Touring an apple packing facility

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  1. Krishna liked your Show and Tell…..I am in the Light Prism over The Golden Globe….. My Animal Kingdom wants Meat Apples….. 😼Every variety of meat…… Ready to pick and eat. 😼. The Human body is the entire World/Earth…..Apples and meat products likewise….. DNA from meat sources can be grafted. GMO pollution should be manageable. Gene altered DNA can be mass produced in Hygienic Green Belt City Farms. Love. Krishna… The Supreme God Head… 📃📃📃📃📃📃📃🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

  2. It cracks me up what people say about the processes that our food goes through. If these apples were not put through this process they would go bad after a short time, because of this process they can last for over a year. Hurray for feeding the world!
    I'd rather eat apples that have a slight taste difference than not eat any at all.

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