah where's red Go Go come on we all push it we're good look how fast it's gonna go look how good look at working as a team I know we're all in look at me I'll push it by myself you guys all week get off it Wow all right we do I like that we've done it I figured out a puzzle it weren't exactly hard but yes team we did it let's continue on all right we got this we're working as a team John and it's good Oh grapple hook 420 roebucks oh I need that I'm gonna die oh that guy just fell in the war I'm gonna die wait what do we do why is no one moving because I think everyone's scared oh I'm dead that's it did you die I'm gonna survive this I'm not gonna survive it's not that hard just concentrate don't die no I died to go all the way to the beginning nice is you have one life left oh my gosh did you die it's the ladder I couldn't grip on the ladder Oh someone said just one person has to do it oh my gosh huh what happened to my staff I lost my staff we met to cure this thing did you lose your weapon yeah Wow walk on run just hide hide around here Nick I hit me see I'm safe only one person has to do the jump remember okay okay who's the best we need to discuss this where Alice why are you talking I know it's me huh Oh Tim's dead rest in peace Timmy boy the power was unreal it's another guy talking you dicks I'm getting a call on my interdimensional radio you're the boss hello this dr. time dr. time good I have made contact with you take us back dr. time cuz I ain't got time for this they're going this way he's time to set off the splat distress beacon this I'm dead beaconed find a locate team follow the path all right okay where's my pet gun I lost my pet too we're just all dead Oh No there's some gods oh I'm about to shred a slingshot yeah I'm about to shoot these gods with my slingshot thingy thing how Jake shoot him what do we do I can help you get oh you want to help us Jake oh that's the guard over there but first you need to do something for me are you being greedy for just Wow Jake go back to the Oasis and find my monkey no okay okay where's the Oasis you lost that one he was having a bath well why are you bothering with your monkey full weirdo exactly let the monkey bars and peace it's over here I see the monkey I think you're not the monkey oh I see I secure that guy got a monkey he got it well we're good Jake there's your monkey look this guy stay dry Jake so that we would have to walk all the way back there geniuses these people tell the gods I sent you well don't be monkeying around again Jake okay they will open the gates all we need to do Jake sent us Jake's got connections yeah he knows all the pizzas all right thanks okay let's go we're about to do this I have a good feeling I'm detecting Tim's distress beacon green boys nearly dere de-seed green boys health we kind of think the green people because the green people Noah saw look there's the pool we need to find the key for it do you see a key no I don't the keys inside inside what are the tempo over here oh look there's my staff weapon against you I get it 45 robots again well why didn't you let me keep you all right here we go dancin Trey there's a key to the tempo how do we get in we're gonna do a pulse everyone's on here again get out gap gap you're gonna die no no oh no ha ha ha the guy in the red hat what'd you say to me the guy in the red hat fall cuz I'm talking about you all I'm stuck I'm stuck you idiots pushed me off the ladder I bought a new life I'm at the top they push me off the ladder ah I'm gonna be broke after this game did everyone die where we go go yeah this guy is the creature from stranger things I just realized yes yes you're late I'm not late I'm early now let's go to the temple and find that gym that's too difficult we ever gonna have a game where we don't die look will you cook terraces we have two beds Wow Wow we are new machine quickly shading us get to the temple entrance okay wait so here we go let's go is this the right way yes I'm just following everyone my little slingshot you must shoot you in the butt with a slingshot do it there Thanks I needed a welcome it's a long go you know what this animals code right here what do you tell me a dog sphynx no I think I need that is it is it a sphinx I'm not sure no sweet sue the cat that's not a cat or a dog cat he's a Dinks oh are you ready I'm ready oh let me now go first green people wow did you see that understand wait stop what Mays man is here Oh we'll find the way we're gonna follow you then everyone's following you by the way I am the maize man I know the way you've been another way cuz everyone's following you yeah I do I am maze man of course I did oh these guys Don in this green today oh let someone else do it good luck good luck everyone I'll be cheering you on are you doing it for real oh no I didn't die my screen went black oh my pits back what pick is that my pet be my pet these are our piss they got abducted Oh Tim he's in here Oh Timmy Tim are you dead he's dead we killed him the mummy said they killed him he's got a thousand health how we gonna kill him with these slingshots who is we Oh is there more than one is there more to its Juke I told you I'll be back his gym is that Tim's brother Jim these email now look I have created the ultimate monster I have combined a gem with a mummy he's evil yes and thanks to Jim my name is Jerry I do not have felt more alive no we're gonna kill you first now you're gonna die come on fight us in how we gonna be with like 10 sling shows get your get your get your anything out Oh laughter yeah you got it why why did I do these it's always you they go after you aim we've gotten down a bit Ryan Ryan Ryan are we gonna kill this guy for real like oh shoot again it sounds like the steel is all the way up he sure don't know he's on his knees all rights going down he's that weave we've gone down like 200 oh I'm nearly dead I'm nearly I'm gonna die oh well Pitt's doing nothing yup it's we paid for you you better kill him the other thousand now he's under that table we could do these people shoot him oh that guy's gonna go Oh get away get away from me get away from me how am I still alive after shooing him shift oh yeah boys shift I am he's low I'll be shooting this guy so much he's a hunter 750 yeah but what pets ain't do nothing they might as well be dead we're gonna we've got this don't worry you guys I'm still shooting don't worry we must we were to kill didn't we we were to killed if we are he's chasing me we would have killed him if we had that damn star no you're so close to dying be careful yeah your help you son what's he's he'll fare hundred four hundred we got these we can do these green boys gonna die we're already low I'm shooting him so much he let 200 I've shot him so much we're gonna do this oh we did it oh no no didn't he still there he teleported he's 25 huh I killed him oh my god I killed him I shot him so many times we did it this guy's so happy it's like the gem we have the gym there's only three of us left out of eight oh my god our pants did nothing stupid pets maybe I know Tim we will resurrect you maybe I shouldn't back alive you made that noise Olaf you dead if you thought I knew you're gonna make that noise [Laughter] thanks for saving me took look Manny is dead whose money the zombie oh we need to get out of here before anything else happens that is that yes please nice thing you've ever said Timmy boy I can't believe it's just us three left objectively the temple who was to go good good luck good luck survivor I hope you achieve these even Eve gods know that he did it wait out for me of the maze a maze man ready you ready I'll show you the way this is the only thing I'm good for he's mazes we're literally on the brink of dying so please don't do anything I have the most health we read don't worry following you don't worry I've got confidence I know I know mazes like the back of my foot you better not be taking us out amazement Tim what let's a scream do you hear him is it gonna be a bad jump scare he's at bad jump Oh Rajee are we good on it's this sprint let's get something sprint press shift oh yeah yeah yeah okay bye-bye I'm sorry bad boy we are we are going home thank you for all your service yes we are done we did it we completed the mummy mystery we are the best time travelers in the history of the world mummy mystery completed sub-zero completely so we have skull sanctuary mission to Mars and extinction what's worse I want to see which ones are harder which ones are not so mission to Mars is not hard what about skull sanctuary is it hard no that's not hard either but we just completed a hard one so maybe extinct she's not gonna be that hard for the next time yeah well we did die like 20 times yeah but we're gone right guys thank you so much for watching let me know in the comments which game you want us to play next it is extinction mission to Mars or skull sanctuary it's a nest in the comments section down below but thanks so much for watching guys I really hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you again in another rOBLOX video bye everyone

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