The Star Wars Show Holiday Special! | The Star Wars Show

The Star Wars Show Holiday Special! | The Star Wars Show

Welcome to the Star Wars Show Holiday Special! Starring, Andi Gutierrez! Peter Townley! Also Starring
Chopper! CH-33Z! Kevin! With special celebrity guest appearances right
now by Dave Filoni! Steve Blum! Taylor Gray! Ashley Eckstein! And TV heartthrob, Sam Witwer! Oh, hey, I didn’t see you there because
there’s a camera crew in the way. My name is Pablo Hidalgo, and I want to welcome
you to my humble reading nook, when I’m not not answering Star Wars questions on Twitter,
I’m here. Reading. And, because it’s a holiday season, I want
to share with you a special tale from one of my least read books-
“The Star Wars Show.” Before I begin, I just want to make this absolutely
clear that none of what you’re about to see is canon. I’ll wait for the camera guy to acknowledge that he understands that That’s better. Let’s begin. Now, where was I. Ah yes. Chapter 33. The Holiday Special. Peter, and Andi were busy preparing for a
big Life Day holiday party in their studio for all their friends. Perfect! Look what $10 at a discount party store will
get you! This place looks like a regular winter wonderland! What do you think, Andi? What? What’s up? The holiday party we’re throwing today! Oh yeah! It looks beautiful, good job
Do you think the Droids are okay? Chopper knows what he’s doing. And Cheese, a little on the nose but it’ll
work All we have to do now is wait. But while Peter and Andi waited for their
guests to arrive, a Life Day coincidence was taking shape on the other side of the set. What was that noise? I think it was coming from behind the door
of the fourth wall. The fourth wall?…we’ve never been over there. Should we investigate? Probably
And when they walked through the fourth wall, Peter and Andi were so overcome with joy they
had to sing about it. Look at all the room here! It’s full of holiday cheer. Why have we never been in here before? Everything is happy. None of this is sappy. We’re both really ready to explore! This tree has a Death Star! This tree has a space car! And this tree used to be a Tansform-ar! I’ve been waiting all year. To be with all my friends here. I hope I get a brand new Zuvio. ‘Cause in these helmets you’ll never see
a frown! When the Mando Mercs are comin’ to town! Everybody gather ‘round it’s time for
us to say! We wish you all a happy life day! Hey! Was that Lumpy?! Nah. Look at his face. He looked a little more…STRETCHY!!! Just a reminder, NONE OF THIS IS CANON! Peter! Look! It’s my favorite band, Gonkerson Starship! Gonkerson Starship?! Where!? Right over there! Gonk gonk gonk gonk gonk gonk ‘Cause in these helmets you’ll never see a frown. When the Mando Mercs are coming to town! Everybody gather ‘round it’s time for
us to say! We wish you all a happy life. We wish you all a happy life. We wish you all a happy life daaaaaaay! LIFE DAY! Wow Andi, this really is the best Holiday
party ever! I guess so. You guess so?! I mean, yeah, almost everybody we invited
is here. Almost everyone? Yeah, everybody except the Life Day Space
Wizard. DID SOMEBODY SAY WIZARD?! DHRUV CHANCHANI! The actor who played Kitster in Star Wars
Episode I: The Phantom Menace?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! I’m here to….FINISH THE EPISODE OF COURSE! Wait, does that mean the party is over? Well, yeah. NO! It just started! Peter? Peter?! Excuse me
Peter what are you doing? Andi, I just love the holiday party so much,
I don’t want it to end. But it has to, we’ve never made an episode
longer than 10 minutes before. I don’t care about that I’m taking the party with me to a place
where time has no meaning. Outer space! Wait, what?! That makes no sense. How are you going to get to outer space? In this. That’s a cardboard box you wrote “Space
Ship” on. Is it, Andi? But…when will you be back? Someday. Maybe sooner than you think! And so, Peter flew to the moon where holiday parties never ends. As for Andi, well, her story will continue
in 2017. As for me? I quit this whole thing forever. Seriously?! What the heck was that? Kitster? Kitster? That’s how you end this thing? Seriously, you had all year to come up with
an ending and you end it with Kitster? And what was the deal with that intro? None of those people were in the show
Whats going on here? That book has nothing in it! I had to ad-lib that whole intro! Life Day!

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  1. Doesn't matter how many times Pablo Hidalgo reminds us this and/or the other Holiday Specials are non-canon, the fans will never let George, you, or anyone else live it down. Remember, the Internet never forgets…

  2. If I were to read between the lines of Peter Townley's planet departure, it suggests that perhaps this was a(n extremely) creative way to have him leave the show. Especially with the final wrap-up blurb from fountain Yoda pretty much excepted him out hosting for 2017. Will Peter be returning from his moon party to host the show in 2017, or will he remain in his perfect party paradise?

  3. In ending of SWR1 was that the tie boarding fighter that looks like tie bomber next to death Vader imperial shuttle as Vader goes to disable flag ship and also at story of SWR1 on jedha was that imperial storm commando helmet one of saw's rebel force in story as Easter egg !?

  4. RIP Carrie Fisher best Star Wars Character. It is a true tragedy to lose you. RIP and may the force be with you.

  5. Will the xim war droid from Star Wars legends going to be Star Wars canon as imperial super battle droid or new republic battle droid or just seps alliance battle droid or crime lord body guard droid !?

  6. "We've never made an episode longer than 10 minutes before"…and this one was only 6 minutes and 22 seconds. The party could have gone on!!!

  7. I've been watching the Star Wars show since it first began an only tonight while watching the Force Awakens (for the 10th or so times) do I finally recognise that the theme music for the Star Wars show comes from the Force Awakens. lol. (the scene where Rey slides down the dune and also during the end credits).

  8. When are we getting a new episode of the star wars show? It has been two weeks since we got a new episode! This show is supposed to be the highlight of my Wednesdays!

  9. Anybody know what's going on with the Star Wars Show? I look forward to it every Wednesday and it's been what, 3 weeks? Just curious….

  10. TBH my favorite part of the Holiday Special is the commercials. Union-made underwear! Mercury station wagons complete with fake-wood paneling! And don't forget TOBOR is "robot" spelled backwards!

  11. "When you see holiday special in the title and your brain starts to hurt…" And then realize it's not what it looks like!…

  12. We can see a a brand-new episodes of the Star Wars Show, I hope.
    I'm with my friends translate the Show into Russian from the first episode.
    The russian fans also love this amazing creation of the Lucasfilm.
    So I'll wait for the next miracle.

  13. That was actually pretty amazing. An appropriately cringe-worthy Holiday Special tribute. I heartily approve. (KITSTER!)

  14. 0:00 – Its the old "CBS Special Presentation" bumper. Similar to the same one CBS used when it originally aired the Holiday Special.

  15. am I the only one who's wondering what happened to Peter? I mean, Anthony is a grear host, but I miss Peter

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