The Reason I Travel

The Reason I Travel

(phone ringing) – [Omi] Hello? – Hi Omi, it’s Christopher. – [Omi] Hi Christopher. – Well, I was thinking about you today and how you and Opa always
went on these crazy adventures. I thought I’d kinda tell you a bit about one of my last trips that I went on, do you have a second to chat? – [Grandmother] Yeah, okay. – [Christopher] So day one we
went to Drumheller, Alberta. The first stop was the
Royal Tyrrell Museum, which is actually one of the world’s largest exhibits of dinosaurs. They even had paleontologists on site working on recovering some fossils, which was pretty cool. I kinda felt like Ross from “Friends.” And then later that day
Lizzie and I went kayaking on the Red Deer River. Well, some people kayaked while others just let the river push them. (chuckles) Then we went to a spot
called Horseshoe Canyon. Omi, you would’ve just loved this spot. We had this farm-to-table
dinner overlooking the view with all our friends, and
the food was just so good. And then on day two we drove to Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park and we did a quick tour of the various writings on stone or rock art from the Blackfoot or aboriginal tribes. We took some photos on the
rock formations for a bit and then we went on a sunset
canoe ride on the Milk River. You know why they call it the Milk River? ‘Cause apparently it looks
like tea with milk in it. And then while we were canoeing all of these birds started
flying in and out of their homes in the sandstone cliffs. It’s really cool, they have
these unique rock formations that are called the hoodoos. Super interesting. Pretty special spot. The next day we drove our camper van to Waterton National Park. That’s in the southern part of Alberta. Ah, the drive in was so gorgeous. It kinda reminded me
of your home, Austria. Then we had just enough
time to catch the sunset, but it was super windy. The good windy where the
photos look super dramatic. And then on day four
we woke up for sunrise and we rented e-bikes, or electric bikes, which were surprisingly fast, and we also saw bears. We even saw a baby bear. Then later that day we headed
down into Banff National Park. It’s a five-hour drive
or something like that. But we had just enough time
to pop down to the water and catch the sunset at Two Jack Lake. The next day, Lizzie and I got lunch at this spot called Park Distillery. They actually make their own vodka there. They had this one flavor that
we tried called Chili Heat, which was super interesting. Then for food we got brie
and crackers as an appetizer and then a veggie bowl. Lizzie and I are trying to
a little bit more veggies while we’re traveling. The key word to remember
there is trying. (laugh) Then in the afternoon we took the gondola to the top of Sulphur
Mountain to watch the sunset. We even caught up with our
friends Ben, Matthew, and Cody. Spent a few hours taking photos up there and the funny thing is we almost missed the last gondola down ’cause we were too busy taking photos, and then as we were
running back we were like, “Oh, our friend Cody hurt
his leg the day before,” so we actually had to carry
him back to the gondola. But we did make it and the
ride down was just spectacular. On day six we got
together with our friends Jay, Mark, and Breiden for breakfast. We drove a few hours into Peyto Lake. I don’t know if you’ve ever
been to Peyto Lake before but this place is
something from a postcard. But my favorite part might
have been the ground squirrels that live in the rocks there. They’re so curious. So we hung out there for
a few hours taking photos and then that night we stayed
at the Chateau Lake Louise. Super classy and bougie. We ate at the restaurant
called the Alpine Social. I did not eat as healthy there. I got myself a giant stake. The next day was the start of
one of the most amazing days of my entire life. We experienced one of the
rarest moments in Banff history. It snowed overnight in June and all the trees were
covered in a blanket of white and the lake was exposed. The lake is that perfect blue color, like Frost Gatorade blue. And usually this only happens
in late September or October, but we could actually get into the water in those red canoes. This never happens. And as you can imagine we
took some of the best photos that we’ve ever taken in our entire lives. (gentle music)
(camera snapping) And then on our way into Jasper we stopped back at Peyto Lake just to see what it
looked like with the snow. (laughs) Oh man, it looked so good. (gentle music)
(camera snapping) And then we continued
north through the park. We stopped at this one
waterfall called Sunwapta Falls. Omi, I wish you could’ve seen this thing. And then on the last day of our
trip we slept for four hours and shot sunrise with our
friends at Pyramid Lake and just enjoyed one of
the most amazing drives back through Jasper. I’m calling it right now. That’s my favorite scenic
drive in the entire world. So yeah, that was our trip, Omi. It’s kinda like the trips
that you and Opa had. I don’t know if I ever told you this but you’re actually the reason I chose to do this with my life. A huge inspiration for me
to go out and see the world and just live it while we can. I just really hope you
know how much I love you. – [Omi] I love you too, Christopher. Thank you so much for calling me. – Of course, love you.
– You made my afternoon. (Christopher laughs) – You’re the best, love you. – [Omi] Love you too. Bye.
– Bye. (gentle music)

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  1. Wow this one touched me. Almost cried at the end I love this a lot! Maybe because I live right in the middle of all of those spots in Cochrane Alberta, this brings back the memories of traveling and exploring, like when some friends and i left at 2 am to catch sunrise at Peyto. But you really experienced a treat at Lake Louise, and you told a great story from that! Really inspired rn!

  2. Thank you for sharing such a heart warming video. I just love your work Chris. This video left me with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Keep creating such great content. 😊😊😊😊❤️👏🏼👏🏼

  3. I love that you recorded your voice in a non studio environment, that makes it really intimate, like if i were sitting in your living room listening to your story.. Really really nice video!

  4. This looks like the DREAM! I would love to travel like this.
    I never had the opportunity to travel with friends before although I've done a 'canonball run' multiple times. I've always longed to share that experience with someone.

  5. Oh my gosh, where are the tissues?! This was so so touching and heartfelt, perfectly shot, edited as well. Love, love, love it!

  6. I see absolutely nothing "unhealthy" about a giant steak!! Loved this!!!! Totally my dream to travel like this one day!! 🙂

  7. Incredible video. You are such an inspiration Chris and I know that I will one day be doing those things that you do. What your grandparents did for you, you are doing for me. Thank you.

  8. Dude! I love your other videos,tutorials etc but this video… I haven't cried like that in a while. It hit me right in the feels! Incredible story,! Thanks

  9. This almost made me cry… I would love to do that, but I'm unemployed and with an allergy that unable me from working 🙁 one of my dreams is to travel, to see the world's best scenarios and to capture those in unforgettable camera shots…. this short made me cry a bit…

  10. What a heartwarming stunning video – we Canadians don’t realize how beautiful this country is – thank you for opening my eyes – doing this trip next summer

  11. im not. no .. im not crying. im not crying at all
    i dont know why it got me like that, but the story and the music just gave me such a great feeling.
    Thank you. all of you

  12. This is a beautiful tribute, a beautiful video, a beautiful message. I'm writing this comment with a slight tear running down my face because this touched me so much. My grandparents are the source of so much of the daily inspirations I have in life. They didn't travel, I don't have that in common, but the impact they've had on me is second to none, and I loved seeing that reflected in the narrative of this film. Again, incredibly done. Your creativity and talent and storytelling are remarkable and touching.

  13. Hands down best video you have ever made, so inspiring and emotional, you can feel the emotion you made this with.

  14. The edit, the colors, the voice over and the music all put together so perfectly! These kinds of videos are what inspire me to travel, feeling the way you did on your trip and the people it reminded you of, these are only a few of the reasons I travel. It feels so good to be somewhere new and in the middle of it all thinking, "I bet __ would love to be here right now."

  15. I wish there was a love button! So inspirational. Traveling keeps me sane and there's so much of the world to see–why not experience it?

  16. Chris, this is utterly amazing. Definitely my favorite and most inspiring videos you've done. It's always about the stories. 💙

  17. You weren’t intentionally trying to make me cry but you did anw, such a great inspiration, your grandpa must have been very proud of having you as a grandson 😭😭😭

  18. Aww man I just lost my Dad 2 years ago and it still feels like yesterday… He was my hero… Like literally my HERO… My house burned when I was 2 years old and he refused to wait on the fire department… He ran a house so hot his shoes stuck to the floor and he ran out of them. My father ran on a scorching-hot floor and saved my life…. My life is just now taking off and I wish I could just sit down and talk to him…. Thank you for this video. I needed this inspiration as I am almost done with film school.

  19. To be honest, this is how a travel film should be made. Story behind it, purpose behind the footage, capable of easily transporting you to that place. Not just a compilation of AE transitions & glitches with obnoxious electronic music that makes me want to smash my computer to the ground haha

    Tastefully crafted video, you've just outdone yourself. Hats off, Chris!

    I'm so lucky to live in Alberta and have this amazing scenery in my backyard =)

  20. Could definitely relate to this on how I tell my grandma all about my travel stories!! Great and inspirational video as always Chris👌

  21. This was so impactful Chris.. Thank you for making the art you do. Beautiful amazing story. Inspiring, true, and raw. Love it. Thanks for making me cry. haha

  22. Littlewood!!!!! I love that guy, the Stan Lee of the dope squad, he's always in the background somewhere 🙂 Awesome video Chris!

  23. This story telling is so amazing🙏🏻 thank you for sharing your travel highlights with all of us on Youtube. I now have this sudden urge to travel to beautiful Alberta🇨🇦

  24. I literally got back from Banff today, and this is waiting in my feed? Got tears streaming down my face man. Thank you for this incredible video.

  25. This is beautiful, felt like I was with you telling her about the trip and I wasn't even there haha. Also the shot at 5:46 seems so unreal!

  26. Delivered light, easy, and captivating like you almost don't want it to end.

    Magnificent work Chris! Dope!

  27. You can tell when a creator creates a piece of work with their heart and soul. And such is this video right here. Respect to you Chris, keep doing what you're doing! Big Fan and lots of support from me!

  28. The reason for us is to get out of the "bubble" you life in and see how other people live and how there is no right or wrong on how to live your life!

  29. AMAZING! This was beautiful, all through out. Love your work man, you’re super inspiring. Thanks for sharing, my condolences to you.

  30. It felt like watching discover channel docu. Love how the b-roll tells the story without using to much. Tasteful and heartwarming.

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