Time Travel, It's Possible and It's Happening Right Now

Time Travel, It's Possible and It's Happening Right Now

welcome to Costa Coast AM YouTube channel I'm George Noory like share and subscribe also find us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and coast-to-coast am calm become a coast insider for add free access that thousands of shows you'll really enjoy let me tell you something there is nothing like a dark studio and robber plant and time travel it don't get any better than that I'm arrows Jimmy Church you can follow me right now on Twitter at gh radio at Jay Church radio I'm gonna tell you what the questions in the comments about time travel and Larry Flaxman tonight it's on fire come and join the conversation coast-to-coast am right now you can catch George Nori's internet TV show beyond belief for dynamic discussions on paranormal phenomena conspiracies and all things time-travel unexplained you can check out the preview right now that trailer for beyond belief beyond belief calm you can sign up for ninety nine cents for the first month and enjoy hours of fascinating past shows just go to beyond belief calm it's Friday night it's open lines it's time travel with Larry Flaxman I'm yours to be Church we'll be right back welcome back to Costa cosa our guest tonight Larry Flaxman it's Friday night it is a full on time travel evening let's go straight back to the phones let's go to west of the Rockies and hi you're up first on coast to coast Washington yes you're live oh I was listening to you talk about the time travel is definite everything you're saying is really interesting but I was thinking that I don't think time travel can happen because the future is so fluid everyone's choices all around you will affect the future in some little way so anything that happens in the future can't come back because it hasn't happened yet and those made the choice for it happen yet Larry you know I don't know of it unnecessarily agree with that I mean to a certain extent yes I think you're right that free choice and our ability to make conscious decisions I think certainly changes the route of reality for us but at the same time again as I mentioned earlier on the show with Jimmy there really is outside of the human concept of time and our linear understanding your understanding of it time doesn't exist there is no such thing as the past there is no such thing as the future there is only the present so past present future really only exists right now immediately the minute that with a the second that you can't even I can't even try to comprehend you can't try to even comprehend anything even beyond that if you try to think about there is no such thing as the future there is no such thing as the past then you start thinking well I have memory so obviously the past occurred so yes again human concept of it but in nature past present and future are all exactly happening right now so I think to a certain extent yes you're right but at the same time with the the idea that we have memories and that we have the ability to recall events in the past that yes I think yes okay yeah very good javi thank you for the phone call and actually it's she raises a really good point about that let's go to let's go to first-time callers line in Texas Steve you're up next on coast hello you're live Steve yeah hi a little while ago you said something like we thought like the invention of the wheel was too impressive for its time yes mm-hmm well then when would it have not been so impressive and when would it have been invented well my point was an outlet Larry answer right after this my point is that some things just happen it's another thing if you were taught okay we're always taught about our knowledge today and we take that forward we're taught something but there are examples of things happening instantaneously and one of the things is the wheel it just appeared now that's that's a very curious thing for somebody to just think up one day you know and so that's that's my point with that maybe they had a glimpse of the future and they didn't know what the wheel was but they saw working so they tried to recreate it and there you go and that's my point Larry some at some point it would have had to have been invented without prior knowledge so why not the history that we know of Larry no I think I think the the collar raises a very valid point and I think a lot of that probably speaks to the idea of some type of intelligent intervention at some point you know III think there's only so much that you can really credit human ingenuity with because you're absolutely right the idea for the wheel something has there had to have been some progress or evolution leading up to that generally there had to have been prototypes or ideas or different thought processes to try to fulfill a need that would realize the wheel as a design but I think to Jimmy's point and and I think speaking I trying to understand exactly where you're going with that there are certain things throughout history may be beyond the wheel that typical ideology really doesn't fit if you look at specifically at Moore's law or the idea of transistor technology doubling every two years if you apply that to other technologies there are throughout history there have been bursts of technological game that have been achieved so I think some of that certainly you can say that that human ingenuity wasn't involved in that but you know if you look at a society but again going back to ancient Egypt you look at a society that was supposedly so primitive but yet was able to build these very finely engineered and architected facilities that even to this day were unable to replicate and you look at that across the world there's a variety of pyramidal structures that are found throughout the world not just Egypt last count I read something like that there's 5000 different pyramid type structures but the Egyptians really I mean that's all the credit really goes back to that civilization but regardless I mean there have been multiple technological things that were supposedly that were present during those times and then somehow were forgotten for X number of years and then rediscovered electricity a perfect perfect one I hinted it that then there a light bulb if you're not familiar with that it is there is some in in I don't remember the exact Temple that that's found in it's in the Dendera temple temple at dandera that's right yeah you're right it's late sorry yeah that that's quite all right and Steve thank you for the phone call and there was another point that I wanted to make on that it's not just the wheel you know it's round but now you've got a hub you've got an axle you've got the design you've got the cart that that's gonna sit on top of and it's it's an entire complex mechanism that quite honestly appeared to show up overnight well I mean what was it before that in development a square wheel no yeah I mean it just it happened so rapidly alright let's go to wild car let's go out here out west Palm Springs Mary you're up next on coast to coast doing good Mary what do you have for Larry well I I need to say one thing I do believe that we're living interdimensionally can at the same time so I know we refer to as past fives in future lives but I feel that it's all happening at one time but I have a wonderful experience this year I was in Manchester and met someone I changed her massage at the wesak conference and met someone and when we met his name was Gary but I kept calling him Peter and I jokingly said it must be from a past life and then we connected and I went to Egypt and came back and we started going around to all the sacred sites in Mount Shasta and we went to little caves and went to one of the caves where he told me there was a portal to other dimensions so we held hands and walked towards the portal and literally went through the rock rock and were we were in a dimension where we were a couple and his name was Peter and my name was Colin and it was just an amazing experience and both of us experienced the same thing it was quite phenomenal and just to be sure I knew it was really happening I have a fungus on my eyelid for about six weeks so anyhow it was just really cool but when I went to Egypt and after I came back I have experienced a lot of interdimensional kind of experiences but I thought that was just one to share and I don't have any science to back it up I just have my experience and what do you think about that Larry is it is it possible to have been because the myth of portals and stargates and areas around the world where vortexes are possible that's gone on for millennia absolutely so do you think that's what she is what you think Mary experienced you know I mean it could be I mean it certainly sounds less as long as that she truly believed had occurred she has no recollection of the experience it's at whoa hold on Larry it sounds like we're doing a little time traveling with you right now we're gonna have to reset your phone line and Mary thank you for the phone call and I will say this to everybody I've had my own experience with missing time and I can't explain it when it happens and I know I've told the story before about the house that I drove past and saw it and brought my friends back to see it it was for rent and the house was gone and I can't explain it I don't want to be the crazy guy to my friends but I know what happened and then I just went through the experience and it is something that I still can't explain let's go to east of the Rockies herb out in Harrisburg Pennsylvania you're up next on coast to coast hi Jimmy Larry I'm very fortunate to have an up Syria to share with you my belief that I'm travel as we know it it's probably not possible although there are a lot of theories that suggest that it is possible like Larry said no one has achieved it yet and I think that's because well you also mentioned Larry that time is a function of human understanding you know we hear these quantum physicists talking all the time about space time about how space and time are interrelated and are the basis of the physical universe am I right so far well I would say that that is true we're bringing Larry back on the line right now or but I'll answer this I think that the possibility now exists well the possibility is stronger every day about a multiverse and going to the left and going to the right you know an infant an infinite amount of universes out there and I don't believe that that is possible and the reason why is at the quantum level where we are able to get identical Adams and and and such physical actual physical things to react to each other that are very very very far apart and that that says to me that there is a connection in that dimension with everything well here's my proposition space time time exists in this physical universe as we know it but my belief is that in a different dimension that being eternity where time does not exist I believe that that space-time the concept of time is created by God who resides in eternity and the residents of eternity angels are known throughout history to be able to appear in the past and in the present and how can we tell about the future because we haven't been there well and also and we and we have Larry back now or but I'll say this before we hit the break we us when we witness something like that we don't know that we call an angel an angel but we don't know if that is just us from the future or from the past we don't know that comes from the heavens so it's a god but it could be another species visiting earth and it's just our reference to that but back to your point the reference to time that Larry was talking about earlier I need the audience to grasp this thought when you're out in space not on earth moving in a linear fashion with time but if you're out in space and you point up time is going in that direction assuming if you point down or look down or look to the left or look to the right time is going in all directions it's not just moving forward as it would be here on earth and that's a concept where what is time at that point you know you know time is time is a device that we've been given to measure our experience because in this physical limited distance that we now occupy we have only the ability to reckon what has happened to us already but we certainly have no real way of knowing what's going to happen to us in the future and we know at this moment in time the present what's happening to us now but you know Larry mentioned about the concept of the past just pick up a leaf that has fallen from a tree in the fall and hold that through the winter until the spring and you can see that there was a leaf on the tree in the past and the buds that are sprouting on the tree now in the spring prove that there is the potential for a future that's interesting Larry Larry's back with us Larry what do you think about that point and thank you for the call herb well I miss the original question but just listening to that no I mean that's that's absolutely spot-on I mean there really is that that concept that that time and and space really at some point become kind of a board line well and also I think it's important for us all to kind of realize here that what what time is what a lifetime to an animal is you know versus us and the speed of life and the concept of time to them is totally different the only reason why we know what time is is because we invented clocks right right without clocks my version of a day and your version of a day or how fast an hour passes by is totally not relevant I mean your concept of time is is faster we're slower than mine it may be the same but probably not it's only the watch or the clock or a sundial that gives us any concept of how fast time is moving by correct our guest tonight is Larry Flaxman Larry I mentioned earlier before we get back to calls it's earlier about vortexes and I one day saw a house and then I went back in the house was not there now is that an example I mean literally not there is that an example of time slippage or a parallel universe and I want your answer to that when we come back after the break our guest tonight is Larry Flaxman I mean those two creatures follow me right now on twitter at jay dirts radio it's a time travel open lines kind of night i'll be right back our guest tonight larry Flaxman the subject time travel it's Friday night open lines let's do this I'll be right back all right welcome back to coast to coast am our guest tonight Larry Flaxman we're doing time travel nothing like a dark studio and time travel and you know what we're gonna go to let's go out to st. Louis and Ginny Ginny you're gonna go see a George Noory tomorrow hello yeah you gonna go see George tomorrow in st. Louis you know I was very much considering I haven't bought my tickets yet but that's something I I think I must do yeah tickets are still available you're in town you might as well go and do it I mean it's a great opportunity right absolutely all right you said you say that time travel has happened uh well I mean it hasn't been proven you know Einstein's theory of you know traveling faster and alike it's practically impossible you know for the human considering all the forces that would be you know exerted on our bodies but you know I saw an interesting program with Morgan Freeman just recently how they explained a slight shift in time travel to the past with a satellite spiraling around the earth in Reverse yeah that's right yes and I thought that was very interesting you know I haven't dug deeper into that concept but it's actually uh you know quite if a human is experienced that in real time if that's what's actually having to you know that's it's quite interesting I could you know speaking of altering future you know occurrences uh one of the most common ones I remember was back to the future you know when Marty McFly starts to disappear while playing earth angels you know yeah that's it that's a really good point and Larry I'd like for you to address that because you and I have talked about this not only with Einstein's version of it and you don't have to exceed the speed of life either way you only need to get close to it right you know so that's that's one thing and it's totally achievable we just haven't built the ship yet but theoretically it's possible but also framedrops time slips and what is going on with satellites in the GPS system certainly show that time travel is not only impossible but it's happening right now as I speak definitely I think we started delving with it back with the Philadelphia Experiment earlier when Larry was talking about the lack of time you know in time-space there is no time and the only reference we have is you know our Tomica clocks I think when they were experimenting with the Philadelphia Experiment they subjected those people to basically a point in time where they were isolated suspended in time broken down on a molecular level you know with electro magnetics now when they turn those you know back back off obviously you guys remember the story you know there's guys and melded into the ship they were actually bonded with the steel you know they couldn't get there you know yeah minute I'm gonna actually jump in and pull Larry him because this is Larry's favorite subject yeah go ahead Larry well I mean specifically where do you want me to go with that I mean there's a lot of different directions we could we could talk about with the Philadelphia Experiment well um just recently I had seen a actually a a program about the Philadelphia spirit I've never ever seen before no these two gentlemen who claimed to have traveled in time and they had met each other there was a point in time from like I think it was 43 to 83 was the only you know wormhole that they could travel through and I thought that was quite interesting and they were very thorough with their explanation had a lot of details but I mean as far as time travel goes zero space time I mean when we're subjected to different environments are we actually you know not experiencing whatever everybody else is experiencing because we're not aware of that biological you know synchronicity with everyone else you get 9 to 5 or you know right well one of the one of the prevailing thoughts with the Philadelphia Experiment and the reason why apparently according to legend and lore that many of the sailors aboard the Eldridge went crazy was because their body clock was synced to a reference point that was different from where they physically ended up so now is there any is there any scientific evidence of the of that experiment no give me an eye on his show of a couple nights ago we talked very much in depth about Philadelphia experiment and some of the pros and cons to either debunk or to propose ative as possible and you know there's there's a lot of unanswered questions in my mind as far as the Philadelphia Experiment there certainly have been folks that have come forward and said I was a part of the project but there have also been many people reputable as well that said hey I was a survivors surviving crew members from the ship that have said hey I was a crew member of the ship nothing like that ever happened so you've got kind of you know you've kind of got that dichotomy I mean who do you believe do you believe that the some of the more conspiratorial folks do you believe some of the folks that actually have tenured war history so I don't know I mean as far as the science of the Philadelphia Experiment and again we talked about this the other night there is a in my mind there is enough significant evidence including some admissions by the Navy that there was some experimentation that was going on but according to them the official history and the official story obviously is different than legend and lore but I think that the Philadelphia Experiment was not attempting to achieve time travel and it was not attempting to simply do achieve the degaussing effect or magnetic invisibility of the hull of the ship but I think that they were attempting to do physical invisibility of the ship some of the folks that were involved in that project very strong background in physics people that would have probably had more experience in bending light to manipulate it and to allow physical and visibility yeah I agree with you and and Ginny thank you for the call and he's brought up some good points and especially about the Philadelphia Experiment I want to say this back then where we were trying to achieve certain things not only with invisibility to radar that was one of our goals invisibility in general the gowing was something that was a big problem in Mainz and and the wolf pack's and the Pacific that being said they were dealing with large amounts of electricity and experimenting not knowing what was going to happen and they threw the switch what happened after that what they thought was gonna happen is one thing and that what ended up happening was another was it time-travel did they open up a portal did did that happen did they achieve true invisibility and then all of that was a result of things that they had no clue about what was gonna happen when they threw the switch and a million volts went through the hull of the ship you just don't know and that's what's interesting I think that that the experiment happened what happened after that nobody would talk about they couldn't it's a top-secret absolute black project that in World War two there were lots of those going on at the same time let's go to one of my favorite cities Bristol Tennessee cliff you're up next on coast to coast yes awesome show I wish I had two hours to talk to you again but I don't fit under it down first of all Larry you're right people think if time is linear get it yeah get that out of your head it's not linear and number two Einstein theorized about gravitational waves which is time and space manipulation and I think I'm not positive but I think NASA actually discovered some gravitational waves are you talking about just recently with the lega experiment and binary star systems yeah that was an absolutely astounding report yes sir and and and I think first of all like I said I think people need to start stopping time is linear okay and and Jimmy you made a great point earlier about you know you go west you go north to go south as far as time concern it's it's not linear yeah and it doesn't it doesn't see this is the thing if you're out in space and and Larry and I were talking about this it's very interesting if you're out in space and you're going in one direction if you turn around that doesn't mean you're now going backwards in time it doesn't work that way or to the left or to the right or any direction out in space that doesn't mean so you know time is not it's not linear and certainly in space it's not linear and another thing we people think we're so advanced and technology and all this we've only scratched a very large surface of our technology a very small surface of a large surface of Technology we have not even begun we have not even got out of our I'll give you an example look at star for okay that's why I usually talk to people about Star Trek look back in the 60s 70s the original Star Trek they had two communicators okay we never even dreamed of something like that well okay we all I have cell phone from now yeah that's right yeah look at this look at the Jetsons cartoon you know people talking face-to-face with you okay that was a cartoon we never even dreamed about that and now that that's so common yep and well cliff really quick were we're winding down here do you have a question for Larry oh well I was just great I just want a great show and I wish I could talk forever but I can I was asking him about the gravitational ways that Einstein theorized many many decades ago okay yeah fair well fair enough and thank you for the call cliff Larry what do you think about that I mean the gravitational waves well it was first talked about in the late 1800s but it was something that Einstein predicted and a couple of months ago gravitational waves are here what do you think about that well I mean what goes around comes around right I mean that's that concept Einstein predicted that century ago so you know I think it serves certainly to help push the general theory of relativity but yeah I mean it's as far as from a time-travel perspective I think that it will have far-reaching implications I think that there are certainly are things that we will discover based on this this new finding that will certainly help propel the idea of physical time travel let's go to west of the Rockies let's go out to Washington Koch you say that you're how would we return from time-travel that's your question for Larry some kind of a miniaturized device so we can push the Return button and get back or how how is it going to look that's it that's a great question and one that I wish I had the answers to but unfortunately again we don't have the technology I mean we can steer rise as far as energy requirements to build a device but then there's a whole host of other technological challenges as well you know if you utilize for instance gravitation gravitational waves as we were just talking about utilizing a black hole for instance there the the amount of gravity that would be present would absolutely destroy any type of known substrate material that that man is aware of at this point so unless we were able to create a craft of sorts that first of all could exceed that the speed of light which again we don't have that type of energy technology but that also the craft would be able to shield a human being from the type of gravitational forces that would be involved in speed of that magnitude doesn't exist it would have to be some sort of unknown high-tech composite unique material something that we don't have any concept of at this point so when you ask how would you return I think that really predicates on how we would get there in the first place well there's also the yeah let me jump in here for a second later there is also you know once you are stretched out right you would be you know who you would be a string of atoms right and you know along with your ship and when you came out the other side how does it reassemble and theoretically it's that you know they're gonna go back to the place that they were before and and you would just appear or would you continue to be a string of atoms and you wouldn't reassemble therefore time travel wouldn't matter because you would be disassembled on the other end yeah these are all great questions and they're all technological questions that will as we progress and build technology to move in this direction I think we'll probably be self answering but at this point no idea no idea at all yeah coke thank you for the phone call and there's the other concept too as well which is time control from an out-of-body experience where you're not physically leaving this time just your mind is and you're visiting and then therefore you wouldn't need a mechanical button or a ship or a time machine to go there and back you know and then also your body again would be physically locked to the student time to dig to the present time so when you're mentally time travel to a certain extent your your body still has that that reference point to return to let's let's go – let's go west of the Rockies wildcard let's go to Jerry right here in Redding California Jerry welcome to coast many thanks very quickly Larry many of my situations have started with dreams and for what it's worth just an extra here some months ago I had a dream that a rogue nation would have a terrible nuclear accident but I'm here to talk about time travel and for what it's worth II in year 2002 I had a very vivid dream and I got up punched it in on my computer and I had typed in that time is made up of three elements past present and future and that I was living in the future and am at this time and at some point I'll be going back to late 1977 and so I have been compiling major events that have occurred earthquakes tragedies major things and and what I've learned is that I'm to be prepared to go back I may or may not of course I don't know but it has been kind of an interesting thing and yes I have been very familiar with the flow Delphia experiment and for a parallel universe we have been identified in that and I even think about like Leonardo da Vinci I mean how was he able to draw sketches of a submarine in the helicopter and even Albert Einstein who wrote a letter to his history when he was about 18 or 19 years old saying he was not well educated he didn't have a a career and he even says in that letter which is still preserved he proposed that I did that maybe he shouldn't even have been born well Jerry what you should do and I know that you're preparing for time-travel what you should do is you need to send me an email directly you can do it off the coast website you can also go to my website German Church radio com send me an email I want to know what happens back in 1977 Larry I want to thank you for coming on with us tonight absolutely fascinating fascinating conversation and Larry's website is Larry Flaxman dot-com all of his books info where he's speaking TV and everything is right there Thank You Larry this is coast-to-coast more of your phone calls next thank you for listening to coast-to-coast am on our official youtube channel I'm your host George Noory and don't forget to visit the coast insider membership area on coast to coast am calm or you can access our past upcoming and classic shows

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  7. Dr. Brian Green of Columbia University demonstrates how its possible for how  two time tracks can travel at the same pace but one would appear to be moving at a reduced rate.  If you consider the possibility that different time tracks can overlap at times you can also understand how people see apparitions doing things that would be considered normal and at the same time would not be aware that their activities are being observed. This could explain those apparitions and things like deja vu.

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  16. The only legitimate way of time travel I see is faster than light travel.
    Time Infact does not exist as we perceive it… it is nothing but a construct of our minds.

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    Light became conscious thought and mass was formed followed by water/gas. This would be you thinking of a fruit and making it reality by keeping the Mental image in your long enough for it to matter. You pull your mental image into this dimension by will and light. That creates force!The universe was created by thought and we're a replica program of a program. One day our consciousness and our light will create whole universes as well. We're part of the sojourn, eternal flame of creation. You have to ask, what happens to everything when it dies? When people or stars die they end up someplace, because you can't make something disappear without first having a place to put it. If something is removed it must first have someplace to be removed and placed. One day you will create whole universe with light and the lights you create will do the same. We will learn when we bring our light into the universe by firsr bringing the universe into us..

  19. could somebody time travel and tell me if crop circles did appear also in ancient times? I do not see any reason for why they would not.. this is why I say our ancestors had been given clues for the most cruicial inventions. namely, there are encoded basic laws of physics, mathematics, space travel etc.. (wheel, golden ration, pi, pai, fractals, magnetism, light, star gates, even mc^2 was encoded in asci in crop circles!)

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