Top 15 Scariest Paranormal Moments in Ghost Adventures

Top 15 Scariest Paranormal Moments in Ghost Adventures

15. Nick’s Possession: It should come as no surprise
to viewers that ghost hunting has its share of danger. Moon River Brewing Company is a pub located
in Savannah, Georgia. Before its opening in 1999, it operated as
the City Hotel, and later a coal and lumber warehouse. Workers and guests at the pub have reported
being attacked by unseen forces, with countless more instances of sightings and strange sounds
being reported. It is believed these spirits are people who’ve
lost their lives during the American Civil War and the various great fires Savannah has
suffered. Activity during the investigation began from
the get go, as during the set up, the crew heard a loud banging noise from right above
them. It was so loud, the three believed someone
else was in the building, before realizing no one else was in the building. Near the end of the investigation, Zak and
Aaron noticed Nick was acting strange, and he wouldn’t respond to their questions. Nick stood leaning against the pool table,
staring at Zak and Aaron. Eventually, Nick came to and stated he believed
he blacked out, without any recollection of the past couple minutes. This marked the first time any of the crew
had experienced some sort of possession on camera, and was voted as one of the scariest
moments in the show’s history. 14. The Island of the Dolls: Before Annabelle
appeared on the big screen, people have considered dolls creepy. Enter the Island of Dolls, near Mexico City. The island’s original owner, Don Julian [Who-lee-on]
Santana Barrera, found a young girl who had passed and washed up on the shore of his home. Grief stricken, he hung the doll found with
her nearby on a tree out of respect for the child. He then began to hear strange footsteps at
night and whispering. For the next fifty years, Barrera hung hundreds
of dolls all over his island until his own passing in 2001. From the moment the Ghost Adventures crew
reached the island, things took an eerie undertone. Before Zak, Aaron and Jay stepped off the
boat, they could hear footsteps, and were hesitant to exit the boat on onto the island. Eventually getting up the nerve, the two walked
around without night vision to explore while they waited for Billy and the equipment to
arrive. As they were walking around, they suddenly
noticed a fire had mysteriously started in the fire pit. The trio had just stepped by there, and the
fire was not lit. Clearly, some strange forces were at work
on the island, and the investigation had barely started. Later in the night, Zak and Aaron were preparing
to take out Harold the Haunted Doll, whom they had brought along with them from the
U.S, when things went haywire. Zak and Aaron became startled by a hissing
cat, and then a doll randomly started laughing from inside the hut. They started to test and see if any of the
dolls were triggered by movement, but as they hit the dolls, none of them made any noises. As they inched back into the shack, they heard
a woman singing and several dogs start to howl throughout the area. In the midst of checking the dolls, a strange,
nearly inhuman scream is heard, causing them to retreat once again. Zak later explained it was as if whatever
spirits were around were attempting to prevent them from investigating any further. By far one of the best episodes of the series,
the Island of the Dolls will continue to be infamous in folklore. 13. Bobby Mackey’s Music World: A venue meant
to produce entertainment, it is surprising to know this is considered one of the most
haunted locations in the United States. Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a Country-Western
venue in Wilder, Kentucky, with a notorious reputation. The building has been used for a variety of
reasons, initially being a slaughterhouse. According to folklore, local resident Pearl
Bryan had her life taken by her boyfriend and an associate in what is claimed to be
a Satanic ritual. However, public records have shown no proof
the events took place on the premises. Later, a dancer named Johanna is said to have
taken her own life in the venue after her father took the life of her lover. For three full lockdowns, including the very
first one of the series, the crew investigated Bobby Mackey’s, and all three times they have
had a truly disturbing experience. During the first lockdown, Zak began to feel
burning on his back, and when Nick and Aaron checked on him, there were three large scratches
on the length of his spine. Later, the crew visited Bishop James Long,
who displayed considerable concern towards Zak, and even stated he needed an exorcism. There’s plenty more stories of theirs to tell
of the Ghost Adventures investigations at Bobby Mackey’s, but they are well worth a
watch in order to get the full experience. 12. Screams of Torment: Asylums are full of dark
history, therefore they are a hotbed for paranormal activity. Ghost Adventures traveled into the abandoned
Rolling Hills Sanatarium in East Bethany, New York to investigate the activity there. According to the historian they interviewed,
so many people passed in the asylum, the workers simply began burying up to 1700 people in
unmarked graves. Rolling Hills were diluted with people who
were criminally insane and other strange reasons, which included widowed women and their children
because at this time women were not allowed to own property. The most famous resident ghost is a man named
Roy, who suffered from giantism and had lived in Rolling Hills since he was 12. Several investigators have captured photos
of a giant figure standing in the darkness, many people believe to be Roy. During the walkthrough with a medium, the
crew could hear footsteps upstairs and feel a presence around them. As they were questioning what they heard,
they captured an EVP on their recorder. During the investigation, the crew was in
the room of a doctor who was left there to pass away after he suffered a stroke. Zak was at the door to investigate a noise,
when with his own ears, he hears a scream echo down the hallway, which was picked up
by their cameras. As
the team are composing themselves, Zak captures an EVP with an intelligent response . As they
begin to follow where Zak believes the scream originated, Aaron manages to film a metal
door slamming on its own . When Aaron looks inside, there is no one on the other side,
and no open windows. By far, the most disturbing moment is when
Nick is conducting an experiment by himself. The crew had lit several candles in a pentagram,
and used that in an attempt to attract spirits to the circle. Within the first few minutes, Nick had already
captured an intelligent EVP when he asked for the spirits to blow out the candles . Some
time later, Nick continued to ask questions when a horrific scream echoed throughout the
room . Nick remains speechless for several moments
before trying to process what had just occurred. Rolling Hills was a place where evil was done,
and sadly, it appears its victims have been unable to leave. 11. Pray your God: Of all the people who are neglected,
there’s nothing more horrific than neglecting the mentally handicapped. Letchworth Village in New York was a home
for the mentally handicapped, and it gained the nickname of the Village of Secrets. The facility was badly funded, leaving many
kids unsupervised, unclothed and barely fed. There was also a issue with overcrowding within
the facilities 130 buildings. ABC conducted a special on Letchworth, which
eventually led to reform and the facility’s closing. Zak interviewed a man named David, who has
explored the abandoned property several times. He recollects about a time he and some friends
were walking through Letchworth, when his friends started yelling to him. When David got back to them, they said a very
tall creature with white eyes was walking slowly behind him, although David never saw
it . He said on his way home that night, his radio cut out and a voice began speaking through
the radio. Zak very well could have come into contact
with this entity later in the night. While alone in one of the underground tunnels,
Zak begins asking questions into his digital recorder. As he is reviewing the recording, he hears
a disembodied voice with his own ears . Aaron also picks up voices on his recorder
as he investigates the morgue, one which isn’t too keen on him talking. Meanwhile, Zak can feel a dark entity following
him throughout the tunnels, and he keeps his recorder going. He then captures what could be the giant David
and his friends encountered, and it says something truly disturbing. The
voice sounds almost demonic, as if it is a collection of the dark energy the former patients
felt during their time at Letchworth. A truly unnerving experience for the crew,
Letchworth is a lesson as to why we should never turn our backs on those who need us
most. 10. The Tate Residence: Hollywood may be fame
and glamour, but it’s also full of dark history. The most infamous has to be what the Manson
family did on August 9, 1969, taking the lives of 5 people. The most infamous victim, Sharon Tate was
eight month pregnant at the time. Ghost Adventures managed to secure a lockdown
at the David Omen House, where the events took place about 200 feet away. Apart from these events, psychics have also
stated they feel the presence of a Native American on horseback buried somewhere on
the property. The dark energy from the crime now appears
to manifest itself on the property, and the spirits there are not friendly. Right from the get-go, Nick experienced sharp
pains in his stomach and feelings of sadness the moment their van ventured up the street
to the house. For the remainder of the episode, the spirits
appeared to attach themselves to him tightly. As the crew geared up, the equipment techs
heard bangs from the bottom floor bedroom. As Zak, Nick and Aaron proceeded to the basement
to investigate, all three heard people talking from below them. Once entering the downstairs bedroom, the
began to conduct a spirit box session. Nearly the moment the device was turned on,
a voice came out of the speaker saying “Hey Nick”. Shortly after, Nick lifted his shirt and found
a red mark on his chest, complaining it was burning. He then quickly leaves the house, feeling
distressed. He later had to leave again when his stomach
started hurting again. Zak asked him to go down to the basement and
grab a meter in order to see if something was attached to him. Hesitantly, Nick complies, and upon entering
the bedroom, he feels as if he can’t leave, and can hear knocks all around him. He then sees a white call of light preventing
him from leaving the room. He starts aggressively asking one of the crew
to come get him, even kicking his camera he left on the floor. As Nick is experiencing these strange events,
the cameras capture several orbs and mist figures around him. Several prior investigators now refuse to
return to the home out of fear they will be seriously injured or oppressed by the spirits
there, and it would seem best if the Ghost Adventures crew refrain from returning as
well. 9. Nick’s Unexpected Surgery: One of the craziest
pieces of equipment used by paranormal investigators is the Kinect from the Xbox. The Kinect uses infrared dots in order to
map out where a person is, able to capture facial features and map up to six different
people at a time. This piece of equipment captured something
phenomenal during the investigation of Tuolumne General Hospital in Sonora, California. While Billy and Jay were setting up equipment
and waiting for the others to arrive, the Kinect camera was placed in a room with a
dummy placed on the bed. To everyone’s shock, the Kinect picked up
a figure with a neck, head, and arms apparently working on the makeshift patient. As the trio enters the room where the event
occurred, both EVP recorders suddenly are drained of power, despite just having new
batteries put in them. As an experiment, the crew decided to replace
the dummy with Nick, to see if anything would happen. This ended up being one of the biggest payoffs
of the show. Nick felt strange while lying down; his eyes
begin to water and a strange energy washing over him. Suddenly, the figure reappears on the Kinect
and begins to work on Nick; this causes him to retract in pain and stand up, walking away
while holding his stomach. Nick retreats back to the nerve centre, still
distressed and shaking. Whatever is left in this Hospital has not
ceased their desire to help those in distress, and continues to use their skills. 8. The Wrath
of Zozo: Don’t let this comical name fool you, because it might lead to a life of torment. Zozo is a demon able to appear anywhere though
a Ouija board. It has become a popular game for people to
try and contact the demon, despite its reputation of causing horrific trauma on those who do
so. Ghost Adventures took it upon themselves to
delve into the darkness of Zozo, and contacted the Evans family, who claim to be oppressed
by the malevolent force. The sincerity behind the couple’s stories
is creepy enough, but nothing could prepare the crew and viewers for what happened during
this episode. The Evans family are so traumatized they nearly
refused to reenter the house, but it was clear there was still an attachment to them. As a way of playing with fire, the crew used
a Ouija board to conjure Zozo, which seemed to work too well. The wife, Kathleen, became increasingly distressed
throughout the entire ordeal, causing her to leave the house several times. At one point, she reenters, only for everyone
to point out her belt is undone, something she was unaware of. After Kathleen leaves a second time, her husband
Darren goes outside to check on her, only to find she has wandered off. Zak and Aaron joined Darren to look for her,
while Nick, Jay and Billy remained at the house. Nick went back inside to investigate a loud
noise, when something chilling occurred. After he went to the second floor, he noted
how strange the atmosphere was in the house. At that moment, several dogs in the neighbourhood
begin to howl, echoing into the night. Let this episode be a lesson to those believing
these games are simply child’s play, that they can have drastic consequences. 7. The Restless Prisoners: Of all the places
we’d expect to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, we are safe in assuming prisons. Ghost Adventures has investigated several
prisons over their run, and all have given them a staggering amount of evidence. During their investigation of Missouri State
Penitentiary, Zak and Nick were conducting an EVP session in the solitary confinement
section, or Hole, when Zak made the decision to leave Nick by himself without informing
him. According to Zak, this was a way to send Nick
into a state of vulnerability, and therefore more susceptible to spirit communication. As Nick stood alone in the dark, he asked
questions, only to hear a disembodied voice of a male in front of him . For the remainder
of his time alone, Nick could hear various noises, including people moving around and
talking in the cell next to him. Excited by his findings, Nick left the cell
and ventured back towards the main floor to tell Zak what he found. The two met at the top of the stairs and Nick
began detailing his findings, when suddenly footsteps were heard walking up the stairs
and either a growl or someone clearing his throat. Clearly, the spirits of these former prisoners are unhappy
to remain imprisoned in their afterlife, and want to get out. All of us seek redemption, but not all receive
it, and are forever tormented in their final resting place. 6. Shadow of the Past: Along with asylums and
hospitals, places that have seen battle are also likely to house restless spirits. Old Fort Erie in Ontario, Canada was the site
of a major battle. On August 15, 1814, British forces attempted
to recapture the fort from American forces, resulting in one of the largest battles in
Canadian history. Nearly 4000 men combined were lost during
the siege, with the Americans losing up to five men a day just to cannon fire alone. The largest cause of this resulted when the
powder magazine ignited and exploded, sending a 200 foot fireball into the sky. The fort is full of of a dark past, with people
claiming to see apparitions missing arms or legs and even heads. Rumours have spread that when the fort was
reconstructed in 1937, workers ground up bones they found and mixed them into the mortar
to rebuild the Sally Port. According to employees, experiences in the
Sally Port have caused several people to quit. During the investigation, the most disturbing
experience of the night happened not to one of the crew, but to a guest investigator Daryl,
a reenactor of the fort. Dressed in authentic 19th century clothing,
Daryl entered alone into the kitchen. Daryl managed to encourage activity, with
spirits constantly answering his questions in the EVP recorder. However, nothing could prepare anyone for
what happened next. A strange shadow manifests against the wall,
with visible features of an arm, side of a torso, and even fingers appears before morphing
and vanishing. Daryl saw it with his eyes, and it was clearly
not created by him since he was standing still. Unsettled by the experience, Daryl left the
room in order to collect his thoughts. It appears the spirits at Fort Eerie mean
no harm, but simply wish to retell history as it was. 5. A Mystery Solved: While regarded as a scary
subject, not all ghosts mean harm; in fact, there are many wanting to help those who are
still living. During the investigation of Peabody-Whitehead
Mansion in Denver, Colorado, the crew learned of the dark history of the building and the
man who used to own it. People have been pushed up against walls,
felt a dark presence, and have had sudden changes in emotions due to the strange inhabitants
who cannot leave. While researching the mansion, the crew were
told about a woman who was allegedly barraged by a construction crew and then buried in
the concrete walkway outside. Unable to find any evidence, they decided
to question any of the spirits residing there if they knew anything. During a Spirit Box session in the basement,
they came into a ghost who identified as Pete . After some simple discussion, Zak asked
“I want you to tell me what happened to a girl down here.” The team continued to ask questions. Zak asked if the spirit witnessed what happened,
the response in the same voice stated “It is…violent here”. Determined to get further information, Zak
asked Pete where she was buried, with Pete instantly replying “Street”. Zak then went to investigate the back end
of the basement, and without asking any questions, a voice came through the spirit box again
saying “Found it,”. The ghost then claimed one of the members
was scared, and when asked who, a female voice replied “Brendan”, referring to guest
Brendan Chave of UFC fame. Later, the crew left Brendan alone in the
basement, and clearly, the spirits were attracted to him in some way. He felt someone touch his ankle, and also
heard a series of strange noises around him. Zak revealed at the end of the episode, they
contacted Denver Police about their findings on the mysterious woman and authorities were
given copies of the tape in order for them to analyze for themselves. For all we know, the spirit of Pete could
have finally solved a crime so desperately needing closure. 4. Demons of the Silo: Haunted house attractions
are meant to give a scare to be fun, not to traumatize guests with real evil spirits. The Fear Factory in Salt Lake City first began
operation as a cement factory before becoming a halloween funhouse. However, strange occurrences have been tormenting
the employees there since the attraction first opened. Separated into different themed silos, one
particular silo has been the spot of the most activity, which include shadows running across
the ceilings, and disembodied voices. The biggest mystery of the Fear Factory is
an employee of the Silo named Chris who found a Satanic Bible in the building, with nobody
knowing how it got there. Much to the dismay of his coworkers, he began
reading verses from the book over the speakers. It was soon after, some of the more horrific
events began to happen within the attraction. Before the lockdown, Billy and Jay were setting
up when Jay heard strange noises coming from the tunnels. Right as Jay went to hand Billy the headphones
so he could hear, the tunnel camera went out, leaving the visual gone. Once Billy places the headphones on, the audience
is now able to hear a strange scratching sound, rather loud and sounding as if something with
long nails is crawling around down there. Billy rushes out to investigate, but finds
nothing there that could be making the noises, nor could have interfered with the equipment. Eerily, the tunnels were quiet once Billy
entered the tunnels. Near the end of the night, the team had Chris
return to read verses from the Satanic Bible in the Silo, this time in complete darkness. Almost immediately, Chris and Aaron feel the
atmosphere change within the Silo, becoming cold and unwelcoming. The EVP recorder managed to capture a disturbing
recording after he paused reading. Aaron can be seen reacting to this, and stats
he hears someone growling and talking. Due to concerns for Chris’s and Aaron’s safety,
the crew decided to end the session early. 3. The Brick: From the very beginning, Ghost
Adventures has seen all sorts of terrifying events. The show started off as a TV documentary for
the Sci-Fi Channel back in 2007. For their first investigation, the crew ventured
to Virginia City, Nevada for four investigations of the haunted town. The crown jewel of the area is the Goldfield
Hotel in nearby Goldfield. Throughout the investigation, Nick and Zak
captured various noises on their recorders, and even some shadows moving intelligently. They later went to investigate the basement,
where several loud noises were heard. As they journeyed deeper into the depths of
the hotel, Zak asked “Is that you making all the noise?”, when a brick suddenly flew
from the ground across the room. Terrified, Nick and Zak frantically ran from
the basement, only to become separated in the chaos. Zak desperately called out for Nick as he
searched the rooms, while Nick stood frozen in fear. Just before the footage ends, Zak hears a
girl whimpering in front of him, followed by a loud bang. Later, Zak explained he found Nick in a daze,
and the two ended up jumping from a second store fire escape in order to exit the hotel. This event is by far the most famous in Ghost
Adventures history, having such a major impact on the crew they have visited the hotel a
further two times. Each time, they capture more compelling evidence
than before. 2. Poveglia’s Restless: Of all the asylums in
the world, none have as dark a history of Proveglia Island in Venice, Italy. As the story goes, it was once a dumping ground
for those infected by the plague, where they were left to waste away quarantined from the
rest of society. Hundreds of thousands are said to have passed
away and been burned there in order to prevent the spread of the sickness. Centuries later, it was converted into an
insane asylum before ceasing operation in 1968. Zak and Nick described their desire of investigating
this island as their dream since they first met, and they were far from disappointed after. Things took a serious turn early in the investigation,
after Zak became increasingly aggressive towards Aaron . The event was so shocking, the crew left the
building and paused the investigation in order to regain their composure, even using some
holy oil to rid themselves of any dark entities attached to them. Afterwords, they ventured to the fields where
the hundreds of thousands of plague victims were said to be. Upon reaching the area, all three smelt what
appeared to be something burning, and after Zak asked if anyone was there, all three heard
a scream in the distance. As an experiment, Zak donned a mask similar
to the ones Plague Doctors wore in order to get any sort of response out of the spirits. The moment Zak placed the mask on, activity
began around the crew. With their own ears, they heard a voice call
out “Zak” . As Zak began speaking to the spirits, asking if they remembered him and
introducing himself as a doctor. Nick then hears rustling behind him, followed
by footsteps running along the wooden bridge before an infrared light is knocked off its
tripod. The restless spirits of Poveglia are a mixed of
those who are frightened, and those who frightened. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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an even richer culture and folklore. During a special two hour episode, Ghost Adventures
travelled to Ireland for Halloween to investigate the various haunted locations in the small
country. One of the locations was a lodge, where Zak
and Aaron sat in complete darkness. The Lodge is notorious for being a place of
Satanic worship. Throughout their time in the building, Zak
and Aaron both felt an overwhelming sense of discomfort. During an EVP session, Zak and Aaron clearly
heard a man speaking with their own ears, which was captured on their camera audio .
Zak went outside to make sure the area was clear of any people, and found no one else
was with them. When he came back, Aaron was in slight distress,
saying he felt a something travel through him, and even showed some aggression when
Zak tried to come back in the room with him. After some time, the feelings continued to
build inside them, and eventually, it became clear the spirits wanted to let their presence
known. Zak and Aaron heard what he believed to be
a claw move across the ground, moving glass and rocks on the floor. Furthermore, as Zak retreats from the room,
his full spectrum camera captures a strange mist moving around the room. By far the scariest and strangest moment not
just in the episode, but all of Ghost Adventures, is when Aaron suddenly rushes out of the room. Aaron panicked after he felt a hand with sharp
nails grab and pull his ear. Aaron become emotional, and began to sob,
stating he felt he had been grabbed by something truly malevolent. Later on their way to the next location, Zak
stopped the vehicle to let Aaron talk about the experience. Still emotional, Aaron revealed he felt the
hand was of the Devil. Then, a truly disturbing event occurs. Zak later questions whether or not this is
the rumored Banshee said to wander the area. Truly a terrifying and compelling piece of
evidence, and possibly the best the crew has ever captured. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because we upload new
countdowns every Tuesday and Saturday. Or if you’re still not convinced, here are
some of our other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!

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