I've noticed something very very similar here I'm traveling with Thor last time on Astor Alaska we built a new shower for the Kombi picked up a fun new crew dealt with brake failure saw some seriously huge waves and spent another night living the dream this time we're taking you to Acapulco where we'll be waking up on a super yacht and showing you why we prefer the beach to the city let's go exploring waking up at our beachside camp the combi crew is down to just four members a loner from Israel myself Flo from Germany what is the secret of your parwa dinner ball and of course Alaska we had some serious miles to put behind us as we were shooting for Acapulco our progress was frustratingly slow never been in a situation without actually making the road in front of us they've just bought a bunch of rocks down and they're flattening all out making it little by little as we go along cut those out long we're gonna be actually more kilometers of it bigger bigger bigger by the time we were approaching at the pool code it was getting done need to get off the race fairly soon I'll be driving in this state in this car with a reputation for being Mexico's nicest a most violent city we decided not the head in at night but to find a free place to camp nearby dreaming I was going to wake up to this beautiful blonde long fire locks at one hour oh I know many of you will think it's cruel to let Alaska sleep outside but we do so for two reasons first because it's actually much cooler and more comfortable outside the combi in this climate and two she only warns us of people approaching the combi if she's outside and in these parts we need all the warning we can get we spent a little time looking around the stiflingly hot Acapulco it certainly has an impressive cityscape and it was the first town in Mexico that we visited that still uses Volkswagen Beetles as the taxis which we thought was pretty cool and this is the first time I've seen traffic in a long time try to avoid cities and a good reason so hot sweat is pouring off us the airs not coming in the engines getting hot we're going on Alaska's going off because of Acapulco's reputation we didn't really want to sleep on the streets of the city fortunately we were traveling and traveling always presents unexpected opportunities so we suddenly found ourselves waking up in a couple coats luxury marina on a multi-million dollar super yacht cooking sleeping and living out of the vehicle is sometimes tiring so after years of Kombi life I can't begin to tell you how much we are appreciating this stroke of luck amazing kitchen in this amazing so high conditioning was like okay I can be a defender except literally blowing in my face I won't even achieve that with a fan in the pan here sir captain Ben Thank You Ben for all of this thank you so much fly for travel previously in Central America with Ben from Israel who just so happened to be looking after this yacht whilst the owner was away and he invited us around talk about landing anything man we could have stayed forever on this dream boat but our home was on the road so we pushed north in search of stuff nice under Laska it's a lot of fun exploring for waves heading down roads that are actually roads not knowing what you might find at the end of them maybe you'll get stuck maybe you'll stay a week maybe it's a dead end but that's the adventure we never know what we'll find when we wake up this morning Alaska alerted us to a danger alongside camp that we hadn't previously seen is Alaska as brave and courageous this year's didn't know what a crocodile was or that they like hot dogs too hello Lana what are you doing here hey we just had a notion we just made some breakfast french toast with bananas and mango oh really good and it looks really good from provecho is he good hey yeah three man goes free man goes from the lady of the shop she was with the restroom with a cinnamon it's really nice this is Hey Oh happy thumb is pretty good sugar so I've been on the combi now for six nice I think leaving today because there is no swell expected to come in the next five days or so and I have only two weeks left in Mexico so I'm leaving for other adventures I would be great great but overall never mind there was no surf and that's what we were all super keen about was just great times being in nature or being in a boy where we're lucky to be on a boat but it's really nice it's really nice to be there to drive by like driving I like seeing how local people live see to see remote places and that's really really great something that not many people have the courage to do I think or I don't know I think maybe a lot of not many girls would go with two guys they don't really know on a combi to travel along the coast of Mexico the Pacific side of Mexico surfing looking for surf spots and I don't really see a reason for that to happen I don't know why so many girls don't do that and I'm really glad I decided to continue after shy another girl that was traveling with us after she left it's tough but it pays off you don't remember the heat and you don't remember them eatos and you don't remember the Fed sleeping conditions and the ants biting your feet you just remember the good times and beautiful places you've been and the people you met and the beautiful sunsets and sunrises that you've seen and a good times basically the jams smile so it's up to flow and I to find a new combi crew look what does happen somehow a bad manage to ship into the van dyck from up there well where I come from that means good luck at least let's see if it's true Oh I'll never forget this little rivermouth shanty community of half-naked surfing hippies at this exact moment it is my version of heaven the people the place the time is now firmly lodged in my memory this surf camp is my happy place and I'm stoked that I got to share it with you we'll be leaving here soon and leaving with a full combi but to meet our new combi crew you'll have to join us next time until then happy travels next time on Astro Alaska we have one of the craziest nights in the Kombi ever and I mean ever we deal with a seriously frustrating breakdown and play our part in saving a life stay tuned thanks for watching the video guys I hope you liked it if you did please give it a thumbs up and leave us a comment if it's your first time watching Kombi life be sure to subscribe because we have a lot more adventures like this that we want to share with you and subscribers also have a chance to win our bust by supporting our project check out the fun video on the right let me go exactly donde esta Alaska see Cal a hos Camuto those orders wasn't protective glasses hey whoa no what about it siamo yeah I'll ask us two hours away that's good news

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  2. "Somehow………a bird managed to shit….into the van……from up there!" – oh dude that had me laughing my ass off! Such a great episode, and a great series!!

  3. Hahahahaha "Tiamo!" Se maman estos weyes xD

    Love your videos so much, I live in Mexico and we don't really do stuff like that, even having all this heaven so near. You gave me a good idea for my next holidays. 馃憤馃徔

  4. hello! nice show! … what the name of the last place in the video?? I'm going in two weeks down to Mexico.

  5. I watched this episode when it came out and a year later I find myself now watching it again lol
    This is probably one of my favorite kombi Life episodes馃憤

  6. Our guide to Van Life to help you have your own adventures:

  7. I've spent a lot of time in Jalisco & nearly drowned while swimming off Islas Marietas … Rips & currents should Always respected … Thanks for the Amazing footage

  8. That place in the end, is my favorite beach and camp ever. I live in the state capital of Michoacan and been there a few times over the years, the perfect place to desconect.

  9. Mexico has Beetles everywhere because there is a factory in the country that still produces the original bug.

  10. you inspired to me to do some similar, im from chile and i have a combi with mi wife and little daugther.

    i gonna show you when i stared to traveling from chile.


  11. If Mexico legalized drugs all these hippie fools could go there and spend all their money getting high and smoking traveling around Mexico.

    But Mexicans want to have 7+ kids. #MakeLoveNotBabies

  12. That surf camp just looked like heaven. So much love and happiness there.
    One Life, One Search,
    Peace Out,

  13. Hi, i hope you read this. i have been following your channel for over a 1 year. you really inspired me about going a trip like this. i am a 19 years old law student from Turkey. All i can think is selling my old nissan micra and getting a minivan and tranform it into a camper. But i am afraid because everyone thinks i am young for a journey like this(even in a journey in my own country.). Do you think age is important in a journey like this ? Most important, i wont have any company probably. Because i dont have any friends who will travel like this.

  14. And after 3 hours of binge watching its officially 4:20 AM. What you are doing inspires me to take the steps needed into living my dreams of a nomad lifestyle. I work at a travel agency in Mexico City. All day I plan adventures for others, its time I welcome the adventure into my own path. I wish you the best of luck heading up north. Thanks Ben, if anything along the way slows you down while in MX Id love to help in any way I can. Our agencies resources are at your disposal. ORALE WEY HASTA ALASKA Y EL INFINTO!!

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