travel with me | austin, tx | Sherri Hill

travel with me | austin, tx | Sherri Hill

as you can probably tell from the title of this video I'm going to Austin Texas today which I am really excited it is like 9:45 right now said and I got up and worked out at 7 a.m. and then I just ate breakfast showered just blow-dried my hair and I'm going to meet sit at Starbucks so we'll see you there I mean hello I just got out of class and I have exactly one hour to make a sweet potato cut up an avocado eat lunch pack for Austin go to class and then leave so I'm gonna go eat and that'll be back to finish oh and I just found that I have hello this is some terrible ID maybe it'll be I thought that natural I would oh maybe it's better closer oh that's the mood oh so I am packed the pictures have been taken and I is dipping I'm so excited I'm going to class and then I'm leaving it straight from there so uh yeah she we started that together and now she's three seasons ahead of me I'm sure I'm just like five episodes that's a line this is us time yeah peace out Girl Scout bye I just made it to the airport everyone Oh today I can sugar say vanilla iced coffee with hello everyone I just got off the plane and I am in Dallas and I'm starving hungry it is 9:30 p.m. and I mean anything since lunch so pray for my stomach it is 9:50 and I am boarding to my final flight I'm exhausted and going to be landing in Austin at like 12:30 so prayers I'm about to pants but I made it to hotel and it's so weird because this is the exact same hotel that Sydney and I ate dinner out with her mom when we came to Austin last Christmas breaks and that's really funny I'm about to go to bed and I see y'all in the morning I just woke up so we just got Joe's coffee ten out of ten recommend it was really good and then we are getting ready and then we're going to Sherri Hill which I am so excited about I cannot believe that we're about to do this I love when I eat and get lipstick literally everywhere I don't know how much I'll be able to show you when we get there but oh my gosh y'all so I wasn't allowed to take pics but I just met Sherri Hill and got my dream dress oh it's gonna be designed and done in the spring I can't wait she even gave me merch she's so sweet but I just had the best time ever and I'm super excited for Miss Indiana now and now my mom and I are gonna go eat burgers and I'm pooped good morning my hands are literally so cool I have my Jose to go my mom wanted bananas from Starbucks living my best life um but yeah I just I'm student an observer from Austin I was like don't do most of it just but last night was crazy my phone died so that's why I stopped vlogging but today we're gonna go shopping at some outlets and hoping the weather stays nice I just got a breakfast taco from Joe's egg whites avocado and spinach sauce of course this place is so cute I'm like actually obsessed let's see if I'm able to get this yes I got at Letta joggers which I'm super pumped about honestly okay first of all my hair is disgusting sorry okay whatever I have all the things I bought I think this is the thing I'm most excited about the Hydra flask super pumped but yeah today we just went shopping at the mall and then ate dinner at a taco well like tex-mex place that Tatum suggested and it was really good and now I'm really full Yammer's packing and getting ready getting ready for tomorrow so yeah see you tomorrow scooters you can see them back there I rode one IU with my friend and I'm really kind of a fan honestly but I just don't like that you have to pay to do that when you could just take the extra time to walk honestly I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to little things like that like I'll buy Athleta and Lululemon for loungewear but I will not pay $3 to ride a scooter through a city I guess out its kind of dramatic but I was really scared and tired because I am I'm going back to the hotel to get my mom and then we are going to the airport so see you at the airport I'm eating my Jo's oatmeal and people are staring at me some of theirs but it's really good that's all I have to say so far hello everyone I made it back to Tuscaloosa obviously this is Ashley I'm rooting for the Lambs everybody it is a Super Bowl know I'm coming I'm actually at my real home right now Whataburger which is really ironic because I just got back from Texas and Whataburger I love that for us Whataburger is like a Texas thing but I'm getting it in Alabama so let me decide what I want and I'll be back hello everyone so I think the last time I belonged to us up the Whataburger and I'm sorry for this annoying noise in the background but Ashley just left me in the car to go get her dinner and her car's like an automatic start or engine start with no key fob or whatever introduced the key fob inside with her and some other cars freaking out so this footage might not even be usable but we left Whataburger because they were so unattentive and like left the drive-through here comes Ashley with her food so then we went to burgerfi and they took literally forever and this burger better taste like it came from the heavens because it was $15 so that's that also your car's freaking out I know I was gonna do this even though she did warn me oh yeah she also tried to whip a Yui and like ended up going the wrong way in a one way and it was like crazy yeah she got fruta for dinner which I really should have done instead of this burger and fries but Yolo I go back to the grind tomorrow so whatevs right so we're going to go watch the Super Bowl at their bakes house so talk to y'all later thanks for following along this vlog I'm going to be doing more traveling this spring so stay tuned

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