The Great Adventure And The 1700’s Path That Saved The Day…

The Great Adventure And The 1700’s Path That Saved The Day…

“Eyeball” find at the bus stop. “1 Euro Cent” coin (2004). I’m in the woods. Let’s see… First find – my own pick ax I just pulled out of the backpack. Nothing there so far… The first “real” target. I have absolutely no clue what to expect in these woods. But that makes it even more exciting. Nothing special. Foil. I’m still in the entry zone, where garbage is not uncommon. That’s foil too. Let’s go a little bit deeper. A bottle cap. Nice, I like it. I changed the setting, as you can hear. I think, I ended up with this… The fourth tone was there to separate the falsing. Iron… That’s a root. The “1600’s soil”. A musket ball. I don’t know what it is. A bottle. “Brunnenverwaltung Überkingen-Teinach”. A company since 1923. The top is unfortunately broken. I’ll move it out of the way. The dog is annoying. Is he reacting to my metal detector? Something strange, partially made of plastic. Let’s move deeper into the woods and find a better place… Beautiful nature… As nice as it looks, the finds are either too deep, or not there… A drop of water got on my lens. It will evaporate soon. Now I’m using the final setting showed before. Watch the water drop on the lens evaporate… That’s iron… With lack of other finds, I’m not going to bother… Aluminum wire… What a disappointment… I mean, just look around… It looks stunning, but I’m probably the only one who was here. Except for someone who cut this tree… Foil, a human trace after all. What’s this? It looks organic. Probably from an animal. It stinks… A miracle… Another signal. A piece of lead. Now my glove smells. This spot looks nice. Something must be here. A bad signal, but let’s look. Another musket ball. I guess, it has nothing to do with military. A hunter got probably lost here. He probably couldn’t find any animals and shot himself with this bullet. Another piece of lead. A coin! I knew it. “1 Reichspfennig” (1940’s). GPS (“POI”) #1 It took me 1 h and 28 min! I could be making circles around finds, but I doubt that… Big rusty junk. A button. #2 It was a beautiful day… 300° view… I’m sure, there are worst places to be… But still, I need to find the lead. That’s a ring from a bird. 1965. This was just falsing of the coil. That’s a button. A path… The path… And this probably is the lid from a small bottle. A piece of foil. I’m leaving the path. The forest looks too nice, to collect modern junk. Another button. That’s what it was… That’s what it is… I almost hit a worm. It’s a button, probably from the same person. Looks exact the same. I decided to make a circle and go slowly back through a different area. Why not… It’s hard to find motivation and extend the search area… I have to take a look at Google satellite map. Sounds like iron, but let’s see… It’s a “ring”. A shell casing. On the surface. This one sounds good. A button. Something shiny. I think, this could be a silver earring. Or a part of jewelry. It’s out. That’s a button! Hollow inside. A trace from 1700’s? I don’t know anything about buttons… I think I accidentally stumbled upon a path. Look, that could be a path, the finds are saying it is one. Sounds like iron, but I’m curious now. Probably just a “chunk of iron”. It’s a weight (made of lead). A quick check of the right side of the path. If finds are there, I (usually) find them… …but when no one lost anything, nothing can be done. A musket ball. Back to the “path”, which could save this trip… It’s a secret capsule! There probably is something inside. Could be a microfilm hidden by Russian KGB agents. I see them sometimes in the woods, undercover as “mushroom collectors”… (I will open the capsule at home and show its content at the end). What is this? Looks like an ax, but… The “tip” is folded. Why? I place it back for now (I moved it later). The “good” soil… It’s a tiny watch winder. The problem is, I have to take the next bus and don’t have much time. A button. Probably from the 40’s. There was the path. I assume, I’m standing on its extension. I just need to find “proof”. There it is. Looks like a “D” shaped buckle. Foil. It’s probably foil too, but you never know. This time that’s the case. Hmm… I’m not convinced, but… Something seems to be there. A web of roots. I think, that’s the center of a shotgun cartridge. A “10 Reichspfennig” coin (1920’s?). Now it’s really time. The path saved the day… I will show you all pictures in a second. What are my assistants doing? They are already sleeping. The eyeball find: “1 Euro Cent”. 2004 A lead weight? More lead. Even more in form of musket balls. Ring from a bird (with the bird…). 1965 I will open this at the end. “1 Reichspfennig” coin. 1940 “10 Reichspfennig” coin (1920). Probably a button… A button for sure. A better version. Two buttons from the same person? I wasn’t able to clean this button. Nothing has worked… The “blow fish” button. The watch winder. The buckle. A silver earring? Trash… And treasure… Detecting time: 3h:20min Let’s open the KGB capsule! I’m not strong enough. Now it turns… It’s either a microfilm, or… It’s “contact” info this time. (I can’t show everything for my safety reasons)

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  1. Sehr schönes Video 👍👍👌👌
    Das Bleigewicht ist von einem Fahrzeugrad
    Gut Fund und Grüsse aus der Schweiz 🇨🇭

  2. A couple goodies there MD24! The lead weight is from a car wheel and used to balance the tire. The buckle piece is 14th century or so. For the button you cannot clean, try soaking in straight ammonia. Sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 2 hours but it always works for me. Happy digging, Dave.

  3. Agent max, what a find! Imagine you found a time capsule. History in the past. Your 2 sleeping buddies forever by your side. So cute. X

  4. He was eaten by the thing that lost that hoof!  I love the fat buttons.  So neat.  The incendiary,  are they reported? So dangerous.  My husband said that he was told if found to report to authorities. But to also not go back to that area, too dangerous and I would not want you hurt again. So your alter ego is Maz? Shhhh I wont tell. But really do report the explosives.

  5. i saw a video of a guy finding something similar to that AXE looking thing you found , they said it a iron wheel stopper, they use it to stop the old Stage coaches or wagon wheels-Wheels from rolling back if on a hill or a small dip on the ground, hope that helps.

  6. Howdy! 56:24 and 56:31 most probably tent button from WWII – I often find them next to Wehrmacht uniform buttons, 56:39 and 56:47 (as you surely know) arsenic-bronze buttons. In Bohemia they were made in 1700s (and early 1800s) by village common folk as a way to make some cash. Do you have these in Germany decorated with flowers and horses too? It is a very common find here, but I am still waiting for the one with a horse. The "uncleanable" one could let go using small brass brush. Arsenic-bronze is tough material (until it cracks, then it scatters like sand), the surface should withstand even brass treatment (if you go gentle). I clean them often like this, because somehow this material likes to cover itself with a thick layer of hardened crust. Have a nice day bro!

  7. Why all the broken branches and broken tree limbs on the they get horrific winds in that area? Back to the orange prob temporarily? Another fruitful hunt. Could be turmeric in the capsule..was the capsule silver? Now where have I heard that word "turmeric" before…hmmmmm..are you taking it yet? Max must have taken his so you will have to get your own sooooooon.

  8. I am glad I am not the only one who sometimes finds it hard to stay motivated when out in the woods. Was that angled and folded piece iron not perhaps a very old forester/tree fellers wedge.
    Thank you for another good day out.

  9. Another great video.
    Thank you for sharing your finds and your day with us.
    I won't tell anyone about agent Max….😂😂😂😉😉😉

  10. Crew change!  Little nippers are getting lazy!  They are toted free and cozy…taken on grand adventures…little stinkers should at least share the excitement of a safe ending to the hunt…nope…already asleep for the train ride home.  Gosh, even the train would be an adventure. (Quite sure the puppy's tail is wagging and tongue hanging out trying to get your attention.) May you find, one of a kind.  Or at least more gold than your hand can hold.  (My reindeer Rodney, is trying for a job as resident poet.  Time to be "vacationed" until next Christmas and only companions with regular jobs stay close and available.)  Although I agree with his sentiments,  practice on vacation.     Wow!  Secret messages.  What's next?

  11. Enjoyed watching. Cleared out a lot of trash and had some nice discoveries, congratulations. The capsule document at the end, was that legitimate? Looking forward to future videos.

  12. Hello from Portugal, I´m a Pro on the beaches in Algarve do you know? I have 7 detectors an nox 800 and a XP orx are my first choices here is forbidden to do metal detect. I have no doubt you are a pro in the fields i enjoy to see you in action you are a true pro you are the type of guy i like to see in videos not that ones that only talk and bla bla bla and only find rubbish finds and fake finds and publicita te and do from this a business you are OK congrats!!!

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