Travel Tips from a Perpetual Traveler - Revisiting Sosua Dominican Republic

Travel Tips from a Perpetual Traveler – Revisiting Sosua Dominican Republic

hi everyone that's mr. t bag again glad to present a very good friend and perpetual traveler but first let's have a few cool clips just to slow things down to Dominican speed enjoy everyone I'm with Johnny the pilot you've seen him before thanks for being on camera again hello mr. t good to be here good to be here now this little video is about your world travels because I think a lot of people can learn from what you do in terms of being a perpetual traveler what brings you to places like Sosua and you are in Uganda Thailand what's special about the places you go to and where you hang out for weeks or months at a time yeah for me what I'm looking for I'm retired and what I'm looking for is a place where there's a lot of sunshine nice beaches beautiful water like in a situation I mean you're right here and also a low cost of living budget so this is a basically the place to be a place like this very inexpensive housing is very inspector that's a the frozen expensive the Sun is virtually out everyday with no rent rainy season here boy do anything like those sudden fevers and this particular place of proximity to the United States where I'm from is is also nice that's also a factor this is postseason unity and the other the other countries are similar they're further away but let's just start with let's just start with Uganda Uganda Uganda or Kenya any of those African countries very similar to here the downside to that is the distance is so far away the good side is those countries speak English they were colonized by the Brits the british years ago and do speak english and it makes it a lot easier to be around this country speaks spanish and for somebody like me that's a little bit of a downside I can't speak Spanish to get around but it's not English speaking countries other countries so you have the same thing they're English speakers countries for example in Uganda tons of the Kenyan area they speak English English is primary and language you know and then in Uganda that's what they speak so it's very easy to get around the cost of living is just similar to this very very inexpensive travelling is very inexpensive food is very expensive it's just it's a very it's exciting to go to a place like that because it's so different than it is in the West and it's very economical and the weather's good the beaches are beautiful and then that's kind of my thing I love them I love the nice warm weather I love the beaches I love to swim and swim literally every day no matter where I am and I'm going to be in a place where I had that environment where sunshine now Johnny you also go to Thailand I know you've just come from down there excuse me Thailand also the same type of environment and a little cost of living English without their primary language but most follow speak English so it's easy to get around the beaches are nice beautiful there's several islands I like durable outer islands and you can now rent a motor scooter there and scoot around the islands and go to the beaches and that's exciting what about the people how do you find the people are different say from us where you're from yeah that's so much different than the West it's just they're happy with example you don't ride the big house to be happy with very little well there's a proverb some people live to work other people work to live so would you say in these countries they're more like working to enjoy themselves and spend time their families and enjoy life the way it's supposed to be into it that's a good well I know you've got a very delicious meal that's has been placed in front of you there so I'm gonna say thanks Johnny enjoy Bon Appetit take care and happy travels all right thanks everyone for watching to this point one final little thing Dominican Republic's nature and most of their people here are truly beautiful and to keep it that way I just want to add a bit of activist info that you can pass on here at the end it's just like with a garden you got to keep the weeds out and the same when it comes to global be s by agendas that are being pushed on to this otherwise beautiful part of the world if you take a look at my playlist wake up and retaliate you'll find documentaries in which I show thumbnails on the screen right now and in these videos I go into great depth about what global agendas are being pushed on the DR also if you wish to relocate down here to avoid much bigger BS overseas then contact me about my relocation advisory service which offer and I know I can help save you a lot of time and hassle and fast-track you to living the lifestyle you actually plan simply email me an info dedicated traveler dot info and I'll be happy to send you my price plan thank you take care and happy travels bye

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