Time Travel – In Your Dreams Full Episode #1 – Totes Amaze ❤️ – Teen TV Shows

Time Travel – In Your Dreams Full Episode #1 – Totes Amaze ❤️ – Teen TV Shows

Get away Those taping princess you will ever be Or necessary Pharma today’s it Now come do your duty and return to our wedding. I can’t marry the one I love that I’ll never marry at all. Oh come on Jimmy where you are should we go. What do you think you’re doing? I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago. I’m getting away from you this time. You’ll never catch me again Current that was pathetic where’s Ben What’s the problem the problem is that the dummy looks like a dummy it is it them I know it’s a dummy, but it’s supposed to fall my kid surpass him Look at it. It didn’t even sink. It’s just floating around like some cheap plastic doll No, no darling is actually quite accurate bodies do float in real life It’s it’s the inside them you see yeah, daddy. You’re missing the point. This is a film It’s not real life if we want to save this castle we have to show the drama not give people biology lesson Yes, yes of course darling all right Let’s try this again, and this time can we please put some weight in the dummy Lily? I have to get fun to eat. I’m starving Honestly, Sam can’t you hold it for 20 more minutes no One else is hungry, I am Me too. I’m famished. I’m sorry, sweetie, but I have to go – it’s nearly 3:00 And we’ve got tourists coming in I don’t believe it All right anyone who feels like filling their stomachs is more important than this film feel free to leave now Traitors Relax, you’re too stressed What am I gonna do Marcus what’s wrong with these people? Well it has been eight hours since they’ve eaten eight hours. What’s eight hours. Don’t they know we have a crisis on our hands Don’t they understand that what I’m doing is for them. You’re an artist Lily artists are always misunderstood tamarcus think goodness someone around here cares Can I get you something to eat right now? I couldn’t even look at food okay? Maybe a salad a Few bits of lettuce or something no problem and patta a small bowl on the side would be lovely With bread of course and couple of eggs, but make sure they’ve board for at least five minutes got it any cake But just a small one It’ll never work what this film. Its dude. Do you have to be so positive? I am positive positive. It’s a turkey In case you’re interested although. I understand completely if you want mr.. Smartypants here is my non identical twin brother Ben Actually non-identical seriously understatement, no one could be less like me Ben Ben sometimes I can’t even believe my brother and sister let alone twins Why won’t it work? Who’s gonna pay good money to watch a second-rate amateur video about a princess? No one’s ever heard of and no one cares about Apart from that they E’s know apart from that It doesn’t need to be and apart from that this whole thing is a waste of time. Well. Do you have any better ideas? Do you have any ideas give me time? I’ve only been here a week That’s still no reason to criticize the only person who so far come up with something good enough reason for me You know Ben you really shouldn’t take Sophie wait. Let me help Okay, I can manage in Australia It’s against the law – how beautiful girls And which lucky dude gets his father prepared by the fairest hands in all Germany hadn’t who’s it for I think it’s mine report Marcus Since when did you develop such a huge appetite? It’s for Lily all this is for Lily Directing a film takes enormous energy. You know physically emotionally, it’s running a marathon yeah with all these insiders she could run to Africa Take good care of it. My man. It’s been personally prepared by a very close and dear friend of Ana you’re right, I think so yeah, yeah What am I gonna tell Lily By now you’re probably thinking, but this is the kind of place where very little goes right right well You’d be wrong the truth is nothing goes right? You don’t believe me. Okay check this out Come along everyone don’t be shy a castle ghosts are really quite tame Castle – or awaits Where’s everyone else What I pay you good money to bring busloads of tourists up here from the town – people are not a busload No one else wanted to come of course people wanted to come, but they have to be told we’re here Don’t they did you head over leaflets? Did you display the poster? Did you talk to people sure so where are they? Well, that’s them no one else was interested incredible What’s happening to this country doesn’t anyone believe in culture in history anymore? I’m sorry about the delay. I’m sure you’re both very eager for the two to get underway 10-year receipts. Please ten you said fun What the driver said it was five years each Why are you telling people the tickets are five euros you know very well, they cost ten I had to drop the price Otherwise even they wouldn’t come What are you and I are going to have a serious talk later I’m sorry. I completely forgot that today is our special mid month discount day five euros each, please it’s not mid month I’m sorry today’s the fourth why would you have a mid month discount on the 4th well? You got the prices of the tickets mum you got the dates wrong? This does anyone know how to do meth around here as you may know the castle was built by the fun husband box They had a special family tradition of celebrating the middle of the month on the 4th What a stupid idea, can you believe that trust me they did 5 euros each, please? Thank you after you So are you beginning to get a feeling about this place, which I guess leads to the next question how did two? Basically normal teenagers from the Australian suburbs end up in a place like this Do you think we should call a doctor no no it’s fine, no doctor could give better treatment than you Sophie Are you sure positive a couple of hours in your care and I’ll be perfect better than perfect Okay, let me rephrase that how did one basically normal teenager along with a totally shameless brother end up in a place like This the answer to that coincides with one of my many hugely optimistic attempts to create the next global smash hit Reach down deep in your soul The line is bad. I think it’s a good one so what does it mean well? She’s really into him, but she’s not sure he’s being completely open with her, so she’s trying to reach him on a deeper level Right yeah, but his soul I mean it’s not like some sort of a bucket She can just reach in to humor so little reminder welcome to a typical Saturday afternoon in my LBE. That’s life before year My best friend’s Lucy and Jack helping me write another one of our so far not hugely appreciated songs I sit here and write the lyrics. Well. They argue about them and try and come up with the tunes it looks chaotic Mainly because it is but it’s kind of fun and sometimes we even actually finish a song Based on opinion polls we write based on what we feel That’s exactly what I’m saying then. Why didn’t you just say that I just did? Excuse me creative ones. It’s not interrupt now. We are almost there. So you said two weeks ago How come I’m still hearing the same tune Ben? You can’t rush creativity. Yeah well Sorry guys but Creativity is gonna have to go and hold mom wants to see us What fall only find you that I wouldn’t have to drag you out here would I? Since when it is not asked to see us She’s got something to say she just drops it on us at dinner or something so sad he’s so paranoid She probably just wants to tell us how bad bills we are in your dream Sorry to pull you away from your friends Sam. We need to have a small talk. What’s the problem? There’s no problem? quite the reverse actually That’s unbelievable, did you just not that lottery a much better one there’s a better one you stop teasing What’s going on that research grant in Switzerland? I applied for it’s come through it’s amazing cool How good is bats for whole months for me to be up close and personal with some other planets nastiest microbes? Maybe not so good get out. It’ll be a research scientist paradise. Yes. We are going to have a great time. Sorry Did you say we that’s right? I’m going too. We haven’t had a holiday together for years It’ll be a second honeymoon in a laboratory. It’s in paradise have you ever seen a pretty little town than this It’s gorgeous almost jealous it’s calls for a celebration. Let’s break out those chocolates to go be a birthday You too Aren’t you forgetting something as in? As you know how this will affect you – you don’t have to worry about us You just go and have a good time with the bugs And we’ll look after the house as if it’s our it is our own I know, that’s you know what I mean if we do But we’d also like you to have a seat while we explain explain what we know how capable you both are But unfortunately the law doesn’t permit people of your age to live on your own Especially for months you’re not gonna get someone to come and look after us. Are you honestly we don’t need that we’d hate it No, it’s something much more exciting exciting how exciting exactly mini Germany Germany why joke we have this kind of distant cousin, man. He’s a relative of our fathers I dunno Brian with German not Brian a real father before he died obviously I Still don’t get it Why send you all the way to Germany when you could just run say at my place so we could? Accept the fact is my dear Lucy. You’ve got in their culture forget him Elise. I’m sorry It’s true Mum said so herself she did not and you are the last person to bag anyone about having no culture our parents think we need To escape the narrow in silicon fines of parochial Australian suburbia Heroin insula are we don’t ask me? I don’t even know about me the point is for tickets or books the state’s confirms. Everything’s organized my discussin gone How you pay for it? That’s exactly what I asked one discussed of bond How will you pay for it out of the savings fear education, but this isn’t an education you won’t get a certificate for it But you will get an education in a broader sense What does that mean that’s exactly what I asked? What does that mean you won’t know TV experience? You couldn’t be a little more precise could you if it’s terrible? I don’t want to experience something terrible. Oh come on It’ll be an adventure You’re going to have more fun than you could possibly imagine You know what I hate to say this, but I’m actually envious Luce I am I’d love to spend four months in another country. I think it’ll be amazing Oh Katie You don’t need to say that I mean y’all losing a son Lonnie hogging it You know oh, yeah, but not for a while though like when to leave the day after tomorrow What What are we going to do about our assignment was supposed to submit it in six weeks Mom spoke to the school. They’ve agreed to an extension till the end of the year. She’s thought of everything has a cheap everything Jack Lucy uniting music class together the good thing is that we can work on our songs The bad thing is that we actually have to finish something in order to pass We aren’t exactly what you’d call great finishes Wow Four months is such a long time. It’s gonna. Be hard without your around, but I will be around. We’ll still talk Send notes sort files. I’ll still keep work for everything while I’m away, but it won’t be the same though will it I’m so going to do is here me, too It Hey Four months is nothing four months is just well, you know a Lifetime The good thing about leaving for a trip quickly is that you don’t have time to dwell on any sad feelings Come to think of it you don’t have time to dwell on any feelings Before we knew we’re out the door on our way to actually we weren’t really sure what we’re on our way to Do you really think it’s gonna be an adventure better be otherwise we’ll sue But even you would see your own mother. You’re at will try to her in for a new laptop lot less pipe work So here we are one week into our adventure at least I think it’s an adventure It’s definitely different to anything else I’ve ever done. That’s for sure Back to work everyone really wants to get started. Sorry gotta go when princess Lily calls no-one disobeys Ben That includes you please sorry Marcus I don’t think I can make it my head’s killing me stand by for one of my brother’s more Embarrassing performances you have to get the dummy ready for take two I can barely move It’s okay, Ben. I’ll help you. Are you sure I hate to burden you honestly. It’s not a problem. Yeah lean on me We’ll go together Comfortable in your hands. I couldn’t be anything else don’t say I didn’t warn you It’s okay I’ll be all right you go, I’m sorry What are you doing? How are you? Actually Marcus my head’s much better. Thanks, so quickly. Yeah, yeah, it’s an oxygen thing. You know now I’m full of it You’re full of it all right you are such a face So I’ve just had a very traumatic experience the least you could do is give me some sympathy Yes the Qura here finally what about Ben and Sam they should be with you any minute, I don’t want them here Marcus They’re supposed to be up on the balcony Yes, there was those tourists well find him William. Tell him we need him now on my way Sam why are you here? Oh Marcus – never mind, why isn’t Ben with you? He’s gone to the loo He’s had the whole lunch break to go to the loo Please help on the balcony all of you Amateurs and surrounded by amateurs oh I’m sure this will interest you the princess stays In order to escape the clutches of the Duke of Saxony threw herself off the castle walls into the moat below Let us now Move for about fifty years in time to when the fond husband books became one of the most Famous families in all Europe you’ll notice some extremely fascinating changes in the architectural styles here Is a particularly marvelous example of what I’m talking about? Look at the detail in this ceiling. I’m sure you’ve never seen anything like this before Hello hello Get this help the prince is in distress Are you sure we have enough tape left yeah, I’m sure where is everyone come here my love, Oh Never be yours. Oh, there’s Sam though. Good stand by please standing by You haven’t seen C particularly obnoxious looking teenagers have you know if no one pity I was hoping They’d form downstairs. Lily was to shoot the next shot now. Are you ready? Why not roll camera rolling action? Brilliant did you get this got it. That’s what I call a real fault think that was a real fall Would Take it easy, I’ll cut the extra whites you have to help the guy in the water I’m not doing that I’m not even in costume Swim Hurry This is getting better and better are you getting all this? Actually Lily this rescue isn’t historically true market its the trauma of the history that matters not that the tack is that really ethical Who cares everyone else does it? Stop being such a fuddy-duddy Marcus I Can’t believe it. This is more than we could hope for in our wildest dreams I’m afraid not darling the ghastly boy’s father is one of Germany’s top lawyers He says he’s going to sue us for everything we own and have me sent to prison He says his ELF fault that he fell. It wasn’t our fault. He shouldn’t even have been on the balcony unfortunately He doesn’t see it that way. It’s terrible. What can we do leave it to me? I’ll talk to him You were great and not bad for a faker Well you have to admit you were laying it on pretty thick with Sophie sure but you can’t blame me for trying You’re terrible. You know that don’t you nobody’s perfect So we have a deal then okay What’s happened what did he say there won’t be any problems? But how can you be so sure I’ve pointed out that he’s now the star of the climax to a film that will be seen For many years to come he agreed to drop charges if we provide him with a free copy of the film once It’s finished. Well. That’s that’s brilliant. Thank you, Marcus. I had no idea you could be so forceful I’m truly impressed. Thank you. When will the film be finished by the way oh This year next year, maybe the one after You Contras creativity Marcus? So welcome to our world for the next four months the question is can we survive it There’s only one answer to that watch this space

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