The Holiday (2006) Official Trailer 1 – Kate Winslet Movie

The Holiday (2006) Official Trailer 1 – Kate Winslet Movie

We might as well be honest with each other. Just tell me, did you sleep with her? Okay, I slept with her. Are you happy? Did you say ‘Am I happy?’ You gotta be…
*gets punched* Oh God, here he comes… *whispers* Oh, Jasper. What’s the story with you two, anyway? I’m head over heels, you know. Everybody, may I introduce the newly engaged, Jasper Bloom! I hate my horrible life. Narrator: Iris and Amanda are in exactly the same place. Where do I wanna go, by myself, depressed, at Christmas? Narrator: Just 6,000 miles apart. Home exchange? We switch houses, cars, everything. Bingo! I need you to answer this. Are there any men in your town? Perfect! I’m here! Narrator: As one door closes… That’ll be interesting… Narrator: …another one opens. Hi! Hello… I’m Miles. I’m Graham, Iris’s brother. Do you want some company? Yeah. Love some. Okay, sorry about that. Boob graze. That was accidental. You know, Graham, I just broke up with someone… and considering that you showed up, and you’re insanely good-looking… and probably won’t remember me anyway, I’m thinking… we should have sex. If you want. Is that a trick question? Seems I had it all wrong. It turns out, you’ll go somewhere new, and met people who make you feel worthwhile again. It’s Christmas eve, and we are going to celebrate being young, and being alive. Iris, hi, it’s Amanda. Can you hold on for a sec? Sorry. That was Amanda. Find out how she is. Can you tell him I’m good. How’s she doing? What’s he been up to? Hold, please. I can’t believe that you have had sex with the woman staying in my house! He told you that?! Oh, my God! Narrator: “The Holiday” I can’t believe you’ve had sex with Amanda! She’s been there five days, and then you meet her and immediately get into her knickers! …still me.

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  1. I always wonder did both couples really end up together? It’s certainly implied, but???? This would have have a great movie for a sequel.

  2. I love this movie with a passion. Saw it when it came out in 2006 with a friend, and she told me "it's funny, you're the Iris type and I'm more like Amanda". She was right. I'm still trying to work on my "pushover" side. And I watch the movie twice a year for some reason, in the summer and around Christmas time like everyone else.

  3. This is my favorite movie! To prove, I named my daughter after Iris 🙂 I love Kate's character here. But I love more Amanda's love story.

  4. I jus loved Cameron Diaz in this movie…such a cute character…n reallyyy it is a lovely movie ever…..loved it….🤗

  5. Can't believe some compare this to Love Actually. At least that movie tries to cater to people of all backgrounds and ages. This movie is squarely a chick flick, and not even a good one at that. Unless you're a single +30 year old woman, this movie doesn't provide much of anything. Love Actually is vastly superior.

  6. I can't think of any best actress in Hollywood besides these two
    Cameron diaz is just perfect
    Her acting is splendid whether it's funny or emotional or negative

  7. My cousins always enjoyed this movie during Christmas but I never fully watched it yet so I’m starting to watch it now lol! I’m surprised Jack Black is in a romantic comedy movie when I first time saw the trailer! What a good combination putting Diaz, Winslet, Law & Black in a movie together 👏!

  8. Jack Black is perfect in this. he isn't super attractive yet he still gets Kate Winslet..he's a hero to us guys who aren't that good looking

  9. What a movie. I just watched this a while ago and MAN! THEY'VE GOT GREAT MUSIC. I love the chemistry of both of these pairs. Dude. Deffo highly recommended. Oh and btw, Happy New Year everyone. #2019 🙃🙃🙃

  10. I watched this movie to see more of John Krasinski ( after watching The office ) and he had one scene !

    Wasn't dissapointed with the movie though

  11. I love this movie, but is a shame that they focused more on Amanda than Iris. She is an amazing character.
    I'd wish Iris theme were longer than 5 secs also.

  12. WOW holiday so lovely movie of Cameron and Kate only they can do this role so beautifully which they did both and two men Jude Law and Black so great knows who to make a dating woman so great by breaking them …very interesting story.

  13. When you see this movie pop up on TV, stop what you are doing and watch it. It will make you feel good for days!

  14. I know Rufus Sewell was a jerk in this movie but, can we take a minute to appreciate his sexiness?
    Also, Jude Law’s sexiness kinda overshadowed Rufus’s.

  15. Cameron what a great scene " did you say am I happy?"
    I actually liked Miles gentle character the best for Iris

  16. I just watched the movie last night. How did I get that? I searched must-watch movies to move-on on the google. How come I never watch this movie before. it made me believe that actually with the right man and the right time, we can find the way 🙂 such a lovely movie..

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