Thunderstorm Attacks Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship - My Story (Re-edit)

Thunderstorm Attacks Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship – My Story (Re-edit)

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  1. They should give them an extra day on the tour. Late arrivals leaving the island should be allowed to board late.

  2. Don’t they know the weather before sailing? I mean they can predict the weather a week ahead now. Why they jeopardize people’s lives like that?????

  3. I served 3 years at sea on a small military warship an LCT…

    Not too brag but that storm you were in was not really that bad…I’ve been in much worse believe me lol

  4. My family and i went on an 8 day cruise on the carnival breeze end of september of 2015. On our last sea day, on the way back to Miami we ended up tracking behind a hurricane. The waves were rough as well. Pretty much the same kind of experience. People walking sideways in the halls. To even tables sliding. Decks were all taped off with wind and water warning signs. But the staff was amazing. They all addressed any concerns. It was my first cruise, and first time away from home like that. It was a little scary, but as i said the staff was amazing. I ended up leaving them a tip at the end of my cruise, and a very nice letter thank the crew for our wonderful experience.

  5. You are an absolutely amazing storyteller. If you don’t do it for a living you definitely should.

  6. Dude, stfu and let the footage tell the story. For what's been shown — this is a boring video. I've seen better storm videos, and less narration from the video produces — unlike you.

    Thumbs down, stfu and film a worthy storm video, that is worth watching. We don't need to hear your ugly voice — giving us a rundown — when the majority of us can figure wtf is going on in this boring video.

  7. You choose to cruise the Caribbean during the hurricane season, that's what you get. The Brits used to lay low in Antigua in what is now English Harbour.

  8. Why would I want to get on a boat in the ocean with thousands of people.  It's a food orgy at best.  God help you at worst.

  9. Careful on this ship – they promise they will NOT leave you if you are on one  of THEIR excursions.  YES they left us~ Their tour bus was late coming back from an excursion AND THEY DID LEAVE US!  Careful with that written promise! I am going to court!  you leave senior citizens who bought the excursion thru you Breeze and was stuck in the DR!  So sir they did not wait!

  10. Hi I was work in last year Carnivel cruise line from Mongolian wok I hope you seen me 😀😀😀😀

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