The Fast and the Furious (2001) – Drive-by Shooting Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

The Fast and the Furious (2001) – Drive-by Shooting Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

Dom, put the gun down now! – Moveyour car.
– No. Bullshit! Put it down now!
No more running! l’m not running! – Where’s Leon and Letty?
– They’re long gone! Then it’s over. l didn’t call
the police. But don’t push me! – Put the gun down! l swear to God!
– You are the cop! You’re a cop! Brian! l got to find
Jesse before they do. – l’m all the kid’s got.
– l’ll call in the plates. P.D. will pick him up
way beforeJohnnyeven gets near him. – Moveyour car.
– Dom, stop it! tt’s over. – Please!
– Mia, stay out ofit! – Move the–
– [ CarApproaching ] Dominic, l am so sory. l don’t know
what l’m doing, Dom. l’m so scared right now.
l don’t know what’s going on. Jess! What wereyou
thinking, man? l don’t know!
l panicked! l’m sory. – l’m scared!
– [ Motorcycles Approaching ] l don’t know what l’m doing!
Will you please help me? Dom! Jesse? Jesse! – [ Sobbing ]
– No,Jesse!

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  1. As soon as they heard the motorcycle coming in they start popping off rounds those guns that they were holding those were Uzis 9 mm little mini guns they're kind of like a little handguns but there really are a pack of hell of a punch when Jesse saw them coming he should have gone down on his knees right behind his car he would have been fine right there the moves right up front but nope he stands right there in panic

  2. alot of ppl didnt even know it was never about the Volkswagen trans s2000 was more powerful Tran figured out that dom knew about the raid and decided to kill them jessie was just a bystander at this time

  3. If the series had stayed this way, just typical street racing/heists… it would’ve done so much better. Waste of potential😴 still my favorite movie lmao

  4. Lmao why did that asian dude even care about that shitty ricer jetta?
    That thing looked like a 5 year old pimped it

  5. Fast and Furious 1 box office 207million – 53% rotten tomatoes.

    Fast and Furious 8 box office 1.239 billion – 67% Rotten Tomatoes

    Fast and furious 7 box office 1.516 billion – 81% Rotten Tomatoes

  6. Brian at 1:34. :'D His stray bullets definitely could've hit someone in one of the houses behind the bikers.

  7. Domick I am so sorry. I don't know what I'm doing dom.I am so scare right now I don't know what's going on!

  8. From this to dodging heat-seaking missiles, blasting off EMPs and disabling nuclear submarines.

  9. Dom feels different in this movie I , this movie best of should’ve ended at fast 5
    6-8 ruined the franchise

  10. Jesse is the only one who is partially concealed by cover during the drive by, and is the only one who is actually hit by the hail of bullets

  11. This scene makes literally no sense.

    So Johnny Tran, who's son of a dude (probably a mobster) with tons of cash. Risks life in jail, by personally killing some kid for not delivering his car (yet), which he could easily buy in the snap of a finger.

    Even if this was about Dom banging his sister……really?!?

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