Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Tarot Journal, and Sketchbook Setup Reset

Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Tarot Journal, and Sketchbook Setup Reset

hello beautiful Souls it is Dustin from a modern metaphysic man and today I thought we could hang out and take a trip through my journals and planners and sketchbook I've had an overwhelming response from a lot of you guys about your interest in things like my artwork my journaling and plan airing habits my sketchbooks and things like that and so I'm gonna be starting a new series on this channel having to do with all of my art related things so if you're not interested in that I'll make sure that they're clearly sort of flagged or labeled so that you know you can hang around and still watch all the metaphysical occult Tarot goodness but if you have an interest in art supplies watercolor sketchbooks traveler's notebooks Tarot journaling journaling in general planners any of that kind of stuff this will be the series for you so if you're a regular in my channel welcome back thank you for checking out this new series if you're new to my channel because you're interested in this art series welcome again my name is Dustin and we talk about a lot of occult and metaphysical topics on this channel but we're gonna be talking about some some art journaling planner sketchbook fun stuff as well now so I hope you enjoy if you do like what you see be sure to LIKE share subscribe all of that fun stuff and as always in the down box below I'll put links to where you can check out some of the stuff or you can buy like these notebooks today and all of my contact information social media links to where you can get ahold of me and a link to my personal website which has all kinds of good good stuff on there so be sure to check that out the end of this video so yeah I thought today we could kick off the series with a tour of my sort of planner and journal slash sketchbook setup so this is a setup that I started last month I had finished this bullet journal which lasted me about a year and I decided it was time to move on from the system I worked in traveler's notebook system for quite a long time and there was tons and tons of hype about both bullet journaling so I wanted to check that out so I tried that and it was cool I did like it but it was I don't know there there's something really nice about traveler's notebooks that I really like and I like the ability to have like notebooks specifically for certain things instead of having it kind of all in one place so I decided to move back to this system so I have two notebooks to Travellers notebooks here this is a classic Midori travelers notebook but from before when before they the traveler's notebook company broke off from a Midori so this is an older one and then I also have a blue passport sized traveler's notebook so I thought we'll start with a little one first because that's that's the fun stuff and then we'll go into the big one so the little one this is actually my wallet I use this passport size traveler's notebook as a wallet and a planner and I always keep a pen with it this is a co eco al sport I'll start anything because as one of those are quick Oh al sport it's a it's a really nice pen it's a little pen which I like it's easy to sort of clip and keep on it's metal and it comes all kind of rough and beat up like this to begin with so I'm not worried about sort of throwing around whether it's in my pocket or in a bag I always have a nice pen with me and I usually typically keep gluing in this blue being my favorite color so you know that that has the pen that I keep with it the notebook itself I have several things in here so when we open it up I have a little flap here this flap just typically holds receipts that have yet to be kind of filed away I keep receipts in a little file system that I created using old cigar boxes that I really like it just works for me so I separate everything and they're like personal things work-related expenses things like that so I can kind of keep track of things at the end of the year then normally in this I haven't flipped over for privacy of course so I have my debit card and my driver's license and on the back I have like my gym membership card and you know other carts that I use and stores and things like that so well some sticky notes and it's kind of like a little dashboard set up then we have my little craft folder and in here I keep some different things so I keep a wheel card from the Tarot because for me it reminds me that you know there's always ups and downs and you just kinda gotta keep moving so I keep this in here as a reminder of that and then I have a little envelope that has like a little note that says to love and to love and laughter and happy happily ever after which I just loved and then I have these little stickers in here of different things found in the forest from an Etsy shop which I just I love and I throw these in notebooks and stuff like that so that lives in here I also have moon phases and you'll see why a little bit later so moon phase stickers I always keep in here I have these little Midori cat stickers I'm a huge cat fan I'm not gonna lie I love cats especially black cats and this whole sticker set was black cats so I grabbed those up when I saw him and then I have these little weather stickers so these are just little weather mood stickers which I just love and they have little little faces on them and I use those in my planners then I also have colored dots and I use these to sort of like flag different things whether it's on my calendar or my planner things like that so I keep those in here as well so this just kind of holds all of that kind of stuff so it sticks in here if you're interested in any of these specific sticker packs feel free to post in the comments below and I will send links I'm happy to pull those up for you so just let me know if you are interested and they can send those to you and this is just a little sticker that I got from a jetpens order and they always send you like a little sticker with your orders which I love on the back I keep a list of paints that I need to buy so I am an artist I am a classically trained artist I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art my emphasis when I went to school was in digital art and photography however I do paint quite a bit I paint acrylic and oil mostly but recently I have rediscovered a love and passion for watercolour so I've been really exploring watercolor again and for the first time since art school which was nine years ago so I've been really enjoying that it's been it's been a really great thing for me lately so you'll see lots more of that to come I'm sure in this series on my channel so after that I have a little little zipper envelope that just has my cash in it I don't carry a lot of cash typically and then I have some stamps that's all that's really in here just in case I forget to stamp something it by mailing something which I do mail things I'm a big fan of analog stuff so yeah stamps there then we have my daily planner so this is a Midori travelers notebook travelers company now daily planner it's undated you can get these dated and undated I really like them this beginning part I've used these for tracking different things and I don't know what I'm going to use it for this time around I'm still debating which is why there's nothing in here and then it just goes into your weeklies so this is this week actually so I started it on the 1st of July and yeah so it just goes on from there and as you can see I use of the weather stickers and I have different sets of weather stickers but I use the weather stickers to map out the weather so on Sundays I go through and I put all of the weather in and the temperatures for the next week and then I'll fill in sort of any which I haven't done yet any sort of things that I'm gonna be doing in specific days for the following week and then down here I'll usually put like a goal or a quote or something like that and then I stamped a month at the bottom so that is the the daily planner and it goes goes on I haven't filled it out all the way and then we have our monthly planner and this I just kind of used for for planning and to keep track of things like holidays I use it to keep track of the moon phases you know just really kind of general big sort of things again this is a traveler's company notebook this is a lovely sticker that I got from that came on my package for the deck of wonder walking which I loved she's an amazing watercolor water colorist and she she has some beautiful artwork so I took this off of the package and glued it in here because I loved it so yeah in here again it kind of has the same setup as the daily and yeah I kind of stamp the months in the corner and I put moonface stickers in the calendar to keep track of that kind of stuff and then I'll put like birthdays you know I penciled in here TFR if you're unfamiliar I do participate in a collaborative channel with a couple of other really awesome youtubers and this is our tentative next date spoiler warning tentative tend to do so you can look forward to that and yeah that's kind of what I do I usually typically will only plan forward plan about three months out so I'll usually kind of keep it three months ahead and yeah anything anything important goes in there I do have a little bookmark here for my daily planner so that I can easily grab back and I'm a little crystal it's a little quartz crystal charm and the end of that and yeah that's my little wallet senator there's nothing really I'm about to keep a little sheet of extra sort of cardstock so that if I need something a little hard to write on or if I'm worried about something bleeding through or something like that I'll put that in between the sheets in the notebooks so that's my wall I always keep a binder clip on all of my notebooks because they're really useful to kind of clip things open like when I'm actually working in here I can kind of clip all these together so they don't move let cetera it's great so things like that so I always keep one on here it does leave a mark on the leather I'm not worried about that that's why I love traveler's notebooks as they get beat up and skiff and all kinds of things like that give some character so that's my wallet in planar setup and I really like it I'm really glad to be back in this so I kind of reset it back up last month this month is the first sort of soiree back into using this system specifically which is great then we have the big standard size Midori travelers notebook and this one houses a couple a sketchbook and a couple of journals as well as some other stuff so this is I do take this around with me quite often but you know it just kind of keeps everything else it's important to me in one place again I do keep a binder clip on it I have a couple of pins on this one that I like so this is another começo pen this is just a clear version it has a different nib and pretty sure this is the medium nib has black ink in it I just I really love these pens because they're small and compact and they write really really well maybe I'll do a video on fountain pens at some point I do have quite the fountain pen collection so if you're interested in that definitely leave a comment in the comments below and we can we can go into that but that's one pin and keep on here and then I also keep another one at the top in this pen loop and this is a hero 3 9 5 it's a copper metallic pen that has a soft nib that you can get some cool flex effects with which I really love but it's just a favorite pen of mine and so I keep it with this I haven't actually I picked up a few of these now because I love it so much so I have some backups in case it gets lost and these were really inexpensive pens they were like nine dollars u.s. so I'm all about cheap fountain-pen thrills you will not find many expensive pens in my collection because I don't know I refuse just to pay really more than $100 for a fountain pen that's just me so on the outside I have a couple of charms I have a little I have Horace and then a little compass here that says not all who wander are lost which is one of my favorite quotes from j.r.r tolkien on the bottom i have a a tiger's eye bead with a pentacle and a couple of crystal bookmarks which I love so that's kind of the outside and let's dive in so on the inside I have my little dashboard this is a card from the del Estero it was one of the additional art cards my card for the year is the lovers card so when I got it I was like oh that has to go in my notebook so it lives in here I have a couple more different kinds of sticky notes just to jot down notes quick things flag things things like that on the back I keep business cards these are some art cards I got from an Etsy store this was a sheet of paper that I got with the tabula mundi deck this was a little note from something that I ordered from Japan I don't even remember but it they hand made this super teeny tiny little paper crane and they loved it so I keep it in here and then yeah I just keep different things so this the next thing is a craft Fuller and I have this kind of paper clipped on the outside it's a card for the North West Terrace impose iam I had like I've stamped this I keep my card of the Year on the cover here things like that this is a from my year ahead spread this is my calculated card of the year so the lovers and the star which are really two great energies for the year I love that on the inside here I have lots of different stuff so again lots of stickers which is great and then I have business cards you know coupon cards extra little art cards I've gotten I have a couple of cards that I got from Robert in place these were these cards were replaced in the deck because the bottom corner was damaged in shipping again extra weather stickers I have cat stickers which is pull these out so you can look at them so whether stickers cats to hares they're so cute sort of spiritual stickers crystals and sage and things like that which I love and this is the X East where I got em from and then I have some extra sheets of paper if you follow me at all you know that I make I make handmade custom Tarot boxes to keep Tarot decks in from scratch out of archival quality materials like this one and so whenever I do a box I'm always left with kind of extra paper and creating it so the little scraps I keep in here so that I can use them when journaling and things like that on this side I have like little quote stickers I think my mom got these for me it was like that I have some of these labels that I label my notebooks with and a stencil this had like some washi tape on it things like that so there's more this is a note the oh these are my Tarot goals for 2019 and then a couple more stencils to keep in here so that is what is a craft folder as you can see I keep lots of them things that keep like this is a card for the fortunes wheel house which is a podcast that is done by MN Moline and T Susan chain which is really fantastic it's very esoteric I love it if you don't listen to it check it out for sure it's wonderful so all of that goes in here just different business cards things that I want to keep track of supportive Tarot that's Lisa she was awesome and then her wife who creates really cool tarot reading cloths and bags sparks creation Peggy they're fantastic so that's the little craft folder on the back I just have another large sticky note sheet and these are all fullback stickies so they don't run away and then I have a an old photograph of a ship approaching Ellis Island which I just I love a lot of old photographs so you'll see this crop up from time to time then we have this cool zipper pouch in the zipper pouch I have all kinds of different stuff for from little metal stencils that I use for both stenciling and for embossing you know I like this cool little palm readers hand I have little thank-you notes that people have written me that I just love and give me more fuzzies I have more stamps in here if I need them have old maps that I've torn out of things that I just like you know it's just all all different stuff like that so different little sheets of paper have photo corners I want to use photo corners to kind of stick something in here it's just all kind of journaling miscellaneous supplies which is what is in here then we get to the first insert which is a traveler's notebook travelers company watercolor so this is a new sketchbook for me I did starting a new sketchbook I figured you know what we're we're just gonna reset everything we're gonna start fresh and new in July so last month I went about acquiring and purchasing new things to give this kind of all a fresh new start and yeah so first new sketchbook in here this is the first time I've worked on this paper I am quite surprised at how water resistant it is for watercolor paper the water typically sits on top quite often it doesn't really absorb in which I guess is good because it's not it's not really heavy paper but yeah I've done a few sketches and doodles and things in here of different things so that is that and I'm sure what I have it filled up I will do a full scan or once I'm done with this I'm probably not gonna buy another one of these I'm probably gonna buy or make my own out of arches watercolor paper because that is my favorite by far but I wanted to give this one a try so we have it we're gonna use it we're gonna experiment with it it's a sketchbook that's what it's for right so we have that then the next one in here is my metaphysical study book so again if you're new to my channel I do talk a lot about metaphysical topics on my channel so this is an important thing to me in my spirituality and things like that and so in here I have a lot of things that get covered on my channel in the morning in metaphysics series so I set these up like little mini bullet journals so the van index and things like that and then I just take notes on different subjects that I mean they're reading about or researching this was when I did my history of the Tarot presentation about the Marseilles this was sacred geometry triangle information things like that some information about the god Ganesha and Hinduism and then in the back you'll often see these the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and actually that sentence contains one of every letter in the alphabet um but I'll write that out to test inks if I get a new ink to see how they react on the paper and things like that I do really like the travelers notebook paper which is really nice and it's a really fun pen friendly so I will always stick around with that this is and insert my mom got for me because the quote is something that I need to work on which is good things take time so patience and just love and be present staying in the moment I have a tendency to have bad anxiety or live in the past about things so I got this and I decided to use this one as my terror Journal so in here is all of my Tarot journaling stuff I don't typically do daily drawers I will do drawers pretty often and so when I do those this I actually started earlier because I ran out of room in this in the middle in the middle of at the very end of May is when I ran out of room so I knew I was moving into a new system so I started just using this on its own outside and then it's got added into here so I just really write in here sort of things that resonate with me I you know sometimes they'll do like these little tippin's and and fun things here you can see some of that paper I was talking about sometimes they're short little blurbs sometimes they're like whole pages with the spread and everything so yeah I mean I just kind of go with it so that is the tarot journal and then here in the very back I have a little peerless watercolor palette which I love if you're unfamiliar with careless watercolors they are a dye based watercolor it's basically like a dye based emulsion that gets put on a piece of paper and then you can reactivate it with water and you get this kind of an effect which is really great I love this for journaling and things like that because they are diabase they're probably not the most light fast but you know because it's in a journal it's not that big of a deal so I love this for when I'm out and about you know I can grab a cup of water you know from a coffee shop and you know I'll usually have a paintbrush or travel brush in my my bag and I can just you know doodle sketch watercolor things which is awesome so that is my travelers notebook journal tarot journal sketchbook setup and my traveler's notebook wallet planner setup so I hope you enjoyed this if you did let me know in the comments below I'd love to hear what you guys thoughts are on this and these kinds of videos and things like that as always thank you all so much for your love and support you'll find links and information to travelers notebooks and some of the stickers and things that I show have shown in the description box below as well as all my social media where you can connect with me I love to hear from all of you if you enjoyed this please remember to Like share subscribe and click that little bell so you get notifications of all the goodness to come so as I like to always end all of my videos remember everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about so be kind always bye everybody you

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