The 'FASA-Trek' Four Years WAR Explanation & Breakdown! Part 1 of 2!

The 'FASA-Trek' Four Years WAR Explanation & Breakdown! Part 1 of 2!

ejecting log what is all this about and how ever did the Federation get to this point in the real life year 1986 FAFSA corporation published supplement scenario 2 they're very popular Star Trek role-playing game the scenario was called returned to Axanar with a companion supplement called the four Years War the four Years War describes the first full-scale hot war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire which occurs around the 2250 some ten years before the time of the original Star Trek series when Kirk captain the enterprise now this is not to be confused with the Axanar fan film which is a wholly separate story nor is this an attempt at a Star Trek fan film either but more of an analysis review and breakdown of the fast version with some custom main CG graphics for better storytelling although I'm a very big fan of the Axanar fan film I feel I need to let everyone know that the concept of a war between the Federation the Klingons before the time of Kirk is by no means an original idea and the X in our fan film will be called Axanar the four Years War the fasiq campaign was called return to Axanar the four Years War the creators of the fan film were not the first to tell this story Star Trek discovery was not the first to tell this story NASA Corp was the first to take a crack at this story and is told in the style and context environment of the original series of Star Trek but Canon by now in Star Trek is obviously a very fluid concept and since this was written in 1986 there are many differences the Klingons are less like honorbound Vikings and more like brutal conniving despots Starfleet is still using lasers in accelerator cannons phasers and photon torpedoes are not used until the final months of this four years war okay so now that you hopefully kind of understand the circumstances of this story let's touch on something Picard had said in the Star Trek next generation episode first contact centuries ago a disastrous contact the Klingon Empire led to decades of war it was decided that that we would do surveillance before making contact it was a controversial decision but I believe it prevented more problems than it created now this episode was not written too long after the FAFSA content went out of print I like to speculate that Picard was actually thinking of the planet Axanar and its relevance in the four years war now of course technically the War of the Klingons occurs a century earlier than Picard Syria but first contact with the Klingons occurs another 50 years or so prior to that the first contact was a ship to ship contact from that point on Starfleet had sporadic skirmishes battles an ongoing conflict for decades but nothing accounting to a full-scale hot war involving the invasion of territory and the occupation of worlds but just before Star Fleet encounters the Klingons before there was a prime directive the planet Axanar was discovered a cold harsh planet with the pre-industrial primitive civilization and large deposits of valuable minerals in the mid 22nd century the United Earthship Bonaventure commanded by Captain Hadrian h huckabee landed on Axanar to study the planet in the civilization there the initial contact party consisted of 14 members casually opened up communications with axon Aryans whose initial contact with them was very violent in spite of suffering casualties the contact team was able to learn the action Aryan language they were inducted into the auctioneering culture and regarded as the 14 gods some decades later second contact occurred the USS yardley returned to Axanar to study the impact of Bonaventure's contact with the civilization except at this time an early version of prime directive was in effect albeit too late contact protocols were observed and the seven Mandaue team was shuttled to the surface disguised as axon Aryan traders this was a disaster unknown to the o-18 my highly religious culture had developed there they were asked by the first action Aryans encountered if they were of the 14 not knowing how to respond to this they should have said yes but they said no and I'll save one of the Oh a team was killed it was customary to let one return to his tribe so that it could be known that only those of the 14 or worthy of friendship the 14 had become sacred number that referred to the 14 God's Bona ventures first contact teen the action Aryan tendency to violent ritual led to conflict with outsiders the action Aryans were quarrelsome bunch steeped in complex ritual and codes of warrior culture tell me doesn't the nature of the action Aryan seem kind of familiar now at this time there had been no thorough study of xnr in DNA and if the scientists had been able to compare the DNA of certain other star ferrying warrior species the course of history may have taken a different turn and I have no doubt Starfleet would have kept a much closer eye on the planet Axanar was placed under quarantine as a protectorate sanctuary they would return again some 50 years later to check on the action area in progress now during this time contact had been made with the Klingons and a ship to ship confrontation about fifty years before the four Years War which began with the USS century the century had recovered an alien shuttle the occupant of the shuttle asked for asylum and it isn't known whether the occupant of the shuttle was a Klingon but it was more than likely an escaped kouf or a servitor race of the Klingons the Klingons at this time were known to subjugate an employer and slave what they considered to be inferior species the pursuant Klingon warship arrived and demanded the surrender of the shuttle shots were exchanged between the Klingons and the Federation ship but the battle was inconclusive and a Klingon commander promised to return to wreak havoc on the people of the Federation not all of this indirectly confirms what the card said centuries ago in his time this would have coincided with the first contact with the Klingons who money says decades of war this refers to skirmishes plus the cold war and then a hot war with the Klingons for decades frequent bloody encounters with Klingon ships occurred and then strangely for a period of years the Klingon frontier fell silent Starfleet intelligence would eventually learn that the Klingons were fighting a full-scale war against an unknown enemy on the front far away from the Federation feeling a sense of perhaps false security Starfleet put more resources into exploration and diplomacy during this time new ship classes such as the Anton Larsen and Luke NARR began production as well as the infamous Constitution class the Federation at this time kept the Romulans in check expanded through peaceful diplomatic outreach and explored the galaxy without fear many in the Federation Council such as the Andorians and the Tellarites felt that the Federation had become dangerously stagnant and it didn't matter that the Klingons were fighting a war on another front they would eventually return to wreak havoc on the Federation little with Starfleet note that the Klingon Emperor then fassl or controls the ruling houses was being pressured to expand into Federation territory by the most powerful Klingon houses Klingons tend to break down into civil war if not fighting some external enemy to unite them and this was still true in the fast RPG universe they deemed the Federation to be the weakest of their local adversaries their overall goal would be to NX a large part of Federation space consolidate this and then turn their attention to the Romulans it is also important to note that years later Federation scientists will learn a taxon aryans had many genetic markers that match the Klingon DNA although it has never explained in detail apparently a lewd Klingon view was that they had ancient claims to many worlds outside their current Empire especially Axanar the Klingons did not go back to their frequent skirmishes with the Federation instead they maintained the illusion that they were too busy to commit their ships to the Federation border while at the same time they consolidated very large fleets one task force was dispatched to Axanar which would take a slope its delta flight path deep into Federation space remain undetected and establish a foothold and striking range is several vulnerable Federation targets meanwhile on the Klingon border the Klingons are up to what they had hoped to be a distraction that would take Starfleet – attention away from Axanar the USS boar while on standard patrol detected a task force of three of the new d7 a Klingon cruisers moving along the Porter and poised to raid Federation space the board decided to leave its normal patrol which would soon take it near the Arcana system a location when the Federation maintained a large research outpost and followed the d7 this was apparently a Klingon tactic known as picot passing for as soon as the boar was distracted a fleet of 20 Klingon warships assaulted the ugliness station McClellan's were able to knock out the station's only shield generator land Marines in capture in short order they proceeded to Massacre every man and woman on the station but kept it intact for their possible use later overall 112 lives were lost this was only the beginning later the USS Rutherford detected a fleet of 109 ships moving towards Federation space near the Rigel sector an almost identical force was detected by the USS Berlin moving in the direction of Starbase 22 these fleet movements had caught the Federation off guard as Starfleet intelligence was convinced that their navy was deployed against the unknown threat on the other side of the Klingon Empire Starfleet dispatched all available combat capable ships to the Rigel sector and Starbase 22 of course this was a meager compared to the Klingon forces but before crossing into Federation space the Klingon fleets inexplicably reduced their speed from warp 6 to warp 3 this puzzled Starfleet intelligence because a Klingon suddenly were slowing what appeared to be a prelude to a full-scale invasion although the Arcana slaughter was upsetting and with much deliberation the Federation Council has decided there was not yet enough provocation for a formal declaration of war against the Klingons especially given the vast superiority of the Klingon fleet several months passed while the Federation ramped up production of combat capable ships meanwhile the massive Klingon fleet split up into smaller task groups eventually Starfleet felt it was time to check up on Axanar the Scout USS Gulliver commanded by captain sharee R the sow visited the planet to see if the non-interference directive could finally be lifted but before this could be done they found something rather alarming in orbit a small fleet of alien ships which the computer identified as Klingon specifically 8d for light cruisers 2d 16 destroyers and one ship that was unrecognized but Starfleet would later identify as a t3a assault ship this recording was taken from the USS Gulliver's recorded log buoy the vessels are aware of Gulliver and proceeding to engage in combat formed into three groups enemy has tactical advantage Angela bunched weaponry shields failing ejecting log buoy this log buoy was recovered by the cruiser USS BONHOMME RICHARD who transmitted the log to the Starfleet Command and then set course for Axanar meanwhile the destroyer USS Xenophon commanded by Garth of Izar was on standard patrol and spotted a lone d4 cruiser heading towards the Axanar system at high warp Garth knew that the Gulliver was supposed to be a Texan our M was long overdue to report in he decided something was very wrong realizing that this d4 cruiser may be connected he decided to intercept the ship and ordered it to serve under the Klingon replied with disruptors with good laser work the zenith on disabled the Klingons warp drive rendering it useless and then was able to learn about the Klingon task force attacks on our Garth headed for Axanar and arrived some days before the cruiser bon home Richard joined him when word reached the Federation Council about the Axanar incursion they drafted up a formal declaration of war but gave the Klingons the opportunity to either totally surrender to Starfleet or leave Axanar under Starfleet escort there was no reply Garth was in given command of a small squadron of scouts and destroyers that would keep an eye on max in our system and intercept any vessels that tried to leave the system although the Klingons made no attempt to break out of acts on our one of eyes our scouts detected a second fleet incoming this one had several freighters and assault ships with it clearly meant to reinforce and resupply the Klingon foothold on Axanar badly outnumbered and no prepared Garth would prove his skill and resourcefulness Garth sent some of his force into hiding while the remainder was exposed to oncoming Klingons the Klingons attacked and disabled several of his fleet slightly armed Scouts Garth had secretly deployed a number of other ships probably in conjunction with probes to secretly mimic the transmissions and warp signatures the large incoming fleet of Federation ships this caused enough confusion to convince the Klingons to withdraw but the hidden part of Garth's fleet then emerged and attacked the vulnerable Stern's of the Klingon while they withdrew most of the Klingon ships were destroyed or disabled by the end of the battle three of GAR Scouts were destroyed and most of the Federation ships were badly damaged including Garth's own destroyer Xena fought but this costly victory ended up being a very important one Garth's actions prevented the Klingons from reinforcing the resupplying their base attacks and are and would ultimately rendered this Klingon foothold useless Garth would then be awarded the medal of valor and the honorary rank of Fleet captain this action alone however would not stop Klingon aggression the Klingon Admiral Kirk oritse was unaware that the reinforcements squadron had been destroyed Axanar he transmitted in response to the Federation ultimatum an alliance now exists between the powerful Klingon Empire and its honourable servitor the natives of the world Axanar by the insulting condition in the terms of your own we confessed it countless ultimatum a state of war is now in effect between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets the giant fleets of the Klingon Navy then moved in the Federation space and without revealing too much as the rest of the world will be covered in part two of the series despite afcars victory Jackson are the war does not start well at all for the Federation I want to thank you guys so much for sticking with me through this project once again it seems like I've bitten off more than I can chew but in spite of the doubts about whether I would complete this video it seems the finished product was worth it and although it may take a little while I look forward to completing part two and although my patreon following is really small compared to other similar channels I appreciate your support there those of you who don't like patreon feel free to support the channel through PayPal a link is in the description below and your support is what helps me to produce more and higher quality videos until next time space friends since day one something's been missing I know it's done to transition to a new kind of way and let the passion come out I'm the dreamer dreamer time slows down when I am singing by my heart's true soul comes when I'm dreaming I know what it takes I need my soul to scream out I'm a dreamer dreamer I need shoes need to decide can't stand up jump to the other side one way to go

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  1. Never even knew there were Role Playing games of Star Trek. Question do you plan on doing an updated CGI version of your videos I would really like to see your fan documentary soon. I know you are busy its just a suggestion. Second question can you consider doing of the Robotech war with the Invid of the Macross saga against the Robotech Masters?

  2. Excellent overview. One of my favorite periods of Star trek history – post TOS history be damned. There are 3D renders for the FASA Marklin class:

  3. Man its been 4 months! I apologize everyone for the wait. I shall be putting previews of this in replies here. I'm hoping i can finish within 2 weeks or sooner (probably).

  4. I’m guessing this ignores ENT, since first contact with Klingons in that show happened on Earth, after which Archer visited Qo’noS. And Vulcans were already aware of them.

  5. What in the hell ever gave you the idea that any of us thought that the Axanar fan project was an original idea?

  6. Great video, his really enhanced my history knowledge of the Federation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  7. This was awesome and well produced. I love the FASA material and still have the original rpg with blueprints. Thanks for posting.

  8. Fun video. I enjoy how once again we get a different view of the events of Star Trek. It is after all fiction and not a history of the future so any of the things that have been seen or read are merely possibilities. And in Trek there are always possibilities. However, I question why, at 7:27, you refer to the Constitution-class ships as being "infamous."

  9. I'm 50, and I Role-Played this particular game extensively for Four Years,(heh), as a teenager. FASA fulfilled my, and many other Lifelong Trekker's, needs for an Established-Canon, Star Trek Universe during the rather sparse 1980's Movie Era. The FASA Universe was actually based on the fascinating 1980 book: 'Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology' by Stan and Marta Goldstein. As well as the earlier, 1974-published,: 'Starfleet Technical Manual', by Franz Josef. Many paperback novels, as well as much of Fan Fiction, at that time also used those Early Established Canon sources to flesh out their plots. This Early Canon, in turn, was VERY sadly completely rejected by Paramount at the start of the TNG-era in the late '80's-early 90's. Incidentally, while it is well-done and otherwise very accurate, this simulation depicts Captain Garth's U.S.S. Xenophon as a Saladin-Class destroyer. It was actually depicted on the cover of the F.Y.W. Information Sourcebook as a member of the Marklin-Class, and of an entirely different design.:

  10. Cool video! People do forget that we have seen the Axanar in canon in the ENT episode "Fight Or Flight". This is one of the first species that Archer and the NX-01 make first contact with. The Axanar are an intelligent spacefaring race whose ships carry significant firepower and are nothing at all like the FASA version.

  11. Thank you. I really enjoyed this video. I loved FASA's Star Trek the Role Playing Game. Wish people still played.

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