inevitably it's going to be a long video so better fall on you now hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a chatty video so I'm going to try and not make this too long but I have a feeling that inevitably it's going to be a long video so a bit of forewarn you now get a cup of coffee get a cup of tea get some wine whatever is your choice of beverage or get some snacks if you do like these sort of videos which includes all things about luxury then please hit the subscribe button below if you aren't already subscribed now okay so today's video is going to be about my owners journey and to kind of summarize what it is about because it's not just specifically my owners joint my own essence that might have missed journey with the store it's also my journey when it comes to buying Emmas in the resale market pre-loved market when I bought my first Hermes and the back story behind going ahead and buying my first MS and the bags that I've bought and resold and why I'm going to do my very best to sort of give a timeline and talk about you know all things around the purchase and you know why I went for it or why I sold it and then when it comes to my immense journey as well with the store that is also a part of the process to first know it is that I started to fall in love with the brand around about the end of 2015 so basically with my luxury journey I used to pretty much exclusively own Louis Vuitton mostly I've gone through some Chanel bags like pre love vintage ones like bought them and sold them I had some other bags like Prada saline and all that so I did have like a fairly versatile of luxury collection end of 2015 which is now like you know for four years ago sort of thing I was at the age of about 26 27 something like that and I think I just had an itch for something different something different in the luxury world where I kind of felt a bit bored with my choice of bags like it yeah just had that little itch and I don't even know I think I stumbled across like I knew about Burma is already but I stumbled across it more and what bags they have and all that sort of thing by the purse were like I was on the coast for him for like all the other brands Louis Vuitton Celine Chanel and all that and then obviously there was a earlier section and I decided to click into that look at some pictures read people's thoughts about the brands and all the things I loved just kind of tweaked my desire for the bread and I wanted to add a piece and that became low-key sort of obsessed with it and it was just you know researching all about the Kelly in the book and and all that sort of thing even though I knew about it I just did lots more research into and all the sizing and mod shots and all of that I kind of got from the purse for about mid-2016 I decided to pretty much sell the majority of my luxury bag collection to fund buying an MS Kelly bag and I actually wanted a Birkin first truly to be honest I really wanted to get an MS Birkin but in the resale market like pre-loved I should say you know pre-loved was resale and pretty loves a bit different but I'll talk about that bit later oh I remember um so the Birkin in the pre-loved market back in mid early to mid 2016 was at a very high peak like it was harder to get a Birkin for pre-loved under retail and they see we're gonna go with a broken 35 and I wasn't gonna do that I'd already done my research looked at mod shots in the size and read that the 35 felt quite heavy to people and that you know petite people like me probably would find the Birkin 35 overwhelming cuz I'm only 5 foot 5 foot 2 barely 5 or 2 sorry I then decided okay well perhaps I should go with you Kelly was going to be a my daughter was going to be born at the end of that year I was already pregnant when I was doing all my life deciding to do some more hard core research so I ended up going with an MS Kelly 32 because I could find a pre love for a reasonable price which was seven and a half thousand Australian and at the time that was quite a lot of money but I did so all my luxury bags but to me that was a whole there's so much money and that's why I ended up settling for a Kelly because I thought I'm about to be a mom the shoulder bag will be useful and the Kelly 32 is cheaper than buying a Birkin 30 much much cheaper when you're buying a pre loved vintage white so it wasn't vintage Kelly 32 and I think it was a year in 1999 so I ended up buying that in November 2016 and I kept it up into February 2017 or January 2017 there abouts so obviously I did sell the bag and the reason that I sold it was because it comes down to the fact if you want if you want something more than something else then just keep on saving and go for the thing that you really really want like I said that I wanted a Birkin I would have preferred it back in 30 because it was just something I really wanted it was like a bucket list sort of thing you know the Birkin was massive and it still is big now but I'm seeing that there's more of a surge now in current days with the Kelly versus the Birkin but yet before the Kelly was not as popular as the Baofeng like quite obviously not as popular sorry I ended up telling the Kelly 32 which was in our Dennis I ended up getting my money back which was good I end up breaking even I then began my search for a Birkin 30 and I knew pretty much what's better I wanted obviously broken 30 I wanted Togo and I wanted black and I want to palladium Hardware so that's really what I hunted for and I decided in myself I wasn't going to settle but anything else it had to be that because that's what I wanted and I didn't want to be back in the same situation that I was at before where I bought the Kelly 32 as a compromise but I really wanted the book so that's what I was hunting for and that's exactly what I found it took me about I think maybe a month to find it and I ended up buying from a consignment store in Japan called yo chica and I paid fourteen thousand three hundred Australian dollars which was over eat out from what I know this is just kind of going off a rough kind of idea based on what sort of things have been said in the past for I believe that the Birkin xxx price back in early 2017 was about thirteen thousand five hundred maybe thirty thousand seven hundred around about that bracket between 35 and fourteen thousand but it was not more than fourteen thousand dollar purse Forum have a list of current pricing but Australia is always forgotten like the people that shop Hermes in Australia don't really post much on the first forum there's a few Australian people that post on the first floor well they are on there but they're just not going to the thread that has all the prices but in the u.s. like u.s. pricing you can get a pretty clear overview of what the pricing is on the first firm okay enough of that so yes I got the book in 30 and it is exactly what I wanted so I was very very happy with it and then um I started in each for ohm Aires like at that point I pretty much had barely any luxury bags left if I tried the Birkin 30 and then maybe one or two other luxury bags so I decided I was going to start shopping at the boutique I thought I loved the brains I loved all the other bits and pieces that they have like I love the shoes I love the s oh geez I love the jewelry so if I want to buy these things because there's at this point I really own the Hermes click like my husband and bought it for me I knew that the quality of their like their fashion jewelry was really good so I decided to start shopping at the boutique so I can get those things and obviously build rapport so eventually I could get another drink bag for my first visit to I dropped my daughter off at my mom and dads and went to the city and I met my sales associate that I was going to deal with because we just clicked straight away like on first visit to the store I walked in and I felt intimidated I remember feeling like a bit nervous in the way I spoke and I'm quite a confident person but I feel like I could tell that I was nervous like to me it was obvious so I probably sounded like a nutter but yeah I met my sales associate who happened to be she was in the civil suit – that was her – partner she worked in silks so she you know did all the scarves and all the twigs and stuff like that I knew out what I wanted on the day I wanted or on sandals and I think I think that was essentially what I wanted but I ended up buying a scarf as well and a Kelly double toe bracelet purely because I was nervous and I felt that off I spent maybe like two and a half three thousand maybe she'll just give me a bag of the day but of course that didn't happen so when I bit my sales associate I pretty much was talking to her about oh yeah like she's seen my birthday because I brought it with me and I said that you know I bought it from Japan from a consignment store and they can't really comment on anything else I really knew it was authentic so she's like oh that's that looks good yeah looks like it's really nice bag that's like a Holy Grail bag you know Birkin 30 black play diem hardware so obviously she wasn't going to go oh you bought it from like consignments or she wasn't like that she was really polite and she was just complimented the bag any more than I planned on the day by did click with my sales associate and she was she's the same age as me about little less than a year younger than me and I ended up getting her business card and pretty much from there we developed a you know customer sales associate really ship I would go to the store every month I would talk to her on the phone let her know what things I was after you know send her emails and she would call me back cause she just preferred that sort of phone call at least every month I was going to the store so my face was being known and she had only been at the boutique a prior for think only around about five months before she met me so she was fairly still failing you she was still building up her client base so she didn't have quite a lot of clients and then I remember in May I requested a Pinkerton 18 in Rose easily because that was the then color for think it was like spring/summer color to my surprise when I went to go visit in June to pick up I think might willies yeah I had requested some specific to Elise she surprised me and she said I've got something for you and then my heart said racing him and I was freaking out going what are you painting us on there for me and I knew that she had something like she had a dream back for me guaranteed I knew it in my heart I could tell by the way that she was smiling at me I knew it and when we ran around to the other side of the shop sort of like you know away from everyone and she unbox a rose ethylene Birkin 25 Swift with gold hardware and Wow was I like not expecting like I was not expecting I was going to get a dream bag that soon let me correct myself I actually believed I was shopping I started in February yeah I started in February 26 2017 and I didn't really have an online history like shopping with the boutique but all it was was a quick fact that was it so that's only four months and I was offered a dream bag and I believe I had spent around about five and a half thousand so it's no gauge to say that oh that's all you need to spend to get a bag because that's definitely not the case and when I continue on with my rambling you'll find out it's definitely not the case in my opinion when it comes to your first bag I feel as though in my opinion it is much easier to get your first bag and I think that's got a lot to do with Emma's wants to surprise you give you that special feeling of getting your first green bag but after that it's very different so I've get in your first dream bag it's kind of like not to sound like bad against the brand but it's like beating you in because it's such a wonderful experience that you know to get this bag that is so hard to obtain I'm not saying that they're doing it deliberately but I feel like it's just what happens psychologically to you because you get your first bag and it's an overwhelming experience and it makes you want more and it makes you feel like it maybe isn't that hard to continue on your owners journey which isn't exactly the case it does it can be quite hard unfortunately so yes thankfully enough I didn't have to spend much to get my first bag but I was buying all the items that I did like and most of it was shoes yeah shoes silks twily some fashion jewelry pretty much that was what I bought I did not buy anything in that amount I didn't buy a bag because leather goods particularly bags don't really have a commission for the sales associate like if there is a commission it is very very small and tiny the percentage is tiny whereas all the other departments like ready-to-wear as a high commission to home goods a high commission buying jewelry as high commission those ones give you real brownie points with your sales associate believe it was in that same year so 2017 June I got offered the Birkin 25 I actually before that I bought a Killington 28 trench from a reseller and they were called luck station they they are a reseller because they do actually hop around the world to try and score Hermes bags to resell them to Kelly 28 in trench I actually bought that in April of 2017 so that was before I scored the Birkin 25 because like I said I wasn't expecting it and I paid 16,500 which was over retail what ended up happening was I sold the Kelly 28 trench not long after I think maybe four months later or something from when I order yeah maybe about four months later I sold the Kelly 820 28 trench and the reason I sold it was because I'd scored the Birkin 25 and I kind of felt like I should have had like that like the Kelly 28-french and the Birkin 30 black in the Birkin 25 rose rose as elite I felt like it was overwhelming the time I also found at that bag was too like small for me which is really weird looking back on it now but it was because I was a mom and I needed to carrying more things for my daughter so I found the bags too bit too small for me so I did sell it for a loss I think I sold it for about 15,000 Australian which is a loss of one and a half thousand but I did use the bag for about four months and when you think about it you have to spend more at the boutique to get a bag anyway so you kind of have to rationalize it that way that even though you're paying more in the resale market you get to pick what you want and you're not having to spend you're not really spending more than what you would spend in the in the boutique one and a half thousand dollars in in Los versus spending more than five thousand dollars in the boutique to get a bag and yes you can resell some of the things you buy in the boutique but you're pretty much probably only gonna get 50% of the cost back so think of it that way to do the maps and you can see that buying resale isn't really all that bad apart from the risks involved but I do buy from reputable resellers and I always get my bags authenticated with Babur baby now I'm much more confident in my ascent in my authenticating skills so for an extra double check I just get my bags now authenticated with real authentication because I think pretty much I can tell a fake like from photos I even get my friends sending me pictures and I can tell off the bags fake or not but that's just me I would still always recommend everyone get authenticated with beber baby in September 2018 is when my sales associate that had got me my dream bag in June now told me she's leaving the company so I was absolutely devastated I was I was gutted and to be completely honest with you from when I got my dream bag in June up until September I spent about $13,000 with her including that included buying a mini Evelyn in that purchase as well so I don't know why I did that like I went I think I could like I said to you I feel like when you get your first bag you get so overwhelmed with the experience and wanting more like it you crave more and especially when you're so passionate about the brand I just wasn't counting the money and now I completely regret it I totally 100% regret spending so much in such a short period of time so July August September 3 months I don't know how I managed to spend that honest to God I have no bloody idea I don't know what I was doing I think it's because I bought the mini Evelyn it really bumps it up but I think yeah I think it might actually I think it might have been around about ten thousand or something tenth but anyway either way it was way too much money and I completely totally regret it and I want to keep myself because my sales associate ended up leaving so uh she couldn't offer me another bag she knew that I had spent quite a considerable amount with her but she wasn't allowed to offer me another bag because I hadn't been at least close to six months since my last bag the sales manager that the store manager sorry wouldn't allow her to release me another bag plus in August and September they have very few stop because that's the holiday in France no mez staff definitely does it in between August and September they have a whole month off so they didn't really have much stock and she was leaving in the very beginning of October so she couldn't help me out even if she wanted to anyway because I hadn't even been close to six months since my last bag and that's why I regret it so much because even though I bought a lot of things I loved I feel like I could have stretched that out like I didn't have to buy everything so soon I was just silly and completely ignorant like not thinking to myself that my sales associate could leave like its retail you know she's young of course she believed I didn't think about it so I totally regret that and I'm being completely transparent and honest with you and giving you all prices in my experience so I'm hoping that no one makes the same mistake as me but then again if you're made of money and you what's money and you're rich then 13,000 is nothing to you but me looking back I'm really peeved off with myself super paid off because that's pretty much the price of buying your bag like I could have added another three hours and I put and I've got another bag like I'm changing your bag but I could have added another three thousand or so and bought wedding the resale market that's why I'm like let's not dwell on the past let's not dwell on the past but pretty much around the time that my sales associate left I've bought a Kelly 32 in Ciel prelab for about seven thousand Australian dollars because I wanted a bigger bag you know being a mom and I thought the Kelly 28 was too small so I bought that from a reputable consignment store called your authentic seller and the reason I say that they are consignment store even though they appear to be a reseller is because he is not hopping around the world trying to chase bags to resell them for profit he's actually reselling bags so that other people are probably hopped around the world and he is selling them on their behalf so he takes a commission and they get the majority of the place you know the man the sale and they get their profit but he takes a commission for selling it on his platform doing the or the ascent occation taking on the rest and shipping the item and what I'm continuing on my sales associate has left and I'm feeling ridiculously gutted I've got the Kelly 32 in CL I have got the burger 25 rose as Ali and I've got the Birkin 30 black Togo but I then decide to sell the bags and I believe this was at the end of 2017 yeah towards the end very much so towards the end SLE 2017 I sold the Birkin 25 amuro's easily because it's quite a difficult situation because I was using the bag but I was not feeling myself using the bag I didn't feel like it was me because it was very bright Barbie pink and it was gold hardware as well so I feel like it was extra flashy and it was a handheld bag so I feel like when you're holding a bag head held in the crook of your arm it's very fancy dancy sort of vibe so even though what was using the bag it didn't resonate with me so I decided to sell like for that reason that it didn't resonate with my true style my true identity I didn't end up selling it for a profit which was good so that kind of in my mind recoup some of the you know what I spent sawed off you know I think I made around about a four thousand dollar profit but bear in mind like I said I spent $13,000 after the bag and didn't get another bag with that sales associate because she left not that it's her fault she left but that was a situation so in my mind I kind of helped me feel a little bit better that I made some profit on the Birkin 25 hers as Lee and then I also decided to sell the Birkin 30 told her because again it was a tote bag it was a hand hold bad you could only put in the Kirby I'm couldn't put on the shoulder and I was finding it more really difficult using that bag and pushing a really big prayer because my daughter was still very young I was pushing a really big pram and she wasn't really walking around or anything so I found it quite awkward to use so I decided to solve that – so I thought both Perkins and all I had left was to kill e32 in CL then I ended up by a dreamer at Constance 24 from a seller called I built and she is part reseller part consignment store so she sells for other people but she also does globe hop sometimes in resale bags that she scores so she's half and half and I paid a very hefty premium for that a very very hefty premium because griever wek was an extremely sought after color it still is but I think it's kind of fizzled down a bit because um it's getting a run for its money with green asphalt paid seventeen thousand and fifty dollars for the constants twenty four and green moet and it was pretty much liking you like the person that had it didn't really use it so it still had the hardware stickers on and yeah that was a hefty premium looking back I regret that because now I don't even have that bad anymore long story short I found the constants 24 in Epson really annoying when you're a mum as a shoulder bag like I wanted a shoulder bag for cool convenience being a mother and I found it annoying because Epsom doesn't hug your body it's like this block like this structured stiff block sitting on the side of you and because the buckle is heavy the bag kind of has its weight going forward like so when it's on your shoulder sometimes it would slip off your shoulder and that LIF I didn't hug your body didn't multi-body it so after me and many uses in situations where I was trying to carry my daughter a one-armed put my daughter in the car all these things it was peeing me off it would fall off my shoulder would knock into things and it's starting to drive me crazy and then the buckle lifting up the buckle it was easy to scratch Epsom so you would scratch the surface of Epsom plus I just managed to scratch that bag in general don't know how even though I was very careful and didn't even use it all that much so looking back I regret it because I paid a very hefty premium I think that the retail price and the constants when I bought it in February 2018 I think it was about fourteen and a half thousand maybe fifteen thousand actually I think it was close to fifteen thousand so I paid two more than two thousand over retail and then I now like been trying to sell it haven't been able to sell it so I've sent it off the consignment and I'm definitely going to lose money on that I'm probably going to lose about three and a half thousand dollars on selling that bag by a consignment store like I said goes back to the fact that you don't know how much have to spend in a boutique to get a bag like when you pay premium in resale it is best to try and stick at the very most two thousand dollars over retail price at the very most I recommend that but it's not always possible if you are looking for a highly sought-after color so yeah not always the case that you can stick to that budget after my journey with the store so October 2017 my sales associate has left and I moved on to a different sales associate with my situation we're moving on to the new sales associate we got along really well a lot of things in common we love dogs very similar personality but what ended up happening she became quite busy with her new role she got promoted to the National manager for all the sales associates for any new sales associate coming on board she would do all the training he still continued to shop with her even though she was started to become increasingly busy and over the time period from October 2017 up into June 2018 I had spent with her before and a half thousand so and I still didn't get a bag nothing nothing so I'm now at seventeen and a half thousand in no second bag this is more than the cost of another bag and again I'm kicking myself because if I had not spent anything none of that I could have just bought a got another bag in the resale market even though yes I'm buying things that I like and that I'm using still in my mind it bothers me because you're buying what you like in what you love from the brand but you still are chasing a bag as well because it goes hand in hand with your love for the brand there are very few people that shop at hermès and spend that kind of money that aren't chasing a bag is what like a dream bag so I'm getting a bit annoyed by this point that time period I'm realizing I'm not getting another bag am I like it's not happening I'm having the worst of luck my sales associate is left the one I've now moved on to is becoming increasingly busy it's hard to reach her it's hard to get in touch with her on the phone she's like not as responsive to messages anymore and she's not really an email person either so I'm starting to get paid so in that time period I've also then sold my Kelly 32 CL and I sold it to fashion file for buyout and I ended up getting my money back I think I maybe lost $300 which is okay because I had sort of used it for about a few months or so and from selling that and continuing to save some money and selling all the rest of my luxury bags so at this point I have absolutely no other branded bags I then go ahead and buy a Kelly 25 in Rouge ship or I bought it from someone selling it pre-loved and I paid 13 and a half thousand so I've now got at this point it's as early 2018 I've got the green wet constants and I've got the Kelly 25 Rose report it was in July that I decided I needed to move on to a new sales associate I think I hadn't even dealt with my second sales associate for like maybe two months or so only guy who dealt with her since February of 2018 because I was just getting annoyed with the whole situation I think so maybe even March so I had about a few months break from shopping in the boutique and I then decided I needed to move on to another sales associate I spoke around to some people that I'd met on the first forum and someone had recommended to me a fantastic sales associate who happened to also be the store supervisor and it actually worked out well so when I kind of phoned up to speak to her I asked her if she recommended I should move on to anyone else cuz I understand she's you know this the second in charge there's to the store manager and I explained my situation you know what I've kind of been through with my sales associate leaving and then my next one getting a promotion she was happy to help me she was really really nice so kind and fabulous I really liked her and then my first sales associate I dearly miss because their personality was very down-to-earth I didn't feel like you didn't feel like you were just another client with them like you felt like you made friend so I might then third sales associate I drew dearly miss so obviously you can see the running trend here I'm about to tell you that she's that she leads to so with her from shopping with her in July all the way up until the end of 2018 till December I spend with her $4,000 so that now brings me to 20 about 21,000 I have rounded down some things so my actual total is about twenty-two thousand twenty one twenty two thousand with the boutique from since I got my first Birkin twenty-five so this is not including my an original spend this is now what I've spent after that bag and not even including the cost of that bag I'm now up to $22,000 and I've spent four thousand with my third sales associate at this point I'm pretty much nagging her a lot but in a very nice way because we go to long as friends we could have conversations and even now I feel like I've lost a friend that's moved like gone interstate sort of thing she was fabulous she's got a promotion and she's now store manager of another boutique of MS and in the very final her final month she knew she was leaving she's like look I have some sad news to tell you I am leaving and at that point I said please can you please please help me it has been a year a year in caught up oh well I say over a year since my last bag and I have spent $22,000 with a boutique after that bag and I even though I'm buying the things I love I'm getting annoyed because I'm buying the things I love but of course I am wanting to dream bag too they go hand in hand what I love buying is the boutique I also love your dream bags and I want that too and I'm getting dissing heartened I'm starting to feel upset with the brand you know like I put so much passion into it like I I appreciate everything that they make I buy a wide variety of the image you know pled you know my heart to her and begged her and and she came through thank God she came through and I kind of feel bad you know she probably he is this sob story from a lot of people but I had to do it I had to plead I had to pull my heart out and say what I've been through how much I've spent helps how I'm starting to get really upset with the brand so as you know the back that I did get that my then sales associate my third sales associate came through for me she was able to get me this Birkin 30 took gold hardware and how she was able to justify getting me this bag was to essentially bargain with the store manager because it is a store managers ultimate choice as to whether a sales associate can release a bag center the store manager I've been on the way with since September 2017 it's now the end of 2018 and it's been over a year since she's got her first bag with us please have a look at her profile review her profile as well she you know he's a regular customer very loyal and he gave her permission to release this bag to me and I'm very very very grateful to her like I'm saying I'm very would hurt obviously I'm grateful to the store manager the allowing like for her to give this to me but I know that she put in a lot of the legwork and fought for me I'm even though the birth of 25 the first one I got was very special to me it didn't take all my boxes because even though I wanted that color as a new mum I felt like I was still finding my style all over again whereas now this is me to a tee a hundred percent I love neutrals they're far easier for me to wear with my outfits especially because I'm always in a rush to get ready and I like that again it's a Birkin 30 and I missed my Birkin 30 black when I sold it because it holds a lot I purchased it in January 2019 and I do have an unboxing video on my channel and the price was sixteen thousand three hundred and twenty Australian dollars further tocome over in that video I didn't say the price but now this video's no-holds-barred I'm declaring everything being completely honest so we're going to rewind a little bit so as you know the Birkin thirty was offered to me in January of 2019 just this year from my third sales associate however she was leaving so she then said I recommend that you pick the bag up with your new sales associate are you going to be working with which then became my fourth sales associate so I'm going to rewind a little bit and this bag the Kelly 25 Agrius felt I actually purchased in the resale market from a consignment store called jail-jail AG I put it down below he is a consignment store and I bought this from her brand new in its swift level and it's in the exact size I wanted I wanted to kill eat when t5 and I actually do like Swift leather I really had Swift lever so this I paid 16800 for and this was in August of 2018 before I got my Birkin 30 and that would have been about 2000 over retail about that maybe 2000 or a little bit less so it's around about the $2,000 mark and it was just on that line where said to myself I didn't want to pay more than 2,000 over retail but for this even if it was slightly more I was okay with it because it was exactly what I wanted and great s felt is a very desirable color neutrals always fetch a higher premium I then decided to sell my Kelley 25 very poor because see that yeah the reason I sold it was mainly to do with the color and also the lever however I know that if you want to sell ei Kelley 25 it's hard to not get epsom you're pretty much your odds are you're gonna end up with epsom so it wants to do mainly with the color even though I don't really like Epsom like I don't like it some other in structured bags like the constants and the Kelly Sally a so I've sold the Kelley 25 rows to Paul I ended up getting my money back on that which was good I think maybe I lost 100 maybe that at the very most at the moment I have to dream bags the Kelley 25 in the Birkin 30 and I am still shopping with the boutique but I'm now up to well I'm up to like 50 hours associate so if my fourth sales associate I dealt with her from January up until currently now well actually up until April I dealt with her from January to April and I spent with her $3,800 that's because I also had items that I needed to pick up with my Birkin 33 months and I spent under 4000 that's a better track record that I had when I first was within that first year of shopping with it and it a mess so I've now learned to pace myself to buy the things I love but do it slowly so at the moment I'm now up to my feet sales associate because that then for sales associate left like seriously why does this keep happening to me I'm up to my fifth sales associate and my fifth sales associate I feel like I have a a really good relationship with because she has a lot of similar interests to me and she has gone through a lot of similar life experiences to me and she he has kids and she's a few years older than me but I feel like we relate on a very personal level when I first met her we could just chat for hours point I'm gonna stop with her I've only been seen her once and I have spent 2,000 with her just just under 2000 with her because there were some islands that my fourth sales associate had put on hold for me and I was supposed to pick it up with her but then she wasn't available on a Sunday and at the moment I could only go into the boutique on Sundays so it was better for me to go and meet my new sales associate even though technically my fourth sales associate hasn't left yet so I met her and I spent the like the commission would have went to her which is good like that's what it's kind of better that way because the way that Hermes works it's like a multitude of variables that lead you to the end result of getting a dream bag and some of those variables include your relationship with your sales associate do you really click on a level beyond just customer sales associate when you do have that kind of beyond level that's a that's a great thing that's when you probably find you might have to spend an arm and a leg okay the other variable is you do need to spend a certain amount to show loyalty and commitment to the brand it is very hard to get a bag without spending money like the only other way that you can get a bag with only spending maybe say a thousand dollars is if you go on the wait list and then you wait and you could be waiting a year or two years three years five years it's an unknown and you're just waiting on a weightless bag so that's the other variable to get a bag outside of the wait list from your sales associate is you need to spend money and there is no rule of thumb with how much you need to spend it can be like in my experience in the first bag five and a half thousand I never the next bag it was a lot of a lot of thousands like too much money but that was because I had a load of bad luck with sales associates leavings generally the rule of thumb from what I've gathered from other people it's usually one to one or seventy percent to one so 70% of cost of a bag is what you usually need to spend to get off with a bag usually it's that minimum and then up into one to one cost but then in my situation it was beyond that because of a lot of bad scenarios it's a lot of bad luck so those are youth kind of your variables but also within your variable of spending you can't just be buying bags you can't just say oh I'll buy picketer no buy mini Evelyn I'll buy you no bags and then that would get me to one to one that's not how it works because bags have a lower commission for your sales associate so to get your kudos points you really kind of need to be spending like either spend 70% on higher Commission items like your fine jewelry your silks your ready-to-wear which includes your shoes and your clothing those sorts of things if you're spending 70% in purely that category you're probably going to end up getting an offer of a bag if six months have gone by since your last bag but this is that's not always the case as well it depends on the person like how long you been shopping with the boutique and all those sorts of things sometimes it's they make you wait six months sometimes you only need to make wait three months sometimes I've heard people only waiting two months but they're spent on very high commission items like buying jewelry pretty much exclusively so those are kind of a few variables and a little bit of my advice to you with how kind of works when it comes to getting an MS bag but it's not to a tee like it's not exact what I'm saying but these are just some variables to get your bag okay so like I said in my situation it's my fifth sales associate and I've spent three thousand eight hundred with my fourth and now my fifth I spent two thousand so I am now at just under six thousand dollars spending with the boutique since my Birkin xxx offer I've also bought in the meantime since my Birkin xxx a mini Evelyn from the Italy store so it's on my online record from with the Italy store it's gone in my name but I don't think that that counts towards anything to do with the boutique locally and believe it has absolutely nothing to do with it it just it goes it goes through is your total profile but it virtually means nothing because it's not a commission that your sales associate has got however your store manager when it comes to a time when your sales associate puts forth a bag that they'd like to offer you and your store manager has to review your profile I believe I'm not 100% sure that any international spin that you've had on your name should be visible by your store manager I'm not a hundred percent sure at the time I'm actually filming this video I have another bag that's on its way and obviously I want to get a bag from the boutique eventually I'm hoping it comes around my birthday in August for my 31st birthday but if not if not I'll be I'm fine with that as long as I haven't spent what I spent last time you never know when a bags in a car so my advice is even I'm completely pooped from filming my journey life I see is when it comes to omere's find a sales associate that you click with try to avoid shopping online try to just shop with your sales associate y'all gonna buy stuff online that's fine like bags because pretty much they don't have much Commission to the sales associate unless you're buying a Lindy because they're very expensive in Australia they're 11,000 for a Lindy 26 that would give a small commission to your sales associate so anything in that kind of category like that kind of price range for a bag so if it's like 8,000 or 7,000 in other words sorry you can hear my daughter laughing she's red playing with my husband now so anything that's 7,000 Australian and upwards I would recommend that you buy it with the boutique rather than buying it online even if you have to wait that a little bit longer but things like a mini ever learn a pick up turn if it comes up online just buy it online because there can be hard to get in the boutique pace yourself when it comes to shopping with MS don't do what I did and go completely ham getting all hypo and crazy because you've got your first bag and you crave more just pace yourself try to spread out your wish list purchases because you never know when a bag is going to come it can come after you've spent amount or it can come after certain time has passed so it could be that it just needs more time because we are requesting that something that's highly sought-after highly sought-after color and specs it can be very hard to obtain and the VIPs are always going to get it first the people that are spending like one hundred thousand dollars a year or even people that are spending like you know seventy thousand like sixty thousand dollars a year are going to be getting those offers more than you more than someone who's spending like thirty thousand dollars a year or something like that all this so it's that variable or spend and time so that's my advice to you just pace itself try to buy things that you love because if you do reinstall them chances are you probably gonna lose your money on it like with the bits and pieces that you buy from the boutique and don't be afraid to shop resell I like shopping with consignment stores pre-loved bags new bags I'm totally fine with that I've had the store experience even though I like getting a bag off right store I'm not completely tied down to that I don't only need my bags to come directly from and off but from my sales associate I'm finally buy resell and I try to stick to the rule of thumb of about 2000 Australian dollars over retail I try to stick to that maximum it's not always possible if you're looking for highly sought-after sizes Kellie 25 Birkin 25 neutrals sorry maybe two and a half thousand at the very most if it's a highly sought after one because chances are you're going to get your money back anyway or you're barely gonna lose anything if you've bought the right specs however with colors there are colors that do better than others and there are colors that don't do so well but that's a whole different conversation that I could go on about for ages and especially theirs and all those sorts of things so I hope that I've kind of summarized everything I hope that I've kind of given enough information in this video I know it's ridiculously long but I just wanted to share openly and honestly the bags I've bought the bags are sold you know sort of why I have sold them I I've kind of touched on that I know that sometimes I kind of skipped over it a little bit but I think you can kind of get the gist of why I was sort of sold anyway and I hope that I've been honest with how much I've spent with the boutique the experience okay with the boutique it has been up and down you know and I hope that I've kind of given you some advice when it comes to obtaining a dream bag if you are chasing a Birkin or a Kelly or a Constance I hope that I've given you some advice but please don't think of it as oh I'm just gonna buy these things from men so I can get a bag chances are you probably aren't going to get that at your local boutique you're not going to get a bag if that's just what you're doing unless you live in France where that's a common expectance to just spend and buy things to get a bag but when it comes to local boutiques like in the USA and Canada or in Australia you know in Singapore you should really just be buying what you love because they can kind of read if you're just shopping for the sake of it just to get a bag so they kind of you know sales associates a bit more intuitive to who is just trying to chase only a dream bag and not give a crap about anything else so yes if you have any questions because I'm sure that I've probably missed some things or you maybe want me to liberate on something a little bit further please put them in the comments below or you can reach out to me on Instagram in direct message and ask me something and yes I hope that I've covered everything anything that I may I kind of have missed or any links to some resellers that I bought from I will put it in the description below I probably will film another video listing all the places that I recommend to buy a home is from like consignment stores resale market you know external to the boutique so that'll be in another video because I think this video is gonna go on forever in thank you very much for watching I'm gonna wrap it up now you have a great day everyone bye

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with Hermes. I always love hearing how those special bags are acquired. In my experience from shopping the last couple of years in my local Hermes, I get the impression that the store manager really has the main say-so regarding who gets a bag, not each individual SA. The SA may bring your name to their attention, but I get the impression that the store manager has the real control over who gets offered a bag. Since the customer has no control over how long a SA stays in one location, the fact you have such a long history of purchasing from that store should hold tremendous weight regarding where you are on the waiting list for a bag. If you encounter this issue again with a SA leaving, I would politely ask to see the manager, and just patiently explain your love for the brand and your concern that your SA leaving will negatively affect your opportunity to be offered and purchase a bag you've been waiting to get for so long. Even though you will have a new SA, once the manager is aware of your situation, I'm sure she/he will work with you to ensure you are treated fairly in your wait to be offered a bag. There's just no way you should be expected to start all over from scratch regarding your purchase history with each new SA and I truly believe the store manager would step in and make sure your loyalty is rewarded, as it should be. This comes from my personal experience in shopping at Hermes and how I've been treated. In my experience, they REALLY do want those of us who love the brand to get the bags we desire, so just be honest with the manager about your concerns and I'm sure she'll make sure you are treated fairly.

  2. Thank you so much for your extremely honest and hence, helpful sharing!!!!!! Scored my first birkin with all the tips you offered via IG DM earlier this month, so I love that you offered even more insight in this video! Jotting them down to hopefully get my second bag with the store!!! Can’t wait for your next video!

  3. I enjoyed every single minute of your journey of Hermes. One thing I agree with you that you bought bags from outside of retail store by paying the premium . It is true that in order to get a bag, you may need to pay more than premium. I was very lucky got my first Birkin as a wonderful SA. I do want to get Kelly bag but I still afraid to approach to her. Because I am thinking maybe the second Hermes won’t be so easier. Thank You so much for sharing your journey. Love this video ❤️

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your story. It’s so sad what Hermès makes people go through…. yet the Kardashian’s have soooo many bags. As much as I want a Kelly, the way the Hermès company makes some people jump through the hoops and others not. I also find selling these super expensive bags scary (to do it myself) in this era of internet scammers. You’re lucky that your husband is supportive of your purchases. ❤️👍

  5. Thanks so much for sharing honest details on your Hermès journey. It’s very informative and useful for me as a Hermès newbie❤️

  6. ThanIk you for sharing your journey with us. It was so informative and helpful. Your honesty is so refreshing and puts so much into perspective for the H journey. Thank you again. ❤️

  7. Highly enjoyed this! Would love to know where you resell your bags (too scared to sell on EBay and I have a new Constance 18 I’d like to sell).

  8. Wow, u have such a roller coasters experience with Hermes!! 5 SA is really 😱😱😱
    I have 2 SA. Cos the first one wasn’t very helpful. I find that he wasn’t sincere and was like ‘looking down on me’ ( Cos I was no where like those rich ladies ya). I was lucky to find this 2nd SA, who happen to be an ex colleague to my friend. We clicked and I got my first Birkin slightly less then a year. And I spent 1:1 in the store. I too was like not pacing myself, and appear in the store like almost every month.
    But I must say that u were very lucky with ur sales of ur bags. I always sell my at a great loss 😭😭
    Thanks for sharing ur story and tips dear

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with such honesty. I feel like on TPF you are lead to believe that with an appreciation for the brand you can get a B/K. I just think it takes so much more than that to establish and continue a H relationship. While there is something to be said from purchasing from the store, given the price of B/K in Australia, more and more I think I am better off financially to purchase from an Asian reseller, especially since I seem to prefer the highly sort after colours and sizes.

  10. I loved hearing your journey although def wasn’t an easy one. Would love to know what’s next on your wishlist from H 💕💕💕

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