Train station in China installs 32-foot-high slide for commuters

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  1. Just be carful to not commit wrong think or else you’ll end up in a “correctional facility” lol

  2. 50kg only… so like we have to wait for someone to finish their slide then next one.. It's just 3 seconds I'm this impatient. It's a weak slide then, it must be limit of 100kg?.? I'm less than 50kg but I just think the weight limit makes the slide useless hshshsh

  3. Me: That looks fun! 😁😁

    Video: Over 50kg is advised not to use the slide

    Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Humanity started to devolve the moment we started designing our society to accommodate the weak, sick and old.

  5. You mean 10 metres, right? By using feet, you're tipping your hat to the US in the middle of a trade dispute between you and the US, China.

  6. I wonder if China has the same homeless problem such as Los Angeles.. I always avoided the public transit system when I was younger. I rather walk or call a Korean Taxi back in the days for 3 bucks. I cant imagine anyone in their right mind sliding down some McDonald slide bullS.

  7. I am 5 feet 6 inches and am not fat and weigh about 80 kilos. I havent been under 50 kg since I was 12. That weight limit is ridiculous.

  8. I thought this was pretty cool until I saw '50kg weight limit.' Just have to lose about half my bodyweight then .

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