Top 8 Cruise Travel Essentials 2019

Top 8 Cruise Travel Essentials 2019

hey sailors it's Kevin and Frank from cruising with wheels and you know what we've done a video like this last year and we're doing one for you today the top eight cruise travel essentials of 2019 now I know a lot of you think that everything in your home is an essential to bring with you on a cruise or on other vacation but these really are the you can't leave home without it the first on our list happens to be the famous pill organizer whether you do it in a medicine pouch or you have the traditional pill organizer that's right it'll make your life much easier when you're on board you can sort all your pills ahead of time and as far as being concerned about them being in the original bottles we've traveled for decades using the method of using a pill organizer and never had a problem the only thing that you need to have in its original bottle is those controlled substances yeah those must be in the original prescription bottle but not only are we talking about your pharmacy medications what about over-the-counter just general allergy medicine stomach medicines I mean you know you need to bring some of those if you need to bring them because you know what if you need to get some from the medical center vending machine oh yeah yeah yeah yeah you're gonna pay through the nose better to buy it at home next on our list is for your bathroom don't forget the bathroom air fresheners yeah yeah we're gonna talk about it but you know what everyone does it whether you use an aerosol spray or you use those clever little poo pourri drops or jump raise mm-hmm make sure you bring one so that you don't have an offensive odor coming from your bathroom or cabin because we're um you're not the only one in your cabin your cabin steward is in and out of your cabin deliveries are made to your cabin from the ship's officers with possible gifts so let's not be embarrassed and next on the list your 3-1-1 bag and the tsa rules that go with that if you're flying to your cruise port now if you're flying to your cruise port you will need to have a 1 quart clear ziplock bag and that is where you will put your liquid items or gels and they can't be any larger than 3.4 ounces each and you get one bed per person so hence the 3-1-1 and if you're driving or taking the train tier cruise because I know a lot of our that's freezers to do that then you about it go ahead pick your house we get that question a lot yeah a lot of people want to know do the cruise ships make you do three-in-one one and they don't know Doka next on our list is this is important one it's an important one no matter where you go right it's suntan lotion and sprays mm-hmm don't pay through the nose at your destination on an island in Alaska were ever your gonna need lotion because it's not just for Caribbean climate no it's for Alaska it was for the Panama Canal it's for well of course Hawaii your Europe I know I wore sun protection and I was what y'all when we were in the southern ah I was gonna get to that cuz you said don't pay the price then uh-huh but in certain areas close to the equator you have to pay the price yes you didn't cause the SPF factor is much much greater than what you would wear in the Caribbean so what we brought which I think was 30 30 30 or 40 50 but we ended up winning like 90 or something that wasn't enough if we were getting burned so when we were and one of the islands Kevin went into a pharmacy store and yeah you got a really high SPF but you paid for it this tank well weren't that you have to have it you have to have it next on our list is proper identification that's right of course money that's right don't forget your ID which could be again your passports birth certificate driver's license whatever is required by the cruise line cash you need to bring from inference the dentals you know me I always got a couple of envelopes of cash especially if you're traveling out of the country you want to make sure that you have the proper currency that is used in that country just a little bit and credit cards the credit card that maybe you're gonna attach to your shipboard account and maybe a backup credit card case something funky goes wrong with the first one no no no you never know and speaking of you never know you never know how many electrical outlets you'll have in your cruise cabins so we wanted to make sure that you bring along a power strip as long as it's in that search protector that's right or the power cube mm-hmm or the power curve and that has USB ports and I but speaking of USB ports a lot of people are going to the just the USB charging dock yeah the docking stations yes we're gonna get all of you into the 21st century we have to drag you in but these are things you don't think of but they really aren't essential when you get in your cabin and you find out you have no place to plug in all the things you need whether it's again everything the iPad the camera the laptop to this event there's a lot of stuff next on our list is something that I've brought Frank into the 21st century with that is cell phones video cams and disposable cameras right you need to document you're gonna want to document this wonderful cruise vacation cell phones Kevin does a great job using a cell phone for videos now that I have my own cell phone we get to communicate with each other so I know where he is at all times and again if you're not into all of it like I wasn't a while ago maybe just gonna bring a disposable camera so yeah – Fuji codec you can buy those at any drugstore oh I know Hoss but you can still get them so if you're not really on top of the photography and electronics aspect buy a disposable last on our list is e sunshine now a lot of people would say that there's no point in bringing one and they're wrong you're wrong I'm sorry I'm gonna call you out because I've heard people say that there's no point in bringing one but the last on our list is an expandable tote bag right and there are so many reasons for bringing an expandable tote bag oh that's fours Tomas first of all it starts out this big I'm okay easy to pick in a tote bag in here or you're off your other pieces of luggage and they also do if you do not like totes expandable totes a comment of backpacks smell of animal backpacks that are still that banner so when you're done with your vacation cruise and you have been all over the ship and all over the stores and ports buying this and that that's because you know we like to accumulate buy stuff and you know what you don't have a way to bring that home not only that because I know there have been cruises where we haven't necessarily needed one for all our souvenirs but sometimes you just can't get that bag reap that's the same way you did when you want because you know you were so meticulous and you're folding and you're this and that it and isn't it pretty by the time you're packing to go you are shoving stop it no one's folding dirty clothes you know one of our subscribers actually messaged me and once and said I'm so glad that you really pushed me to take that expandable tote with me because when she was disembarking the ship she grabbed a few things from the buffet so that they would have because they had a long wait at the airport and she was able to make her whole family lunch from what she grabbed from the buffet on the way out now that's awesome and she saved a lot of money from all that expensive airport food good for you for what its gonna take up in your suitcase on the way there just by the expandable tote and take it with you people yeah we love it we love it we now have used it on every cruise and when we leave and get off the ship we have them take both pieces of luggage the big 26 inch and the 21 inch carry-on there Ted they take them off and we just leave the ship with the little expandable tote with our souvenirs and of course my back well yeah we have electronics yes that yeah you really you really don't realize until you're kind of at the end and you're screwed and it didn't plan we're trying to help you out here right and speaking of help if you have an idea of a cruise essential and you want to help out other cruisers join Frank's Facebook group called Christian that's right cruise chat is open for all cruisers and wannabe cruisers from any cruise wine anywhere bring your experiences your pictures share them with everybody and while you're on Facebook make sure you check out cruising with wheels Facebook page and like us and give this video a thumbs up we're also on what are we on we're on Instagram Twitter snapchat and on you too and once you're here or watching us on YouTube come on baseball bat subscribe botton laura de takes about half a second but we want everybody to always travel safe and crews often you

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  1. I always pack hospital grade wipes to wipe down everything in the room….we always use to pack lysol/clorox wipes but found out they were useless against Norovirus. So now we make sure the label says it kills Noro.

  2. Is it possible to buy a Cruising With Wheels tshirt? I don't have FB or Instagram. I think I saw some on one of the packing videos. Are they just for group cruisers? I want one to wear with my new scooter!

  3. yup! cruise ships do not care what size shampoo bring! Also,
    I brought sun tan lotion just in case but I did not even use it!

  4. Hi you guys! We just purchased the Tile thing locater…could you do a little thing on them .. ps loved this video!

  5. Hello Frank and Kevin great video as always I have one suggestion to add a high-quality 12 foot extension cord for those who use a CPAP machine.😀

  6. You are so right about the expandable tote! On my last cruise I had missed an entire cabinet of clothes and didn't realize it until the luggage was long gone. My children and I were stuffing it into our backpacks and pockets. It was a nightmare. I will be buying one before the next trip.

  7. In addition to the bathroom air freshener, I take a travel bottle of febreeze. Whether we put the dirty clothes in the closet or in a suitcase, it gets funky. I also add some dryer sheets to the suitcases and laundry bags.

  8. I HIGHLY recommend in addition to the charging stick or USB bank is a USB adapter. What's a USB adapter? Its a standard USB end, but with mini USB, older Lightning and a few others. Bringing that saves a lot of headache and heartache with bringing 457 USB cables when all I need is my adapter. I like keeping all my cables in a little pouch with labeled pockets that I turn into a cord checkin/checkout system. My system has me labelling the pouch pocket with a colored label, and then putting a matching colored label on the cord. That way I keep organized, and I dont leave cords behind because all I do is check my cord pouch for "oh Orange isnt in the pouch, where's Orange at" rather than "where's my mini USB to lightning cord?"
    I'm also an advocate of keeping the over the counter medications in their blister packs if possible in a ziploc for easy storage and organizing. Label the ziploc for your portable pharmacy and keep lesser used medications in their blister packs so you're not going "what is this random oblong pill that's here loose?" and if the blister pack doesnt have the medication information on it, or you put loose pills into the bag, keep the pills out of bottles in individual snack size zip locks and mark those with a sharpie in nice large print so you can see what's in the bag. No more random pills in a bottle and trying to ID a pill by feel.

  9. Love the expanding bag idea. Last time he flew my husband broke his suitcase because he bought a hoodie and parka and tried to stuff them in his already full bag. He didn't think about just buying another tote or carry on.

  10. Oy yes! Bring your own sunburn gels. I got a bad sunburn on our first cruise and the ships store was SOLD OUT. I now bring a full medicine cabinet in case of illness so we can have medications for ourselves. An extra totebag, HECK YES!

  11. Check the ingredients of the sunscreen lotion. The best protection comes from the zinc oxide content. Thanks for the tips. Always fun to watch you.

  12. I picked up some vacuum seal bags. The ones that you roll to get the air out. I plan to pack the suitcases without using them (if possible lol) then fill them with dirty laundry to make repacking easier. Still bringing my expandable totes though, cause you never know! Lol. Thanks again guys, for all your tips.

  13. Omg my cruise in March I had no room in my luggage and too much stuff! The night before I raced down to the ship store to buy a tote. All they had left was a huge cloth nice tote with the ship on it. It was $150. The sales guy saw my face and I told him I had no choice. As I went to pay he said, “ that will be $60.” He claimed it was on sale and winked. I was beyond appreciative. I have since bought one of those foldable, expandable totes and I’ll never travel without it again!

  14. They want suntan lotions and sprays to be environmentally friendly now. Some ports insist on it. You can get in trouble with customs taking food off the ship

  15. "Let's not be embarrassed"!…..true true. Sometimes I walk down the hallway and I can smell the #2 from some cabins……ewwww!!! I need a gas mask in the hallway! My expandable backpack is the best purchased I have made! Less than $10 on ebay!

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