what you say when I'm her day you always pick me up it's like you have a spark banlieues member if you just have your ways to get me you may go come true it feels right hey guys good morning it's Mike Chen today I am in the heart of Flushing and it's breakfast time and I hadn't eaten in the last 10 hours so I need something to go in right here in traditional Chinese breakfast is my favorite thing in the world so I'm going to show you guys were to get some amazing amazing breakfast and brunch items and today we're going pretty deep so some place I'm gonna show you my seemed a little intimidating when you first walk in but that's why you got me it's got location number 110 mate Inc this on assuming storefront highs some of the best Chinese breakfast items in Flushing and there is always a long line well maybe not now because it stores brunch time in this place has tons of baked goods buns for there's only really couple things people get here the first thing you see when you walk in here is of course like the seats are taken this is communal seating all right well if you see an open seat let's just take a seat the ladies there they probably don't speak a lot of English I'll tell you exactly what to order I got three four things here two of the things I always get when I'm here the first one is dis and this looks pretty slimy and gooey and it is it's one of them the most popular spread for street foods in China it's called a dolphin on a literal translation is whole food brains so yeah I love this because I'm like a soybean zombie it's a soy sauce based soup with some starch but there's some eggs in here so what years some little mushrooms sometimes a little bit of crunchy preserved vegetables we can get it like this you can dunk stuff into it I would say this is the number one comfort breakfast food in China second item I got this is called a champion corset this is the most popular street food item in all China and it's basically a crepe made with mung bean flour mixed with regular flour so it has more of a snappy texture to it an egg is cooked rectly into the crepe so you got that part of your breakfast you know crunchy dough is put on the inside and inside the crepe you're gonna find 10 mins young or sweet bean paste and that's all it is it's like it's like a starch on starch creme so everything I got everything here $5 I'm not kidding this could feed potentially two people also I got a TA it's something I really like to have in the morning this is much better than any scramble egg you'll have absolutely flavorful which honey spices soy sauce soaked into it it's one of the try this I haven't had a here in the US yet this is a dough made with yellow rice flour and you see there's sleeping powder on the outside and this is a very traditional ancient of Beijing Street food it's called donkey rolling around because when Duncan you used to roll around in Beijing because Beijing has a lot of yellow or earth yellow dust it will look like this oh it's so good mmm they did out of hot oil I'm here for me tofu is so soft the soup flavor profile it's so deep you can taste of soy sauce peppers just a earthy robust flavor even though it's kind of gooey it's not like slimy it's not like you're eating a ghost Ranger and it's actually really good for you you know it's tofu and everything greeting in here is very healthy what I have to do is take my craving well first you got to take it by now the only criticism I have missed a crunchy thing that supposed me on the inside nice crunch anymore oh why please dull it's very snappy so it's not like gooey like you're biting into a burrito which essentially this is basically a Chinese burrito you can taste a little bit of the BK definitely tasty egg and it's so good because there's savory of subtly sweet on the bean paste and just so much different textures in here I love that great we're from Vincent bean flavor I do there's not for everybody but I absolutely love it here's the best part this is why I always get these two together you make like an NBA all-star game and take this for a donk that just made the entire crepe so much better because inside the dough is soaking out the soup the crepe is grabbing onto it as well yeah this is the perfect bite right here remember to suck a little bit when you're biting down to it because that super is gonna try to escape but so much of it we can now let it happen that is the ultimate traditional Chinese breakfast bite also what you can do what I like to do break open the tea egg you can either put into your tofu soup if you want I like to stick the egg inside my crepe I know this is getting messy and that's Europe but trust me it's fine take a bite of this with the tea egg in there that is just transformative if you never had a tea egg before guys who are missing on one of the wonders of the food world it's so clean and great prints if you like tea and you like eggs and most of us do go get yourself a TA I have a recipe for you guys too if you want to try out link it down below but si agus is one of those things where ever you add it it becomes on the life of the party and right now the party is right here lasting the thumb key rolling around it was like a mochi roll with a red beans inside Galarraga after you finish your breakfast make sure to get one of these sweet red beans is like the essence of mini food items and this thing's so chewy and subtly sweet trust me you need this in your life especially if you love mochi gotta have this breakfast is not over we're going on to breakfast number two and you don't want to miss this one breakfast number two and I see this with absolutely no exaggeration one of the best steamed noodles that you will ever have a Joe steamed rice roll and here they do everything fresh so they take the rice they soak it they wash it and then they grind it into the pace that makes these noodles usually in China this is all done manually but the machine will grind the rice and we'll make it into this this rice paste you see here best steamed rice noodle you'll find in New York City hands down usually this is a dish you'll finding a lot of dim sum places but here well one of this three locations there's where you're gonna find the best rendition of this dish and I've had this dish all around the world this is still my favorite and let me show you why first of all you see that one sheet he's cooking that is basically one serving of noodles and besides costing like six dollars for all this which is a full breakfast meal look how thin and translucent these noodles are freshly steamed ground beef in the middle scallions sprouts cilantro usually this noodle the outside is not so thin but this one since they roll it so many times they can make it incredibly light look the egg is cooked right into the noodle itself I mean if I host these noodles parents I wouldn't let it go outside with something so see-through and the sauce is on here is cooked soy sauce so you're not gonna get something that's completely overwhelming the flavor one of the best noodles you'll ever have in New York City everything about it is oozing with flavor and rub the noodles are some of the most tender chop the steam littles like I said most places you'll find these doodles you're not just them they're not this tender but the insight you got that great flavor of the egg the meat is perfectly cooked the crunch of the scallions to some elantra the aromatic sesame seeds and then you got to add some hot well don't we that's too much so you're not completely overwhelming some of the flavor but I love a little hot oil with my noodles and this is no exception there's like Beethoven reincarnating he's now conducting a yummy symphony in my mouth it's that transcending if you love noodles then you're in New York there's no reason why you shouldn't be having one of these things there's almost too good five six dollars would you rather have this we're a Big Mac your choice up to you falls in your report great thing is pop you're finish eating this and you're fulfilled by not overly stuff that only means breakfast number three breakfast number three takes us to familiar stumping grounds right across the street new world mall this place makes the best Chinese burgers in New York City into youth the Chinese burger you've got to have the perfect complements the donkey from stall number 28 and what I love about this Chinese burger place look how flaky and crispy the fun is so what a really good burger bun looks like for Chinese people is the ELSA has to look like the color puts hiker the spots of a tiger which just definitely exhibits and inside just juicy bits of torque it's so crispy on the outside and flaky and soft in the middle this is like my dad hard on the outside but really inside big softy most exciting part mmm – pork burger in New York shake I tried them all 100% the best and a big part of that is health them crunchy and flaky the punish you can see how thin in area the outside bone is so much of the tender meat inside and just falling out already I mean this bun is so light they came a hand all the meat that's on the inside and this is their day on food they have a different version of lamb key which is different colors is made with all vegetables this is sweet potato this is spinach and then we have carrots and these are of course cold wheat noodles little bits of glutinous on my favorite great to soak up that sauce and of course this is something you have to have when eating your pork burger their needles so smooth you could taste a bit of the veggie original veggies as in here I got to add some black vinegar so I love for these noodles this is some of the softest young P I've had and that's because what they do with a round peas the more traditional way where they wash the dull what that means is that basically we wash a chunk of dull it's how it becomes really really smooth and the water around it just becomes saturated with the dough itself and it becomes really thick and then you steam that and that's how these noodles are made when you didn't definitely tell that we in take a bite and the best aim take your pork bun and go right into it go right into that sauce in the lemon peel and just dunk it in don't get in don't get in there you go really the only way to get dish was a pork bun it's so fatty and savory there's really good after something a little more acidic hello vinegary a little spicy to kind of balance this thing out he's like a good man he's a good woman we need that kind of balance in food as well and these two things to them P in the pork burger match made in heaven that was a great three breakfasts there's only one place I need to go and it's a really special place because it's the first store of this place that's opening up in the US and I'm the first one to be able to taste it let's go this place tiger sugar probably one of the most popular bubble tea places in the world and this is the first location in North America's I'm gonna try it out I have this a Singapore one it's pretty good so I'm thinking good things actually feels really cool because it's warm on the bottom cold on the top and you mix it really really well get all the sugar milk bubbles ice everything dancing together see that there you go you know I started to drink what's unique about this mochi drink is obviously it's milk and what's called black sugar and black sugar is something that comes from my sugar cane so this is not a bad type of sugar and they call it like Tiger sugar because it kinda looks like a tiger that the the little patterns done nice roasted sugar flavor the bubbles are very chewy very and Taiwanese they call it q like the letter Q let me is this really chewy and bouncy this is really delicious no wonder this one of the most popular popular motif rinks in all of Asia and this of course rounds up an amazing food day guys I'm gonna leave all the places I went to you in the description box I'll shop I'm gonna put the Chinese words for the dishes I water in the first place so if you ever go there just show them the Chinese characters and don't know what you want as always thank you all so much for watching until we get again see you later

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  1. Mike, you popped up in my feed. What’s in the dumpling that had the dark stuff in it? The dessert I think it was. I love Chinese food but I’m allergic to msg. Suicide migraines. I finally found a restaurant that was msg free. And they closed. Oh ok the donkey roll. I heard what u said. Looks like chocolate. I miss Chow Har Kew, Lo mein, fried rice and spring rolls and wonton soup so much. I’d skip the heat though and chicken. Chow Har Kew is jumbo shrimp in a batter with veggies in a brown sauce. How do u not get full? Lol.

  2. Wow watch your channel all the time. I use to live near Main Street. Great food love that area. Mets stadium right down the block. Now I am goin to go to that restaurant.

  3. You should definitely do a New York drinks guide. Everything from bubble milk tea to cocktails and stuff!

  4. OMG I miss Chinese breakfast so so so much !!! Will visit NYC in August, this will be my very first place to go after 17 hours flight !!!

  5. spicy chicken spicy noodles and spicy cheese put all together but dont eat it alone if they win or you 100 dollars and loser have to eat a reaper pepper

  6. We definitely need to step up our Chinese food game up here in Seattle. No place here has food that comes close to what I've seen in this vid.

  7. I definitely want those steamed rice noodles!! That has just been added to my food bucket list, along with that scrumptious Chinese burger!

  8. Mike Chen is the best food reviewer so far for us! We always love how he came up with great and informative content. The choice of music hypes us as we watch the video and he never fails to make us hungry every time!

    We are new food bloggers from the Philippines and we must say that the inspiration for us to make our content worth watching is because of this him. Though we are way far from what he can provide for his viewers, we want to say thank you for always giving us inspiration in doing the things we love with passion and dedication.

    Hope you can visit Manila again and other places in the Philippines to do more review 🙂

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