Traveler's Tiny Home // Sims 4 Speed Build

Traveler's Tiny Home // Sims 4 Speed Build

hey guys it is Tonya and welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another speed build this week is going to be filled with tiny homes I was just really really feeling a couple of different designs earlier this week and actually this is when I started some time last month and I stopped building it for whatever reason and like just never finished it it wasn't because I wasn't happy with it it's just I do that sometimes I'm like okay I'll finish this tomorrow because it gets late and I'm like I should go to sleep and then I forgot about it and I was like oh my gosh this house I started in Windham Burke I need to finish this because I was really really liking how it was coming out so this is a one bedroom one bathroom tiny home coming at 39,000 samolians and it is very strongly colored with this like orange a wood and green and I just really liked how it came out it's a very outdoorsy home in the well not very outdoorsy it has some beautiful spaces outside there's a hot tub it's very simple though and it is in like the town centre not Town Center but like the in town section of houses in Windham burg so I thought that was kind of interesting cuz I don't think you ever I don't really build here I've built here a couple of times before but it's just not an area I typically build in so it was definitely something different to do and I've assumed I imagine living here isn't here that often this is somebody who has a tiny home that travels a lot but they don't bring their home with them they just they want the simplicity of a tiny home when they are actually home because I imagine that the sym living here is a single sim and their dog and this person is actually a travel vlog or travel blogger either or and so when they're home they just want the simplicity of a very quiet life in this tiny home and I thought that was a really cool idea so that's what we did with this build so we're just figuring out the roof line here it's a little wonky in the back for a while but I think I figured it out in the end you just got to get everything to the very precise level and make sure it like fits it's sometimes a struggle but here we're trying to figure out where we could put a hot tub because I really wanted to be sunken down into the Dec and I believe we put it on the other side in a little while yeah we do um I just fiddled around with it for a while because I thought that would be a nice way to relax when you're home you have this kind of very private lot you just go out back and spend some time in the hot tub I thought it was cool and it's a little bit separated by this privacy wall it does have windows on it but they're like the slotted windows I thought they were kind of cute and that would work pretty well to add a little bit of privacy at to the space plus I don't think too many people are walking all the way up to your property here anyway because of where it is situated but inside this is going to be the floorplan it has a separate bathroom but the bedroom is just kind of open as you can see there's just like one wall that's sort of closing it off but it's not fully closed off to the rest of the home which I thought worked out pretty well in the end and I really like the the look of this staircase going over the front door leading you up to the upper balcony which is really nice I think all that ends up up there is lounge chairs and not playing to her to in a dog bed so it's a nice place to just relax I really wanted this him to be able to just chill and forget about everything when they are at home and I just I think they just really like the style of this home and while this doesn't look like the homes in windin Berg for some reason to me it looks like it fits here I don't really know why maybe it's the colors and I did combine the like wood siding with this siding that we got with stranger Velda like corrugated metal which i think looks really cool and have lots of greenery growing up the build I just think it's really pretty and it does seem like a really relaxing place to stay anyway we're gonna be working on the landscaping here shortly I do line the property with really tall trees I used him a lot in like more traditional builds I like placing them in corners have builds but I thought they looked really nice here just lining the side of the lot and then just a couple of other trees around as well to make this place look a little bit more like nestled in I didn't want it to be too nestled into its surroundings because they'd you imagine this house was just plopped down here and if the owner does want to move it they could easily move this to another location but for right now this is the right place for them and they're quite enjoying it anyway we're gonna be adding this light from laundry day under the steps above the door I thought it looked really cute there I don't know why I was so excited about that it's singly late but I really did like that and then in well when we get in there in the nook inside on the other side of fourth bedroom is is where we're gonna be putting the kitchen and I originally put like some really light wood cabinets from jungle-adventure in here but I do switch them out for the orangie wood ones from Parenthood towards the end of the build I don't know why I put these down to begin with when I really wanted this strong like orange color throughout I just was like I love these they are so pretty and so we wouldn't with that at first but did you change it later and I do think it looks nice like this so if you guys want to put it back like that that's definitely an option I think it would look really nice but if you guys would like to download this house it is available on the sims 4 gallery if you search Griffey or the hashtag misc rafi that information is also down below or you can click the link down below to take you to the gallery website so you can download it from there if that's easier but anyway I added these beautiful windows from laundry day which I love when I get to use these I feel like they're really difficult to use in builds because they're very specific style but they're so pretty and they get so excited every time I can use them so we're policing the table over here but a little bit later on we're gonna be moving it against the other window and moving the plants out of that just because it made more sense for I think I was trying to fit a dog bed in here or something I feel like it was a dog bed there was something I wanted to fit in here and I needed to move the table in order to do so but this is the little desk area I was very happy that this home had enough space to have a bedroom a bathroom dining space and a desk and a living space but like I don't know sometimes I have to like forgo a bit of the living or the dining space or a lot of them don't have like a computer or office space at all so it was really cool being able to fit all of it in this one especially because this one is also fairly small so I was happy with that but here that is the finished deck area and then that was all the stuff that I had filmed like a month ago and then this is what I finished like last night so we're going into the bedroom here I really wanted to use like an orange frame for the bed and then I was like okay well these are travel vloggers I think having the luggage as the bedside table makes the most sense here I love that item I think that's from a city living I think it so cute and I of course had to use the bookcase that came with seasons in the living room space and I for some reason tried out so many different rugs in here so many I don't even know which one I ended up going with I just tried like all of the rugs all of the rugs I feel like that woman with green yeah cuz there's a green color scheme here I don't know why I was so confused by that it was a green I I mean I've only said there's a lot of green on the exterior of this home and the interior we have a green front door I love that front door from stranger Ville I love the items like the doors and windows that came with that pack they're probably some of my favorites in the game but here we are putting a TV up on the Shelf here realizing it's too tall and putting it on a lower shelf and we end up just putting some other decorations up on the other shelves in here I also use this basket shelf from laundry day which is so cute I really really like it I did fill up the other two slots up there off-camera I don't know why but I want to go take this screenshots and it was like I didn't finish filling this out so I did that off-camera I don't remember what I put up there I think one of them has a painting on it and the other one might have like a dog statue but you'll see that in the screenshots at the end I don't know how I forgot that but we're just putting a plant over here and a couple of like decorations I believe I just put this box under the table and some tissues and that might be it and I think we're gonna be switching out these counters pretty soon because it just don't make sense here and oh this is me trying to figure out where to put a dog bed and realizing that I need to move the table in order to have a dog bed which i think is important like you can just shove your table in the corner you can eat in the corner of a room so your dog has the place to just hang out I think that's important and of course a I pet like a play box or a toy box as well so that was really cool oh my gosh I was so excited to get a dog oh speaking of dogs so I they were gonna call my vet to make sure that like I take care of my cat so give us a little overdue for his most recent checkup because a life happened and stuff got busy and so I made his appointment to bring him oh the poor cat I got lectured really bad about how fat he is because he's a big cat well he to be bigger than the average cat but he's he's 21 and a half pounds and he's been on diet food for over a year and in that time he gained weight so he's now on prescription food and I feel so bad because I am giving him the amount that it says and he's just crying for more food he's so hungry I feel so bad for him um but oh boy anyway yeah this is me just doing some terrain paint under the trees keeping you pretty simple I don't add too much on this back porch like I had mentioned I have the lounge chairs and they also add some of those on the rooftop as well save a couple different places to relax I thought about adding like the dog agility stuff but I thought I just didn't really fit here oh boy I'm talking about my cat now he's about to walk over so you might hear some noises he's like I heard you talking about me over here the the lounge chairs up on the deck and then I was replacing them in the backyard because I had thought about not having them in both places was that too repetitive but I thought it worked out well in the end and then I grabbed the basketball thing for some reason I was like this is a cool idea I might have to make a tiny house like surround it around like sports at some point have a basketball hoop and whatever else I think that could be a lot of fun but anyway we're just adding some lights here on the hot tub and then we're going to be coming to the end of the video and going into screenshots here shortly I think this house came out super cozy I hope you guys do like it if you did like this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up you can also subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and if you click that bell it'll turn on notifications so if you don't–if i every single time I upload a new video thank you guys so very much for watching and I will see you all in the next one bye everybody [Applause] you

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  1. This is so adorable! And quick question: how do you pan the camera while using the Sims 3 Camera? I haven't used it before so I'd appreciate the tips! (I'm using PC.)

  2. hey mrs. gryphi listened to the video, while the build looks nice and all…
    have you ever thought of getting the kitty some food that makes them feel full faster? my cat'll eat it and feel full. i don't know what they put in it, but it is helping him maintain his weight (kind of my mum's fault for feeding him a large can of wet food per day -_-)

  3. You should make a super modern family home but every member of the family is super active so you have tons of sports equipment (could even have their own personal gym in the house!) plus tons of different prizes theyโ€™ve earned through it, there could be a basketball player, a swimmer, a dancer and even an ice skater?

  4. Omg I have a giant cat too! He is 19 lbs, we have tried to change his food to something healthier and he has been so finicky about it.

  5. We should all vote for Sims Farming as the next pack ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿด๐Ÿท

  6. sorry if I'm a little off topic but I don't know who to ask this… I have problems with the bb.moveobjects cheat and I don't know how to resolve them. When I type in the cheat (with and without testingcheats) it says it's on, and I can raise and lower objects but I can't move them freely nor rotate them 360ยฐ… I don't know what's wrong because it used to work some months ago. can someone please help me? I also tried to repair the game but it didn't work.

  7. Hi MsGryphi! That's a great build! Love it! ๐Ÿ˜ Btw may I ask something? Its kind of a problem to me.
    So you see, I have a problem with my game. The Sims 4 didn't let me to go online, something to do with I didn't connect with the internet but I did connect it! and my Origin account is also online but everytime I tried to connect to the internet, the game won't let me.
    Do you know why? Also others can comment too if you know what happen and how to fix it. Help a sister out please! ๐Ÿ™

    Love from Malaysia!

  8. Ok so I first subscribed a few weeks ago, and you were at about 51k subscribers. And now 81k!!! It's insane. I love this channel and I'm so happy that I found it!โ™ก

  9. Omg gf, if I ever have a home personally designed to my liking imma hit you up. You have such similar design taste as myself and I love it.

  10. Lovely build, looooove all the orange! I have had laundry day forever and I literally dodnt know those windows existed until now ๐Ÿ˜‚

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