Thimphu Sightseeing & Visa Extension, INB Trip EP #22

Thimphu Sightseeing & Visa Extension, INB Trip EP #22

Namaskar. We are at Bhutan. Welcome to our video We slept well at night. In the morning, edited and uploaded a video. Now its nearly 12pm. Its 11.30 now. Today we rested for a while. Saleesh went out in the morning. Where did you go? There is a museum there. It has lots of old buildings over it. Its a textile museum I didnt go inside there. Just walked outside it and had a cup of tea. Now we have to eat our brunch After that we shall more in our todays video Thats the hotel we stayed last night. We stayed in the 3rd floor there Saw the new building here. Its done in the same style of the old building. Its Governments order that it has to built only in that pattern. They want to keep up their tradition on that Even though there are some big hotels here, you can see down there there are houses of simple people. There are many like this in this city. I have been standing here for nearly 20mts now. There is no signal or policeman. I didnt hear any sound of a horn If it was our place, there would have been horning and traffic jam. All these can be done by us also but nobody is trying for it. Especially me. It should be started by us and only then it will continue to another person Its because we are not putting our efforts for it. Our neighbouring country Bhutan is so well organized. The police vehicle stopped in front of our hotel today morning. Look at it. Its so nice. It looks like our forest deparment vehicle. We have the same in Kerala. All the vehicles in our place has also improved a lot. The policemen have got good vehicles now. A same vehicle here like ours. But its a Bhutan eco sport Look at what they have hung near the light. Looks good Driver Suku is searching for the keys. Its with me. Suku and Nischal. Nice names A big tree in the middle of the road. They have marked it like this. If it was in our country, you will have to see when it was cut. But here they are saving it. You can see it here. The people here are all nature lovers. The tree is a big example. The police vehicle is going There is a cycle in the vehicle. Different colours of flowers in the middle of the road suitable for the climate here The look of the city is so pretty from here Each side of the city is so pretty where ever you look Beautiful flowers. I love flowers It has a good smell too. Smells like our jasmine. You can see a building here. Its a traditional building which is pretty old. At the same time you can see a new building built here. Its done in the same style. Its a Government rule here They should not change from the olden tradition here. They are following the same culture then an now Emily has come with our car. So lets go now. Regarding the dress here, Bhutanese should wear their traditional wears when they are in public, office or so. Its a culture they are following. Its a Kings rule. This county is still ruled under a handsome King and pretty Queen. Though democracy has come here. Its a great thing to see that a county is moving so well under a King and Queen even now They love their country a lot. And people here also love them. You can see vehicles and cars having their photos Its happy to see a King. Talking about the King and Queen, I am feeling hungry Never mock the King or Queen. You will be punished with a big fine or so We have parked our car here. Everywhere in Thimphu there is parking fee. They will write the parking time on a slip of paper When you come back, according to the time you have parked, you have to pay. Behind us you can see the Taj Tashi Thimphu Bhutan. Its the Taj here in Bhutan All the hotels here are built in the traditional architecture here. You can see that. They have the mountains there behind there and the Taj hotel is built in front here Cars wait for their parking space Most of the restaurants here are with Bar. Its not like our place. All come with family and have food here. We are now going to Dharma restaurant cum Bar and shall have what we get now. ' Lets see what they have. They will give us the book and paper. We should write and give what we want. Our brunch is ready here. We have plain rice, dal, omelette and our special emadhasi. Emadhasi is a curry made of green chillies, tomatoes and onions. Its a real Bhutanese cuisine. These chillies are not spicy Its a different type of chilli. We are having dal and omelette. Should have something connected to our food Dal is in our Trissur style. Our favourite thing is chilli, porridge These are the photos of the old Kings and the present King and Queen. We got back our note too. This is their note with their King and our note with our Gandhi Thank you Almost all the vehicles that we have in India are here too. This is the toyota bus right? Here you have almost all the types of Toyota vehicles. They dont have Innova. They have fortuner, hylux and many more KIA is yet to come to India. They have XUV 500 also Another vehicles of Toyota. This is a mini bus. This runs here instead of a traveller Hyudai H1, lots of vehicles here. This is an Innova but it has come from WestBengal A vehicle from Maharashtra. Bolero here. This runs as a taxi with yellow number plate like ours They have red number plate for private vehicles. Here everybody speaks in Hindi. If you know Hindi then nothing to worry If you ask them anything in English, they will reply in Hindi. They love Indians a lot. The Indian and Bhutan government are in a very good tie up Indian Army and Bhutan Army also keep up the tie up. Look at these buildings, they are so pretty Look at the Bhutan development bank there. The architecture of the buildings here are superb This is a junction near the Textile Museum where no signals, no traffic Sujith Bhakthan is sitting here and filling the application forms. We are now in front of the Thimphu immigration office. We are here to take permits to go to Punakha, Havali and other easter parts . The permit we got from Pheuntsholing is only for Thimphu and all. You have to take an extension permit from here for that. You will get a form from the photostat shop here. Fill it and attatch your passports back and front copy. Keep the visa printed paper copy also with it. They will then issue the permit from here Working time is 9am-5pm. 1pm-2pm is lunch break. Thats why we are waiting here. We can give it only at 2 After that we have to take a permit for a vehicle also. We have to go to the RST office. Its a bit far from here. Like that we got our permit extended from 29th to 2nd. Usually we get only Maro and Thimpu There are some restricted areas like Havali, Bhumthang valley, Phunaka. Got permit for them. Actually he googled some places, wrote and gave, they gave permit. Just one place wasnt given permit Its a China border. I wrote all the places here like from Kasargod to Trivandrum. We got all except one. Now we have to get the vehicle permit for these places. Have to go to RSTA office for that We heard RSTA office is only upto 3pm. Its already 4 now. Anyways shall go and see. If not today, shall go on Monday We are in the trip of Thimphu. We saw a huge Bhudha statue on top of a mountain. Since we dont have any other target, we are following that statue We are going without any idea. We got the information that the RSTA office has closed at 3 so we are not going there The RSTA is closed. Then its weekend. We can go only on Monday now for the vehicle permit. Why are we tired like this. Is it because its cold outside? Yesterday we were very fresh. We are now at a Monastery. Its a big town ship area here. You can see a big mountain here. Nobody has done anything over it. It stays as it is. Lets go inside this monastery. I dont know if camera is allowed inside. Lets see You can understand from the look of the building that they have used rock pieces to make the building. Wood work has been done in a very good colours and design. The window here itself looks so pretty. There is a beer bottle here. Its s good photogenic construction here. Inside the monastery you can see this rotating gold tomb which is seen almost at all the monasteries Its a part of their tradiditon. When it is rotated, the bell is rung from above. Prayers are chanted. Its a concept they follow. All this time we saw a lady or man Saleesh bro? This is called the Bhudhist prayer wheel. She was praying rotating the wheel. Now she is chanting her prayers This child was running around here all this time. When she saw the camera she ran Hi. Hello. Shake hand. You get a special feel when you come to these monasteries. Budha itself is a symbolic representation for peace Their culture and creeds are so special. Its so colourful. As a tourist its so photogenic here. You feel like taking photos and videos everywhere Salees will have to say more about Buddhism. Its actually not a religion. Its a way. Buddha preeched a lot and had his own sayings. He used to bring people into it during those days. In our life, a person or individual cannot fulfil his likes in a moment Our likes increases day by day. Then we feel sad accordingly. When we dont reach there, we feel sad Even when you reach there it is a problem. When you buy something and be with it, suddenly something else new comes. Then you feel more love for the new one That brings feelings to us again. Buddhism teaches to live without any expectations.Then your mind remains free That brings peace and happiness to all who follows this. But the world is different. You get a very good positive energy when you enter any monastery. There are lots of monasteries here in Bhutan They welcome tourists well. Some famous monasteries charge an entry fee. You will have a guided tour there Such places should be visited dressed properly. Cover your hands and legs completely let it be man or woman Dont wear cooling glasses or caps and get inside there. It may be like removing the shirt before we enter our temples Its their type of culture that we see here. We have to accept and follow it when we are here. Its our right to follow them and be like them when we are here. There are lots of monasteries yet to be seen. This is one where much tourists dont come. Just dropped in when we were passing by This is a small one. There are bigger ones yet to see. There is Tigers Nest, Paro a monastery where you have to trek and go and see. Hoping to trek and go there. I hope all works out well. Saleesh is planning to shift to Buddha region. You may have to call me Swami Saleeshananda Saraswati Why are you disturbing the pigeons? They flew away. Very bad. Can you do the same to the dog there? Pigeons wont bite. Please do that once. Its a good dog. All the dogs here have lots of fur like bears Even the ones walking on the roads are like that. We went inside the monastery and came out. Saleeshetta please say what you saw A poojari is chanting prayers there. A special drum and bells are struck there In the opposite there is a big statue of Bhuddha and two others below him. A photo who is the head now too Its so colour ful and you get a different feel from inside. Lots of carved works and paintings there. Lots of work that we dont understand also. Here outside also you have the colourful works. Look at the curtain they have used. Thats also colorful. The door is one single piece. I dont know which tree they would have taken it from Anyways lets go from here to another place. Emil, do you want to make those pigeons fly? You can get a good video now. Go ahead This is such a traffic jam place. Not a single vehicle has applied horns Not even a single vehicle has over taken or make the road a mess. Its such a peaceful place Bhutan! We love Bhutan!

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