The great Mummy Mystery! Roblox Time Travel Adventures!

The great Mummy Mystery! Roblox Time Travel Adventures!

warning this map is hard and only has one life pros only grows only well guess what super challenging map look what crew bot you ran over here and we bought ourselves infinite lives yes that we can die as many times as we want yes and in case that we're not pros yeah well we won't die anyway cuz we're instantly Pro mummy mystery a new story adventure game you guys ready for this some brains hi can you put your sticks away they are poking us gundalia solely for protection we have to collect important artifacts so don't go whacking them with your stick like this like this yeah why did you bring sticks anyway it's my walking stick just in case it gets tired you know wait and I thought that had superpowers Shh it's just gold what is yours a walking stick – no it's a stabbing stick okay whoa whoa okay yeah I can't get it sometimes and it looks like a thumbtack alright eight more seconds okay jump jump training training we're ready let's go whoop Yee time travel hello hello spit I hate sad it's in my mouth welcome to eat it this is my first time exploring this period oh so my reader is detecting a power gem signal this away it's probably mine Oh power before we leave take a weapon oh hey a walking stick should we buy this but be warned this mission is very hard we're powerful I just haven't need a slingshot yo I'm just gonna grab both and you only have one life okay now I'm a feeling that like we only have one life like I don't think infinite lives even work guys come on guys getting so far away come on why did we carry so much pyramid wow is saying that the gym is somewhere inside okay inside okay where I think we should be going inside and exploring hey just a second Tim can we borrow your time Bell this is amazing no rainbow you can't just take Tim's time belt yeah we have our own time so I have never seen anything like it yeah you have Nana remember that ah be quiet yeah lunar what a lie you get smacked what's a liar let's follow Tim well this I being it's the treasure I get all the treasure lot some drunk who got all the treasure jock we have to share no look at me go get him look around for a way to open the pyramid you got hooks do you have sand in your mouth Drac oh yeah your life I'm wrong the other way you guys ago I'm gonna climb up the pyramid I found good we have found the key I found the key it was right here guys it was literally right here okay so come on to me I will open the pyramid door okay I am opening the door three two careful step backs local traps no not set them back rainbows crazy people you don't know what's in there snakes mummies gently care she honestly doesn't yeah let's go inside come on hmm see I am the king of the pyramid it is the Pharaohs home got it it's to my power oh I think this is the most powerful gym yet it's so powerful yes kill it kill it kill it die who dares enter by tomb it design feels rainbow I have already been awakened this week it was rainbow look the floor opened up get in get in my way one more tip follow me down that was a close call we are lucky this secret room opened up don't step on each of these I know what else to do so the push out of blocks push the blocks and totally go one way I'm guessing so oh okay go tell me out use your sweep done golden I have yellow it is means done well done you figured it out yay who's the smart you should be careful guys that guy had a lot of hell on yeah thing we might dive in case you fly the bus yeah what's this oh boy parkour oh no everything might need this no every time we use a grappling hook even an obvious we die so no one I bet I could use a grappling hook copley all right you know what show-off go first go ahead man go ahead watch are you doing the boy of the future he died I told you grappling hooks are pointless they don't work and they all gone actually hard where are we going where are we going jackals being crazy wait what's happening I didn't do anything you feel I died we have to parkour like gold follow gold everyone gold got it I have your lucky needle sword okay ah come on guys careful everyone keeps dying we would totally not survive this without infinite life no gold come on come on guys lunar and Drago already made it back jumps we're waiting come on Wow our John the great time for measly wow they're so bad at this and by the way since I died I lost one of my Roebuck staff so I'm kind of annoyed Wow I'm the last one he you did it yeah come on ooh button not safe hi you again I did it I didn't think you would survive you can take Tamsin it's Tim get away leave me to rest okay run quick quickly everyone run outside everyone round sighs where's outside I will hold dance him off no that's so sad would we go where are we what happened that's what in the desert but they killed Tim Tim Tim dad no Tim Timmy boy Timothy no sir city its power was unreal we must save him dude he danced his I'm getting a call on my interdimensional radio hello it's dr. time good I've made contact with you okay Tim has set off his distress cooping wife find and locate Tim follow the path um I'm pretty sure Tim's gone he dances yeah yeah okay wait is there anything in the tent wait what's over here guys who is that it's like someone's sleeping JIT man P okay are you okay son it's not a table just think we must save Tim dracco structures grappling hook is swinging him to other areas maybe we should follow this path guys yeah yes I mean that's what doctor my keep running follow the pack as Drago swim chuckwei should stop swinging but this'll win more than 10 castle big soul wait wait oh no there are some guards I got a slingshot you don't sound surprised how are we going to get past them like this I don't you know do we do you I'm gonna press the button I see Brett's and I don't know it I can help you get past thanks Jake how but first you need to do something for me something guess that's there go back to the Oasis and find my monkey oh I lost it when I was having a bath well maybe you should have take all back to the Oasis I'm ok ok fine we'll find this guy let's go guys got it go Jay now I'll find Winkie you don't have a feeling that we have to give the monkey something right yeah I do but now now get up there what is the monkey doing it's like floating here there hi hey moaning monkey are you ok cute oh that's ok I just picked up the monkey that's all great we found it let's get back to Jake well technically we found it doctor time yeah we turned the monkey to Jake I'm just saying how does doctor time even see us like doctor time where are you phones oh no he can't see us are you watching us right now because if you are you need to hit the like button down below if you're enjoying this video so far yeah yeah we has the monkey Jake we found your monkey friend give us let us pass yes you found my monkey he'll sounds so excited but we keep monkey tell the guards I sent you Wow okay that was good looking golden rainbow our guard they will open the gates for you all right let's go okay all right cool actually let's walk together listen camp No okay fine okay let's the same time oh okay all right let's walk you look dumb wait if this I don't know our guards they have to be on the opposite ends of us why is this guy so angry when he sleeps come on we can look professional okay go go escorting you end in three slowly guys if he attacks I will I will poke him you'll poke him with your thumb tack guys we look pretty dumb I don't think we look cool as we think we love okay that's right told you to keep close we need we need to find the key for it my record shows that the key is inside doctor time can you open the door for rainbow a pyramid with a blue door oh yes that's it bye go bye-bye go reset hey guard you are too close you're trying to be epic that's so dumb no there's no match for me oh she's drunk oh oh I can't so close oh no I can do this oh you gotta give up oh there's a key in the temple Moony way shy wraps it up way down to pick it up uh who wants to pick it up I'm gonna get ready you gotta go up I can't see again see final five dead oh the grappling hook is actually on me life will get colds epic parkour I want to do this alright let's go let's go she's got no way we would ever do that Wow imagine that we only had one life for this that is scary with that no as we got to get out before this room drown oh but we're good we're good we did it we survived way kind of yeah we don'twe Inc was so powerful now let's go to that temple and find that gem what gem yeah Wow even though I await that damn Tim's distress beacon is fading you can't get in the temple entrance is this the temple entrance right here the blue door right blue door and door no thanks or is it back to the pyramid is that big thing with the giant symbol yeah with the key oh yo go get your weapon back oh yay give my epic stuff better not okay good got it okay I betcha oh is it that temple cuz that temples locked yeah with that giant oh we went with Tim yeah Drock oh I'm just pretty sure you don't know directions see what hey Rocco split up guys what no that's a terrible idea every time people split up they don't get they always die no we follow me I'm never going these ducks you know I think we should do what what we should climb to the top of that pyramid Thanks you know why I agree with lunar ice exactly on the top and I want to touch it last we're not the pyramid gets no roebucks piggy Guinea I'm gonna race you it's a race for reals grapple hook we got hey guys love his ex him nope nice try rainbow grandpa look we come on up at the top it's an artifact gold you gonna see this okay I think we're good we don't have to save Tim anymore I think something else back home Wow we fit it we beat the game yep yeah blow down the hill let's do it we cannot roll down slow motion okay this is not the temple I don't know what is Tim we are here to say there's already opens though I knew it it was a locked door it was the other one I was right okay Draca we get it here it is it's time to save Tim from dancing forever – he dies yeah guys we are heroes but I'll go tim is video hockey no oh yeah we are the heroes saving hello Tim yeah who wants to walk first I don't know well that's the point you stick rainbow also all the pointers that go and meet me angles just go that's a trap here comes a trapeze oh it's amazing oh man I'm bad at mazes funny you can add some time for me to shine yeah maze times your staff all right follow me I know where to go left is always good and then right it's the power of guessing how do music you can make it any way up oh no oh oh okay guess it's down here I will leave Wiki oh there's no work here hey hey guys you're losing my boat I'm here I feel so good maybe here not this way just yeah left and then right then right no right another drain right this way Schmidt maze right right oh man Drock why you just saying right now left right sounds like a dance why not split up go no guys go that way right yeah I think you should split up wait did we find it right we found it nice easy wait we both found it what no wall teleported us okay dark hallway oh can you stop sir yes sir police we get it girl Gary bream on another grappling hook sir hook into darkness I don't think I did it worked it's wholly your to pass school take that path I'll take this path I think Gold's pass is definite daughter oh she lost her weapon again Mon rainbow right here hello mr. green guy oh look your precious guide Tim he is dead no you're lying lie lie he's smiling we killed him wait what do you mean we yeah that's way Oh who's we who is we please we know you you travel you can uses a wheel it was not me Jim Oh who's just Jeff wait Jim Jim and Tim I told you I would be back got some ketchup on your chin Jim now look I have created the ultimate monster wait where did you come from JJ your brother TJ I have combined a gem with Manny yes and thanks to Jim we've created Tim I've never felt more alive good bye good luck killing Manny haha I will only go for the knees goes for the knees paralyzing your rainbow do you have a weapon Oh close him he's gonna suck your slate all the foster weapons only looter has a whopping shot I'm gonna shoot him you gotta get closer he's fast ringing around the right come on you Lea Seydoux drop I feel funny Oh No I'm dead I don't feel good he's slamming oh good thing we have infinite rousing we're immortal yes we will always live I am using my weapon nobody riding the team George is our fight stop stop fighting yes guys not a time to argue it's a time to kill him what Jane likes have fun have fun being a mummy no I died it's okay we have to try and save Tim he's dead already me maybe I may be frying I Lee I don't think you gonna cry and our to you all the gems power on him live him no okay no Brock who's not being stuck in a selfish maybe it will bring him back to life no it won't in the jam just use the gym click the jam to use its power on Tim it's working wow that's ok right now we have a zombie Tim thank you all for saving me welcome him you're welcome look Manny is dead what are you already dead to begin with he's a mom we need to get out of here before anything else happens objective beat the temple what a waste time oh the other path Oh where's my grappling hook I lost it mmm-hmm wait are we going the right way maybe what's down there yeah we're supposed to go this way now guys this way I'm pretty sure were supposed to leave I'm pretty sure we're supposed to go that way this one is really tricky though so pickle oh gosh I see treasure over there oh it's an artifact I see I jumped too early okay this is when all of our Augie skills have to come to the other guys with the power of Abhi's totally do this properly got it whoop whoop what is it guys who Florida I give up no one else grab the sword I ain't grabbing it woo grappling hook powers and then there's a cheater tisk tisk just has struck oh look at me what hardcore parkour feeling alright grapple hook are you ready to do this money make sure you hit it really higher I gotta go higher power of luck is that working third time's the charm grapple yay okay Gold doesn't want to buy a grappling hook she wants a place a legit way so we're just gonna have a only gone over I had to use the grappling hook I can't parkour yep now where do we go you run we'll hook that way to the right we teleport Ahad thank you we made it out of life let's get out of hand all oh I guess this game is pretty accurate you know you go in one way got very very to work I lost you fam we're out we're out I feel weird oh not all back there not a good sign Jim's rushing through my veins cars over here let's get out of here Jim trust him hey Tim we gotta talk about function in there huh are we going no Tim do you find Tim just guys why isn't he talking Tim go look at that dream like that and not talk okay go poke him just ask if he's okay Tim Tim I don't think poking a lot will help damn damn damn damn Timmy Timmy boy you just want him to walk back into the portal tell Tim what I feel like we're not uh thanks thank ya thank you bye well guys that was quite odd tell us what you think happened to Tim in the comments section below if you enjoyed the video Samantha like button don't forget to subscribe if you're new thank you so much for watching and crew we'll see you on the next one you guys Tim turned into Jim and Jim turned into Manny so Tim is Manny Jim total sense no

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  1. I think him cut his veins inside and then he turn into a bad guy and then he turn into a zombie and then he will go back and creep your lives

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