Tourism-Fuelled Animal Abuse on Indonesia’s Gili Island

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  1. That tourist just standing there while the horse was foaming at the mouth! I would have grabbed some fresh water for the horse.

  2. The pressure sores from the cart and all the gear are horrific too, with the horse suffering incomprehensible pain. Imagine walking in painful shoes all day and not even taking them off at night, in some cases. Imagine the blisters and the swollen parts of your foot, constantly being forced to wear them. It’s unimaginable. These poor animals are so stoic and have such a fighting spirit, many humans will never have. There are a lot of good people helping these animals thank fully. Tourists must be aware and use the other methods of transport or walk! We were given legs to walk long distances, so use them! As well as that they are forced to drink salt water which will kill them in a short period of time.

  3. Peta UK, you have raised awareness by posting this video. As a animal rights organization what is your role here and how or when will you intervene? This abuse happens on foreign ground with no animal protection laws.

  4. C'est vraiment horrible les pauvres bêtes ça me dégoûte c'est peut être leurs outils de travail si l'on peut dire alors qu'ils en prennent soin décidément le monde est vraiment pourri 🐴🐎🐴🐎👎

  5. been there seen that…carried my bags across the island rather than take a ride…its only a small island dont be so lazy people!

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