TRADER JOE’S HOLIDAY HAUL 2019! | Morgan Yates

TRADER JOE’S HOLIDAY HAUL 2019! | Morgan Yates

Hey everyone it’s Morgan Yates and today I’m back to an a Trader Joe’s holiday mall I did one of these back in the fall showing all of the pumpkin and fall items at Trader Joe’s have gotten in and Now it’s finally Christmas time My Trader Joe’s was a little behind Getting in all of the new festive peppermint things and everything like that based on you guys telling me when you’re Trader Joe’s got them But it’s fine because we finally have it I’m not bitter so lots to show in this video if you’re new and this is the first video you’re seeing I would love if you would subscribe. I know where that better lighting. It is raining right now I’m gonna post videos every Saturday and I’m also doing vlogmas every single day over my blog channel So if you want to see some daily vlogs, make sure you’re checking those out. So we will just jump right in I have to Overflowing bags some new items if I’ve messed up on any of these and something for some reason isn’t new I don’t know I base all this off of My Trader Joe’s they put these like snowflake little things beside like the names of the items if it was like a winter thing So I made the assumption. I don’t know I’m gonna go through a few frozen and refrigerated items first that we can get them back in the fridge First of all, I picked up two frozen appetizers I’m real excited about these because I love to host Like little holiday gatherings and things like that If you have seen vlogs than you guys probably know but one thing that I love to make Kind of from I guess just like the bear ingredients are these bacon-wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates, and they are so good So I haven’t tried these yet. We’re having a Christmas little gathering here tomorrow So maybe I’ll whip these out and we’ll see because these are always the crowd favorite So I’m almost nervous to it. Try these but if they end up being good Then it’ll save me a lot of time from having to like whip all of these up though Yeah I don’t know if you guys have made these let me know and then right beside that I also saw this Trader Joe’s pimento cheese Puffs little pastry thing so filled with the cheese uncrewed bacon and caramelized onion So I don’t know a little bit more of a savory option. I’m, ashlyn anything cheese and bacon is gonna be pretty good Yeah, maybe I’ll let those up I don’t know normally when I post things I do like a big cheese Spread like veggie boar cool little appetizers and like lots of desserts but tomorrow I think I’m gonna cater this is the most dramatic thing about reception Kim Williams saying this I think I’m going to get sushi from catch My favorite restaurant in LA. I just think that would be that would make me so happy but I think a beautiful sushi just I’m crazy Okay, but we might make these tuned into Instagram stories and tomorrow’s vlog mice to see what we do with that next up I just got to frozen desserts first. I recently discovered in general these mini hold the cone little ice cream treats They’re just these mini ice cream cones originally I just gotten like the regular coconut vanilla ice cream and then like the little chocolate part on top and there’s tiny bit of chalk On the bottom. It’s amazing the best part So so excited when I saw that they had these peppermint ones because not only is it peppermint ice cream But it’s a chocolate cone and I prefer chocolate all day long Anyways, you get eight in a pack as you see yeah done some damage and it’s another fun little treat I usually eat one every other night. They’re really good and then next initially I thought this was just gonna be like, well, it says candy cane Joe Joe’s ice cream from afar I saw this and I thought no peppermint ice cream. I was like typical like whatever I love that they spiced it up because Joe Joe’s are basically they’re Oreos if you’re unfamiliar And they already make like a peppermint or candy cane Joe Joe’s this time of year that are so good so this is gonna be like a Minty cookies and cream type vibe I think and then the last item that goes in the refrigerator Is this cocoa peppermint almond creamer? So dairy-free this actually thinks pretty flavorful It’s not too often that I make my own like straight-up coffee Although I got some like winter cake hub type things and I’ll show you in a second So maybe this would be good in that typically at home I’m making some kind of like latte situation and – fresco So it’ll just be like oat milk and then like the little pod of like the espresso shot but this time of year is good – Almost just like instead of sweetening out some stevia or something cuz then it’s a little too sweet I’ll just pour in a little bit of this. It adds a nice like slightly chocolate peppermint flavor I just think it’s fun holiday item. I don’t know. It’s not life-changing life-changing But if it’s enough to keep you making your coffee at home versus buying it out as is the case with me I’m trying to make myself feel excited about this. So there’s been less money on coffee. Although here. We are. Yeah Those are the cold things next up. I’ve been eyeing this I’m thrilled about the existence of this boozy chocolate truffle package There are four different kinds it shows they have them with gin whiskey rum and Prosecco I always say it and I got card it like this things taped up I got carded when I bought it and I was like why I think this also just look super fancy like this would be a Great, like little gift to give someone you open it It’s a wrapped up all nice and fancy and oh and you get a lot So there’s nine of each kind and you better believe I’m gonna stay here and sample each of them right now. All right Well, how do I know from which this one is London gin? I want to spread it out Maybe if you’d like Jen, that would be okay. All right next Prosecco It’s better for sure, but it’s not life changing and I really like white chocolate though next this one has rum effectiveness It’s like my job right now is tasting chocolate on camera I’m made up I slightly taste rum Emotionals good, then lots of Muslims the whiskey one. No, it was about one Mmm-hmm. Well, that was fun Overall, I would still recommend getting that for like a fun little thing or even just like a gift for someone in front of similar chocolate No, this is the one item that I’m not confident if this is in their like winter collection if you will But I love it. So I’m showing it because this could also be like a really cute gift Bank It’s called this chocolate passport and it’s wrapped evoke you basically it’s just a stack of chocolate bars from all of these countries I think this is so creative If you have anyone in your life who likes chocolate It’s just like a fun little sampling and it’s in like a really nice box So that’s just like a cute little almost gift item I guess next time I picked up a couple tees because I do every now and then like to drink a tea at night this one Perplexed me the most it’s called candy cane green tea however I have had like mint green teas from Trader Joe’s before they’re like Moroccan mint green tea one so I can’t imagine this taste all That different but I like it’s decaf so it’ll be perfect for before bed then Secondly, I got this winter wake up to you, which says a spicy black tea blend with cinnamon and ginger So those are definitely like winter little spice flavors and says it has orange peels and licorice. I don’t know but one clove Yeah, so I can already like taste so this gun tastes like next to like cake or like Lord loaf We have a chocolate loaf mix. This is their chocolate peppermint loaf and baked cake mix and then we have it this gingerbread cake mix Says that it has crystallized ginger pieces in us. I think that’d be interesting I think I would like that because I like ginger So for this one, you just need the mix a large egg vegetable oil and water and then for this one the ingredients are The mix 2 large eggs 1/3 of a cup of oil and 1/2 cup of powdered sugar if you have tried them Let me know it always does I just realize this says that it makes great cookies – and there’s a recipe on the side Oh, that’s the recipe for the cookies false alarm. So what’s the recipe for the regular? So if you’re making this in like a loaf type thing, it’s the mix egg water melted butter. That’s what you need Ok, so you can spice it up multi-purpose mix here maybe in vlogmas. I will make one of those at some point next Why did I think these were peppermint anything pink? I just assumed peppermint, and I clearly don’t read it. I thought these were peppermint Marshmallows, but they’re just mini marshmallows. So still be cute for hot chocolate next up a little like snacky dessert item I picked up the peppermint pretzel slim. So it says they have a creamy coating and Sprinkles. All right taste does Break up not my favorite. But again, I’m not a big white chocolate girl, and that’s what you’re mostly tasting Although you do taste the peppermint in there. It’s more sweet than in too salty. It’s fine I just wouldn’t reach for that over other things like those ice cream cones Those are the best moving on I’m very intrigued by this. I’ve never seen anything like this Maybe I’ve been living under a rock But this is called the double chocolate hot cocoa stirring spoon with Marshmallows and what you do with this is you just put this spoon into and it says 8 ounce cup of hot milk Or steamed milk steaming hot milk. That’s what it says. And then you stir it until the chocolate melts So this light creates your hot chocolate so this could even be cool If you’re like, you just want it like once you don’t to buy a big pack of like in chocolate or anything like that So I’m excited to try that next up you guys these are so good I can crush these I can literally go through this whole thing in like one second. These are elevated Oreos They’re better than the original I wish they had these year-round or these hat like candy cane pieces and every bite like in the filling is so good I love these next you can imagine my shock when I returned home and it was going through a hold of this and discovered The gluten free version was also in my bag I’m sure I did not buy this because the other day I only I didn’t like Christmas I was looking for these JoJo’s and they only had gluten-free once so I bought the glue and free ones not the same hate To say like I can get on board with a lot of gluten-free stuff I think a lot of stuff tastes exactly the same. I even prefer some gluten-free things sometimes, however, This something about it like the cookie. It just did not do it for me So I in no world would be buying a second box of these So I’ve tried to like take inventory of everything here and I think what happened? I mean you tell me how this happened, but I don’t have Something I thought I’m just picking up off the shelf which were these like gingerbread? crackers that are so cute and yummy they have like a very like light layer of like Icing on the back and then they’re little mini gingerbread. I think those are really good again I wouldn’t like sit here and like crush a ton of them at once, but they’re fun little festive treat to have around they I Assume these boxes were somehow beside each other I know they were kind of far back on the Shelf and like laying down and I guess I didn’t pay attention and I picked Up. This will be returning that but next time I’m there and then lastly on the jojomo Now you like feel sort of like a sugar crash coming after this These are dark chocolate covered peppermint jojo’s they’re try lines. So people look like this they are thick. Oh My god, it’s like a thin mint but better Wow, oh my god Mmm, alright. Well, yeah that gets a 10 out of 10 for me next I picked up these gingerbread crisps that I thought could be fun but says these are good for complimenting cheese breads dips and toppings I kind of thought these would be fun just unlike a cheese board to like toss in as an alternative like Cracker option if you will they aren’t quite large as you can tell then next up back in the fall I tried they’re a little like pumpkin spice coffee and thought it’s pretty good So I thought we would take a chance on their festively flavored coffee celebration coffee cup celebration. I don’t know whatever Oh, it’s a variety. I Was wondering why this box was huge. I’m seeing now that we have five varieties So you get four of each of all of these flavors. Oh my goodness chocolate mint caramel wintery blend That’s a good one french vanilla and gingerbread. Oh, they’re trying to buy coffee is vomit. This makes me so happy chocolate mint coffee Hello, we’re gonna see how that is right next a couple little tins of pink They’re peppermint bark and then jingle jangle Which is like a little like mix of popcorn and like probably why it looks like pretzels and probably something chocolaty in there Yeah, milk and dark chocolate mini peanut butter cups dark chocolate enrobed chocolate Vanilla, Joe Joe’s cookies, if anyone understands that let me know milk chocolate candies and then we’ve got like pretzels This is the little visual it shows of what it looks like I got these dark chocolate stars, which are just chocolate covered shortbread cookies. They look really good I love dark chocolate milk. Chocolate is a white chocolate is no and dark chocolate amazing. So this what we got just some little guys Mmm a little more bitter than I expected wait Not that I thought mixed dots mixed thoughts. If you’re not into like a really sweet thing. I mean, this is a good thing I feel like my taste buds are also thrown off from like everything I’ve been eating these I feel like you could actually like eat some of and like not Be sick of it after the first couple bites But I don’t think it’s life-changing like the cookie didn’t really taste like anything at all another cookie option I don’t typically pick up things from like the little like baked goods area If you will, these are just their little twinkly tree cookies that look like they have ample Sprinkles supply on top and they are very thick. They’re just sugar coated cookies. Let’s see Actually, these are okay but again, I feel like it’s not what I would reach for They are cute to like set out if you’re like having a little gathering or something since they’re so festive and like who wants to Make their own cookies like this. I don’t know. I mean, is it very sweet? It’s fine. I don’t know It didn’t Wow me clearly I guess I’ll just leave it at that. They were down to our final two items first We have peppermint bark popcorn. I was very intrigued because it looks just like gumballs or some dates try Was it my favorite at all, I mean, this is my least favorite thing I don’t mean to be such a critic you guys but let me know what you think Tell me I’m wrong If you love some of the stuff this is just you know Popcorn that like that you buy from people or send stuff like this It just tastes like stale ball burns and it’s been wrapped in peppermint for a while But that the outside isn’t even that good either. I would rather eat straight-up peppermint bark really pass on that I think then lastly I got these mini peppermint meringues so haven’t had anything like this in a while just little look like this Pretty good, actually, I’m not very familiar with like the meringue market because I don’t like to people like you want something sweet and you grab this over like a cookie because I can’t like fatten that like I don’t know whit when I would eat this but I do think this tastes good I like this over a lot of other things. That’s not too sweet But my favorite items are for sure the Jo Jo’s the dark chocolate covered Cho’s let’s hold the cone little things. I don’t know I’m excited for the coffee’s that Jo Jo’s ice cream The tea’s are fun and simple and the coffee cream is a good thing to have and the addition of those frozen appetizers I think’s really like stepping up the Trader Joe’s frozen game. What did you guys think about everything at Trader Joe’s? I know. I’m also missing a few items because my Trader Joe’s was sold out of some things Let me know what I missed. And which items are your favorite? I don’t we’ve been doing these seasonal grocery videos, but as we get to the year I’d love to do another like easy one-person meals video So let me know if you don’t see that head over to Instagram to see our Christmas car We just posted and I would see all of you guys in my next video

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