The Science of Warp Drives

The Science of Warp Drives

ISAAC: Suppose you wanted to
take a trip to the North Star, like, actually go there. (I hear it’s lovely this
time of the century.) Well, the North Star is 4
million billion miles away, and there’s a universal speed
limit– the speed of light. Now we don’t have any ships that
can go even nearly that fast. But even if we did, it
would take over 400 years to get there. But what if instead of
traveling through space, we move space around
us in order to get to our final destination. And what if instead
of taking 400 years, it took more like four months. Now this sounds like
science fiction. But NASA is actually funding
some really, really early research related to the
Alcubierre Warp Drive, which would allow us to appear to be
breaking the universe’s speed limit by bending space
itself around us. If you take a slinky and
stretch it out like this, it represents the
space between Earth and the North Star,
quite a ways to travel. But if we can somehow find a way
to expand the space behind us and contract the
space in front of us, then we’ve made it most of
the way to the North Star without having
moved hardly at all. And that is exactly how the
Alcubierre Warp Drive works. You would contract space
far enough in front of you, and expand space far
enough behind you, leaving you with a stable
bubble to ride in your ship. The space in this bubble
hasn’t been warped, so you still experience time
the same way you normally would. That’s different from
if your ship itself was traveling close
to the speed of light, where time would
pass more slowly. The idea of space contracting
or expanding sounds weird, but the universe has been
expanding since the Big Bang, and has been doing so faster
than the speed of light. So the universe started
14 billion years ago from a single point
with a Big Bang. If we assume that
it started expanding in every direction at
the speed of light, then today it would be 14
billion light years wide. But astronomers have
calculated that it’s actually over three times that size. So this means that it
must be expanding faster than the speed of light. It turns out that the
universe’s speed limit only applies to objects
moving through space. Space itself can expand
and contract at any speed whatsoever. So if we can squish and
stretch space really fast, we can make it seem
like we travel faster than the speed of light. So how would we work
space like this? With mass. You may be familiar with
Einstein’s famous equation– energy is equal to mass times
the speed of light, squared. In other words, mass is
just another form of energy. Einstein also noticed that
a lot of energy or mass does something funny to
space– it contracts it. But in order to get
enough contraction to build a warp
drive, you need a lot of mass, bare minimum,
something as massive as Jupiter. And that’s the easy part. The hard part is figuring out
how to expand space behind us. It turns out that you
need negative mass, which is a very weird thing. An apple of negative mass
is lighter than nothing it’s repelled by gravity,
and falls away from the Earth instead of towards
Isaac Newton’s head. When you push it away, it
accelerates towards you. I mean, warping space is weird
enough, but negative mass? That just crosses a line, right? Turns out that negative mass
is also technically possible. In the field known to physicists
as quantum field theory, and to the rest of the
world as basically magic, you can get negative
mass by holding two conducting metal plates
extremely close to each other in a closed, empty space. In the universe,
virtual particles spontaneously and constantly
appear, bump into each other, and disappear. The total number of particles
appearing and disappearing is the same throughout space. So the overall energy
or mass throughout space is also the same. But if we bring our
plates together, then they act as a filter for
particles of certain energy, so fewer particles can
appear and disappear in the space between them. The overall energy or mass in
the space between our plates is less than that
in normal space. Effectively, it’s negative mass. But it’s not like a
chunk of negative mass that you could just
throw behind your ship. Plus, the positive mass of the
plates is huge in comparison to the negative mass. So any useful effects would
be totally canceled out. It’s possible the chunks
of negative mass do exist, they’d be called exotic matter. But even if exotic
matter is floating around in the universe, it would be
nearly impossible to find, because it’s repelled by
gravity and nowhere near us. And there are some
other reasons we’re not all hopping on warp drives and
heading off to the North Star right now. Even if you did
manage to collect enough positive and negative
mass to get the warp going, the ship would be basically
unsteerable once you did, because it is impossible
to communicate with the outside of the bubble. And even if you did manage
to make it to the North Star, your warp bubble would pick
up a bunch of dust and light on the way there. And all this space junk would
build up a ton of energy at the edge of the warp bubble. So when you go to return
space to its normal shape in order to land, all that
high energy space stuff would basically blast
every living thing in your destination
into oblivion. So all NASA is
doing now is trying to create teeny, tiny
warp fields in order to see if this sort of
thing is even possible. And if it is, we’re still
probably a millennium away from actually using it. If you want to learn
more, you should check out some of the links below. And until then, if you want
to get to the North Star, guess you’re better
off just hitchhiking.

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  1. Have you seen the film, "Event Horizon" , that looks pretty similar to the "Gravity Drive" that DIDN'T work out to well

  2. we can't cure the common cold, cancer, millions die of hunger, and we are as a species hateful, hurtful and want to destroy everything, YET were gonna BEND SPACE/TIME, that AINT gonna happen till we as a SPECIES, black white rich and poor, come together. This kind of research, needs EVERYONE on board, the only way is to end injustice realize we are ALL the same, as SOON as somone works out how to do this, the "government" are gonna take this research and use it as a weapon. Why do you think "we" haven't found "aliens" or "THEY" haven't contacted us. well, fools there are aliens, but they can see how we are as a people and want NOTHING to do with us. I bet you even the governments have been contacted and they agree. There is a whole wide universe of wonders out there , but it starts with one small step, "US" A great saying "We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost."

  3. I have know idea why or how I came up with this idea to create warp fields (and gravity) but I have had it as long as I can remember. It involves spinning electric charges in opposition but with many many different circles. If I take a charge and spin it I one direction but at the leading edge you are spinning an ecltromagnetic charge in the opposite direction and on the edge of that circle you are spinning another charge in opposition and so on would create enough ecltromagnetic fluxes that u would in effect warp space without needing an unrealistic amount of mass or energy…or maybe I'm just stupid

  4. We already have the technology to take ET home. In the 1980’s we had ships that could carry 300 crew because Ronald Reagan’s diary said he was told this after meeting with 5 top scientists working on classified technology. Then his diary was classified after it was learned what was written inside it. So just imagine what size ship we have in 2018! Trump knows about it. We have a space force getting ready to be deployed, it was deployed long ago.

  5. What if you took out the Higgs bozon in each of the atomic structures of the metal plates. Using some sort of 3D printing. Crazy future tech

  6. Scientists at the University of Oxford may have solved one of the biggest questions in modern physics, with a new paper unifying dark matter and dark energy into a single phenomenon: a fluid which possesses 'negative mass."

  7. think of how far we have come now already in the short time we've found technology we just don't have the instruments to show us the kind of energies and stuff we need to go at warp speeds. it will happen trust me and a lot quicker than most people think

  8. He tells us that light speed is the universal speed limit and then tells us that universe is expanding faster than light speed. I thought light speed was the speed limit.

  9. So the universe has been expanding faster than the speed of light? So 186,282 mps is NOT the cosmic speed limit? I also look at it this way…if you expand or contract space from point A to point B, there is a cosmic equilibrium that must take place…that equilibrium is maintained by expanding space in one area and contracting it in another. In order to travel from point A to point B you can first travel in contracted space but then must travel through expanded space. As I view it, this theory will not work, scientists today seem to invent stuff to explain stuff.

  10. This is soooooooo less exciting when you realize that we will never see it in our lifetime. Fuck the universe and fuck God, if he exists.

  11. All of the so called science we've been taught is theoretical…
    Do not believe these people…they are the blind attempting to lead the blind…
    Our true origin and where we reside is clearly explained in the genesis account of creation… furthermore our own senses confirm the biblical account…
    Time is short…
    Turn from the world…
    Turn to Jesus Christ…He is the only Way and the only Truth and the only Life to be found this side of the firmament.

  12. You can NOT move a ship in space. You need thrust NO MATTER WHAT.. and in a vacuum this is impossible. And I do t want to hear from you tolls showing a small vacuum box, lighting a bottle rocket in. That is a small inclosure where the energy can not release from. Space is not a fish tank with the Air sucked out. AND even if you could go forward, you would not be able to stop or turn..

  13. Aahh the Big Bang, spontaneous combustion, I think I just spontaneously combusted. Must be the tacos I just ate. I wonder what combusted 14 billion years ago.

  14. What I want to know is? What is the maximum warp a ship can travel. In star trek they say warp 10 as then you would be travelling at infinite speed. Yet another show I watched they were in a ship travelling at warp 12. According to the laws of physics is there a maximum speed

  15. the fastest speed in a 3d universe is the speed of light..but thanks to alien technology .. we can bend space and time and go to galaxies in minutes (bob lazar),also we got vortex..naturals (usually inside a military base ) and artificially (man-aliens made) …vortex is were the energy travels in the universe=star the sun.etc …) with this kind of system we can teleport anything in the universe…(cosmic disclosure with corey goode).. knowledge is always limited by your belief system…the education that the dark cabals install in this planet is nothing more that disinformation /misinformation guide humanity on the wrong path and to be able to controlled.them…

  16. Its sure that on day we'll can to build huge warp drive star ships and travel anywhere to the universe at the logical on a human life duration time,however until then day may be need centuries we will make less futuristic solutions like nuclear engines spaceships or solar sail's spaceships ,ok it's not so fast like warp drives or wormholes but they'll allow us to travel with not indifferent fraction of speed of light.

  17. The slinky example is flawed, the ship would move at subluminal speeds in its frame reference and superluminal in Earth's frame reference, which still doesn't mean it reaches the other star any faster. Am I right?

  18. if we are going to keep on inventing let just use invention for right reason with out nuke and chemical war fare, put a end to it all and use tech to help people to travel in to space and turn our tech to be free with out money involve to make more of our self to be greed. if were spose to help people with out cost let it be with out cost. we human are still behind on building our dream to help the world. why not just do the right way and make life fun travel safe and took to help medical doctor and more.

  19. And this is why, counter to the usual creationist or "intelligent designer" arguments, you CAN apparently get "something from nothing".

  20. You know I hate to say it but everything he just talked about it's all best guess they don't know if that is like it at the end that it would build up all that electricity and blow everything away they don't know they have no concept it's all best guess that's all Sciences best guess just my two cents or my best guess

  21. I like the idea of the actual science nerds doing the presentation, but this guy has too much charisma, i need a clumsier weirder nerd

  22. "Now, I know this sounds like science fiction." Because it is. But let's completely ignore reality and live in fantasyland. ROFL!

  23. I don't believe that warp engines will ever become a reality. Traveling at close to the speed of light and using time dilation to visit nearby solar systems would be a possibility.

  24. Well so maybe using as a ftl drive is out. Using it as a solar system buster super weapon on the other hand oh boy i'm gonna use that.

  25. Your Warp theory lost all credibility when you mentioned 'The Big Bang,' which a century on is still a lame ass theory and which it is wrong. When the so called experts can comprehend that, and can look outside the box to other possibilities, they will quickly find out it is actually quite easy to pass the speed of light.

  26. Really interesting idea. Actually if it would be invented , it will be one of the greatest inventions that humankind did.

  27. Change the warp sphere to a warp torus, you'll drop the Jupiter size energy down to that of a pickup truck. And solve the energy accumulation problem. Harold White's idea not mine.

  28. One day people will break barrier of light and start travelling at warp speeds like in Star Trek, and one day we'll prove Mr. Newton that he was wrong on everything. Especially on his rules that claim that perpetuum mobile is impossible.

  29. Let's see, bang! All if a sudden we get orderly universe out of an explosion. Against many known laws.
    So this is a fictional talk. Waste if time

  30. Warp drive will never happen. Nasa or anyone else doesn't get the budget and will take forever to create and humanity would have destroyed itself by then. Its taken us 60 yrs to plan a trip to mars!!

  31. By the way, you don't need both expansion and contraction to get to your destination. You only need one: either contract space and have the destination come to you or expand space and have you go to it. If negative energy is so hard to achieve, then focus on positive energy to get to your destination.

  32. Object with negative mass won't accelerate away from the Earth but toward it. Same as regular object with positive mass.

  33. aren't you making wild assumptions regarding the age of the Universe, i.e. "it is expanding faster than light" and about the "sameness" of all space, and particulate matter….


  35. If the universe is 14B years old and has been expanding at the speed of light, in all directions, it would be 28 B light years across , not 14 as he stated. JS

  36. All that energy around the warp field could be directed into coils, something along the lines of a plasma reactor could be used to store said energy.

  37. I wonder if all the high-energy particles and resultant plasma collecting on the leading edge of the warp bubble could be used as fuel for the warp drive itself.

  38. You forgot to mention the Hawking radiation that would build up and vaporize you within the bubble. Lol universe says not FTL and it means it, we should just focus on expanding our lifespan and slowly colonizing the galaxy and universe because FTL is probably never going to happen.

  39. Nice vid but in short : we assume there is a magical stuff called negative mass that contradicts all basic physics. With "if's" like these, we can do anything.

  40. This video is already dated because the field is moving so fast. He acknowledges that warping space time is possible, but verbally limits it's speed in his example, to a very tiny fraction of the theoretical maximum speed. 10 ^32 * c Then claims it's impossible because "space junk" would accumulate in the bow wave and wipe out everything when it stops. Since warp drive ships intercepted by the Navy jets, don't interact with our air, (no sonic booms) then maybe they don't interact with space junk either?? I bet he has a new perspective in 2019. The USS Roosevelt pilots intercepted UFOs every day from the summer of 2014, continuously, into 2015,, then the things followed them to their aircraft carrier fleet to it's mission in the mideast. So they're here, likely using a warp drive, and obviously didn't have concerns about wiping out our civilization when they applied the brakes. See the testimony of the pilots and radar operators from the Roosevelt and the Nimitz,,, here on YouTube. I'd love to hear this MIT crew comment again, after watching the 6 part History Channel special that aired the testimony of multiple Navy pilots and radar operators from the Nimitz and the Roosevelt. The sensors on those 2 carrier battle fleets represent the best aircraft sensors on the planet. If they have an updated video, please post it. With metamaterial superconductors it's said you can apply resonant frequencies and get a space warp with just a tiny amount of energy, per Jack Sarfatti, maybe just the energy from a triple A battery. It will be interesting if we can continue to exist with this technology being available. Countries must react to this without being militarily stupid. I've read that the trick is to just warp space a little bit, around the craft, rather than trying to warp it all the way to your destination. A tiny warp achieves the same result with a tiny bit of power. Or so claim the smart guys. Hal Puthoff, Eric Davis, Jack Sarfatti, Harold White, and more…. Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea,, all while America cuts funding for science and scientists,, like fools.

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