The Journey: Lindsey Horan

The Journey: Lindsey Horan

boom was it good I can't believe I cried [Applause] I think a lot of people just look at my decision and they're tired of hearing all this eighteen year old that played pro and go overseas and go to PSG I just don't think a lot of people understand what it took for me to make that decision and it was probably the most difficult thing in my life I don't think he's to my knowledge has been anybody to go through that specific process on the female side of going from a high-school-aged player to bypassing college full-ride scholarship top university and not look back and I don't believe that she has ever looked back that your UNC went to win the national championship there are moments there are nights that I was sat up crying and you know looking at it like what did I just do my goal in life was to play for the national team and what was the quickest way to to get to that level and I thought that going overseas and playing at the professional level at such a young age was the right thing for me to do everyone has different paths you can see that with every player on our national team I just think this was the right path for me me and Tobin's relationship started off very funny when she first came over I had already been there for four or five months so I find out Tobin's coming and she's one of my idols I was so so nervous and I remember the first day she got there everybody was like coming up to meet me and I was like wow this is like really nice and of course like the one person that like spoke English and was super shy was Lindsay and I think she was probably the last person and she was just kind of like hi I'm Lindsay I just didn't say a thing and she was just like who was this girl and and it was honestly like I was a French person because I didn't even speak to her I was like you weren't very welcome they got was the first day but I kind of forced friendship on her from day one we kind of both took to each other because it's hard when you're in a foreign country and you don't speak the language you know I don't know what's really going on and I didn't know but Lindsay's mom that told me that she was like pretty homesick until I got there everything was so hard for me and I kind of cooped up at the very beginning where I didn't put myself fully out there and I think after time I grew to figure out who I was and what I wanted while I was in PSG Toby and I always made jokes like oh it'd be awesome if we played together in Portland it was very apparent that if I wanted to make Olympic qualifying or have a chance at the Olympics like I needed to be in the US there was a better way of the coaching stuff here to see me and really evaluate if I can make the team to leave that to come back to the States was probably equally as a courageous decision as it was the first move away coming back to the league has allowed her to live another portion of her dream she had been a professional for so long you know people come from college but she had like three years of being professional players coming to Portland it was pretty seamless ultimately it happened and I knew as soon as I would get here I would be comfortable just because it's the best city to play in it's the coolest thing and I absolutely love it it's just such a unique city and I think it reminds me a lot of you know my hometown and in Denver and loved the food the culture everyone's amazing everyone's so nice I couldn't take a better city to be playing in [Applause] my ultimate goal is to make the 2019 World Cup in France there's so many incredible players in this league and in the national team pool right now that you're gonna be challenged every single day with all these different players and we're just getting better and better you have to have that in the back of mind that someone else is wanting your spot and you're not gonna let them have it and you just have to keep pushing yourself and if you don't you can end up not making this roster and I think that's what is just in the back of my mind every single day that I go out and train or go out in plays I should be on that roster so I'm grateful that I'm here and I have the opportunity to do that don't get this because the toaster sucks it just like doesn't work for me sometimes I miss parts of the game some cooking sauna and katelynn food I like did not know how to cook whatsoever when I was in France I finally was just like I need to teach myself I can't do the special flip but so don't expect that from me I started learning more and more about nutrition because with professional clubs they actually have a nutritionist my whole life was okay what do I need to do for my career and getting to the point you know I'm out today so everything when I was living at home in Denver was about soccer and then I go to Paris and the whole culture is about football and here it's a soccer city and I think that's really cool for us to have that and have the fan base that we have I think after everything that I've been through with Pia she in that decision and how much I I put into it it was 90 times now just to to realize like I I accomplished my goal of being in the national team but there's there's so much more that I want to do I chose a different route and so many people were against it and I didn't have all the support I wanted to but I had the support from the right people but now what's the next goal and where do I want to be in a few years I haven't made a World Cup roster yet I think about players that impact those big moments I think about Lindsey and I think about her having a big moment in the World Cup and and impacting the game for a long time and I'll be the first person to share that joy with her because we found have been on this journey together and and I just love the kid I sometimes have to sit back and realize like Lindsey you made the right decision and look where you are now I don't want to sit here and be content with that I want so much more and I'm so happy that now I have the opportunity to push for bigger and better things you

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  1. "i chose a different route,, and i didn't have all the support i wanted to,, but i had the support from the right people."

    👌love this,, same like my story.

  2. Dear Lindsey, you're an awesome, an incredible player! I, as an old soccer wolf, really enjoy watching you play. You contribution to every game is profound. I don't know who was disapproving your decision⚽, but i know one thing: you're now loved 💞by millions of fans!👍👍👍
    Good luck and Godspeed, dear Lindsey!🌷🌿

  3. Great player, with a great head on her in more ways than one. Will look forward to seeing her play hard in the World Cup… and getting spanked real bad by the Matildas! 🇦🇺 😂

  4. Thorns season ticket holder here, and seeing just how good Lindsey Horan is in person is a treat. So good on both sides of the ball…

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