The Trip Impressions Supercut | TIFF 2017

The Trip Impressions Supercut | TIFF 2017

I think anyone over 40 who amuses themself by doing impressions needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. Well, broadsheet journalists have described my impressions as stunningly accurate. Well, they’re wrong. I’ve not heard your Michael Caine but I assume it’d be something along the lines of, “My name’s Michael Caine.” “My name… is Michael Caine.” “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” “I don’t want to bury you, Batman.” “I’m not going to bury another Batman.” Another Batman? How many Batmans
has he been burying? Oh, Anthony Hopkins, yeah. I do a very good Anthony Hopkins! I think I do an even better Anthony Hopkins. “Come back here Mr. Friar. goddamn your eyes!
You turn your back on me, man!” — There you go.
— That’s good! That’s good. “Oh, I’m an excellent director. I’m an excellent director.” “What have ya got?” [As Stephen Hawking] “Years ago the universe was a very big place, and when there were some stars — ” “They would still not be funny. Fuck you, asshole.” “I’d like a martini, shaken — not stirred.” “I’d like a vodka martini, shaken but — not stirred.” “Come, come, Mr. Bond.” “You derive just as much pleasure from killing as I do.” “Come, come Mr. Bond. You get just as much
pleasure from killing as I do.” I’m saying that bit! I know, but I’m just saying — just don’t caricature it.
Try and do it real. Shut up! Don’t tell me how to act! The thing about doing Moore… Yes? Less, is more. “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree.” “It was a charming girl.” — “Charming girl.”
— “James Mason was from Yorkshire.” “It’s one of the most enjoyable periods of my life.” “Ha, ha, ha.” “To bed!” “For we rise at daybreak!” Very good! “Hurdy, burdy, gurdy.” He was Swedish. “Hello, everybody!” That’s a good one. “My name’s… Rob Brydon!” “You know, sex between two people is
a wonderful thing — between three, it’s terrific!” “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” What is this licking thing you always do? — You look like some sort of small gecko.
— It’s what Pacino does. That’s Bane, did you catch a single word — They’re, like, competing to see who’s the most — the least understandable! “Bane, you’re never gonna beat me.
You’ll never beat me!” [Incoherent Bane impression] Take off your mask, love. I can’t catch a word you’re saying. [Slightly more coherent Bane impression] “Robert here is trying to divert you from the fact that he can’t do Robert De Niro because he doesn’t know how to do it speaking through the nose like that.”
[laughing] Oh, there you go! Oh, now there you have it. “It’s like going to the dentist.” — You what?
— What? “It’s like going to the dentist.” You do it, and I’ll do the background music. – “The whole time…” [continues Marlon Brando impression]
♫ Godfather Style Music ♫ “Don’t call me Godfather.” “What you find is that he speaks like — sometimes, it’s sorta, sorta like that, sort of, a bit, it’s actually quite posh.” “And uh, you know, you’ve got the whole, sort of… sort of peacock thing, you know.” [silverware clatters]
— Sorry.
— Sorry! — “Michael Bublé!”
— “Michael Bublé!”
[repeatedly] — “Michael Bublé!”
— “Real music.” “I know what you’re thinkin’, punk! You’re thinkin’… Did he fire six shots… … or only five?” There’s — there’s got to be some sort of drama in someone who can only express themselves through the voices of other people. “Yeah, what if the W fell off the monkey house?” They’re — they’re kind of entertaining,
but they’re not that accurate.

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  1. "anyone over 40 who amuses themself by doing impressions needs to take a long hard look in the mirror". impressionists practice in the mirror : )

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