Time Travel Memes Comic (Compilation)

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  1. Thanks for 900 subs bois #Roadto1k
    Also whenever you forget to put your watermark on your memes.. Yeah this is big brain time.

  2. Einstein: I'm the smartest person alive

    Random Minecraft player: I can read the enchantment book without translation

    Einstein:You are clearly Superior

  3. We did it. We time travelled!

    But to what year?

    Let me ask that guy over there.

    Did you guys get hit by the first bomb or the second?

    The fi-


  4. Dave:We did it,we time traveled!
    Tony:but to what year?
    Dave:Lemme ask that guy over there
    Dave:hey do u like Minecraft?
    Person:of course not it’s crappy ass hell Minecraft?more like minecrap
    Dave:We are in hell,find a way to get out of here.

  5. We did it we time traveled
    But what year
    Let me ask that guy
    Hey what do you think of fortnite
    Minecraft is better
    We are in 2019

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