Top 5 new cruise ships in 2018

Top 5 new cruise ships in 2018

hi everyone its dawn from Dawn's family vacation I hope you're having a great week this week we're gonna talk about some upcoming shifts some of them that are about to be launched just got launched and some that are coming later on in 2018 and we're gonna talk about five different ships from 5 different cruise companies so something for everyone depending on what you like so yeah let's see what's coming new for cruise ships coming up right after this first off let's talk about the largest ship coming in the future and that's gonna be the symphony of the Seas with Royal Caribbean it's the fourth ship in the Oasis class of ships and it's got a slightly different design and deck design on top a little bit more even open spaces up on it so it's not gonna be exactly as the other three ships but it's going to be the largest of all the ships that are out there so the new champion as far as largest ship in the world will be the symphony of the Seas of course it's gonna come with all the bells and whistles of the Oasis class it's gonna have the aqua theater it's gonna have the ice skating rink it's gonna have all the spas it's got a 10-story slide the robot bartenders it's got over 20 restaurants on board so it's you know double flow riders many but you name it this ship is pretty much gonna have it on board and so if you're looking for the brand new and a largest ship next year that's the ship you're gonna look for it's gonna be first off its launching in the spring and it's going to do one season in the Med and then it's moving over to Miami and it'll be do Caribbean cruises from there so if you're looking for a big ship for the Caribbean this ship might be for you also Carnival doesn't want to get lost in the large ship transaction so they're bringing out on mystic class ship called The Horizon and it's a little bit more geared towards family and kids on this ship that you would think of Carnival as that party ship all the time it's still gonna be a party ship but it's more of a party ship for families as well so it's what does it have well first off its gonna be sailing also out of Miami and it's gonna do Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises it's going to have a dr. Seuss themed waterpark it's gonna have brand-new family harbor cabin specially designed cabins for families and of course it's gonna have the sky bike it's gonna have the IMAX theatres it's also still gonna keep on having the Havana cabins for those who want to for the adults who want a little more privacy in their own area and a little more luxury in their cabins so this is a good ship for some people who want a little bit of everything and it's over a thousand some feet so it's one of the big daddies out on the ocean the new ship in the Norwegian class is the Bliss and I'm really excited for this ship because a lot you know I love Alaska it's probably my number one destination I've going on and all my cruises and this ship has been designed for no region to specifically go to Alaska and by that I mean everything about it has been designed for views so the lounges have big ocean views why panoramic windows it's got a go-kart two story two level go-karts on the ship and people are saying well that's gonna be kind of noisy right no they're actually electric and the helmets with the headsets on is what's giving you the sound of the noise of the motor and it's gone it goes with the pedals and the brakes so it sounds and feels like you're moving in a gas-powered car but it's actually electric because of the sound regulations and things like that in Alaska it's also one of the most environmentally friendly ships ever built also to top all that it's one of the largest it's the no sorry not one of it is the largest ship to ever sail the alaskan waters for a cruise so if you're looking for big ships now to go to Alaska the Norwegian bliss brand-new spectacular views made for scene scenic coastal lines this ship might just be for you because I know I'm gonna try it next year when it goes to Alaska Holland America is also bringing out a new ship and yes I'm going to butcher the name the MS Staten Statham mm big ship so it's gonna be the newest ship out there it's gonna have one of the largest show stages on any cruise ship in the world and they're doing this because they want to bring a lot of kind of broadway themed and music theme to this ship in fact the whole ship has different areas that they're going to be developing to enhance the music of the ships so they're gonna have all kinds they're gonna have jazz they're gonna have blues they're gonna have pop they're gonna have rock country you name it it's gonna be found on this ship and they're being designing the showrooms and the bars and everything specifically because they want to have great music while you're onboard one more new new unique feature on the Holland American ship is it's gonna have a 270 degree LED screen in one of their stage shows and showrooms so it's kind of Li like an oval or circular stage and no matter where you are you're gonna be able to see that screen just as well as if you were in the front row of your movie theater so that should be kind of interesting to see and it's supposed to be huge so I can't wait to check this out and last but certainly not least is the luxury level cruise Viking spirit Viking has always won the luxury cruise ship they have many awards for their ships and there's some people ocean ship that they're bringing out and it's going to be spectacular let me tell you what first of all it's going to have an aft facing infinity pool on the ship it's gonna have a thermo suite it's going thermal suite it's also gonna have the showrooms and spas and those are gonna be complimentary just for booking the ship also every single cabin on board is a balcony cabin it's gonna have a two-story exploration lounge it's going to have use of the ocean all over the ship and this is what's really great about the Viking cruises is let me list them off for you I want to get them right one shore excursion per port free Wi-Fi free specialty dining thermal suite free laundry room 24-hour room service all of those things are included in the cost of your cruise there's no up pricing dining there's no pricing to go on a thermal spa there's no buying a shore excursion you get a shore excursion on every port with the ship stops at that's one of the reasons that Viking stands out as one of the luxury cruises because basically yeah absolutely everything is included on that ship and yeah when it launches late next year it could be very interesting they give it a try so that's just five ships that are coming out the new year and there's a lot more ships coming in Kunar just announced that they're bringing out another ship to do transatlantic cruises and more world cruises Disney has three more ships coming out starting in 2020 2021 and it might sound like it's a long way off but as far as building ships are concerned it's very very close in fact in about a year to a year and a half they're gonna start selling tickets for those cruises on Disney so lots to look forward to in the cruise industry and the cruise world and it's very exciting to look into it and we'll see what happens in the future because they keep on bringing on more and more great things on these ships and something for everybody so I hope you like this little update on what's coming up in the future and if you did please give it a thumbs up if you want to see more videos more tips and more cruise stuff about everything please hit that subscribe button and until next time you have yourself a great and a safe vacation you

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  1. I hope the Symphony of the Seas comes to Australia one day looking forward to cruise on this great ship

  2. I’m on the west cost & for now only cruise from west coast. Can you do a video on the new carnival panorama we are getting in 2019. We have not had a new carnival ship over here in a long time!

  3. Thank you. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Viking myself and l love love Alaska on the Norwegian definitely going to try the Bliss!!

  4. Some of these ships' features honestly trip me out. I'm on the Majestic later this year. That's gonna be brilliant as Princess always is. You left out the Sky Princess which is coming too.

  5. Taking NCL BLISS Panama Canal Cruise (30 MARCH 19) from Miami to LA to celebrate my sixtieth birthday and have an aft-facing balcony cabin. Looking forward to the crew having worked out all the kinks with the new ship. Cannot get here soon enough. Wishing you all the best for a full and speedy recovery with your health issues All the best Don

  6. The royal Caribbean looks awesome and the Norwegian bliss looks amazing and I want to go on these two ships as well

  7. I went on my first cruise at the start of December leaving Sydney Australia on a Carnival vessel. It was booked out and packed. Scale is something else if you have never been on a ship before.

  8. Don, Have a large family – 26 people – 14 children and 15 adults. I need a cruise of 6 or 7 days. Out of the west coast. And Yes Price matters. Any ideas? Disney is too much.

  9. HI thanks for the info I have been on 4 Viking River cruises. Yes what you said is included but beware not all drinks are included at Lunch and Dinner times as they state, spirits are not included. Just received their latest brochure and prices have increased a lot. Yes you can pay for the Drinks Package as an extra . I remember your very good video on that subject.Thanks

  10. Looking forward to Carnivals new ship. May have to look into Royal Caribbean as well, if they lower some prices 🙂

  11. It's pronounced like this: New Stat-in-dam. Have you ever been on HAL? It seems like you love Princess. If that is the case, you would probably love HAL, too. Cheers!

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