Hey surely yeah I thought I'd try something new that looks good you know I called them texting you like a bunch of times sorry my phone's been confiscated apparently one can do that when you don't pay the bill do you want to sit I think I'll just stand listen I'm sorry I shouldn't have lied to you and said it was okay for you to drive my car no you shouldn't have it was a really shitty position to put me in I know I mean I don't know I'm gonna pay for all that did you see the size of that dent it's significant an auto repairs always cost more to fix than you think they will I don't I mean I guess I could I guess I could borrow money from my grandma or something or get an actual job at the Apple store I don't know Hanson it's okay I told my dad the whole idea was mine you did yeah you don't have to worry about paying for any of it okay good for the record it was all your idea so are we okay now yeah we're okay back to the old bus yep back to the old bus it's gonna be so weird about driving together every day yeah super weird well I'll probably get to work faster since buses actually go over three ways all right well you weren't exactly passenger of the year come on I wasn't that bad we also weren't that good tene check and see if it's coming yeah sure it says it's two to twenty seven minutes away you're joking no I don't joke about my phone transportation well hey at least we have someone to wait with right yeah at least we have that I don't want to wait with you what I mean I don't want to just wait with you and I don't want to just be your driver I'm interested in more than that okay what are you interested in I'm interested in you okay I like you a lot why why what why do you like me I'm a disaster not a disaster but I mean okay kind of our disaster a little bit but it's okay because you're also weird and funny and sweet and you look great in a one-piece bathing suit which is not an easy feat to pull off so congratulations I thought the summer is going to be you know the worst driving you around it was actually the best and if I'm being honest being with you makes everything suck a whole lot less if you don't feel the same way that's fine I just wanted to say what I was thinking and you know put it on the table everything sucks a lot less when you're round two if I'm being honest oh good that's it's good to get here that we're on the same page too Hey you want to maybe do some percussive breathing all the way yeah sure I'd love to places as far as and sure Oh things in your life not to is the bird and that you were you

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  1. I’m like 2yrs late but idc , I’ve spent all day today watching s1 and MY GOSH I ship them sm( another ship to add onto my ship list yay 🥳🥰)

  2. "Being with you, makes everything suck a whole lot less"…guys..this is the new romantic line to use on a girl..or boy..or anyone..or girls can too

  3. Honesty feeling sad and happy too to discover this whole thing after it has been on already for two years and I completely missed it the whole time.

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