Traveling the CALIFORNIA COAST by Train!!

Traveling the CALIFORNIA COAST by Train!!

hello everyone thank you so much for joining us today on this great presentation that we have all about our rail vacations and one of my favorite places California I want to introduce myself I'm Jackie Milwaukee in your webinar host and I do have a special guest speaker who all introduced in just a bit who will tell you all about our reallocation throughout California and I asked him to join us cuz he's been to all of these destinations that he's about to tell you about and he knows them very well and he's also traveled by train up the coast of California we have some really exciting offers and discounts today exclusively for all of you for attending on some of the packages that we'll be talking about and stay tuned because at the end of this presentation I'll be giving away a $100 Amtrak vacations gift certificate to put towards your next vacation to one lucky attendee you'll also want to make sure to write down our phone number there so you can book one of these packages and that number is 1-800-218-4243 near seat like you are in a plane you know when you're driving there you can get up stretch your legs maybe walk to the observation car with a large blast windows they're taking all that spectacular scenery that's less hassle when you book with us everything is all packaged up your hotel sightseeing tours activities the rail even some of the meals are included we also have eat get some electronic documents to make things easier the train has city to city service and what I mean by this is the train will pick you up right in the heart of one city and bring you right to the next to downtown city center it's not like the airport's where you're now in the outskirts of the city trying to get in you can satisfy your hunger on board there's a dining car and all the long-distance trains with a chef that's preparing the meal it's not like food on the domestic airlines at all does it come to your seat prepackaged and I had dinner on the train a little while ago and I had a delicious steak dinner there's also a snack car if you want to grab a quick bite in between meals we have lots of flexibility with our packages most of them have daily departures and we can customize any of our packages to make the perfect vacation for you now I always love showing this map here at the Amtrak route system because a lot of people don't realize the extent that Amtrak travels to goes to 46 of the 48 continuous state and the only two it does not go through or South Dakota and Wyoming now last year 30 1.6 million people traveled on Amtrak and that's people coming from all over the US and all over the world really that all just want a nice beautiful relaxing and scenic train ride we have a few different types of products that we're going to talk about today and we really do have something to meet every travelers need we're going to start out we'll talk about a few of our getaway which are single city trips where we take care of the hotel sightseeing tours and we'll add rail from your local Amtrak station we'll talk about a few of our family adventures great for multi-generational travelers lots of family-friendly activities included and those are usually one or two destinations in about five days so it's perfect for school or summer vacation and then we'll go into our independent rail journey which are our multi City trips using the rail to take you from city to city it's great for those who want to or on their own travel at their own pace but we still include those hotels and sightseeing tours I will show you have some of our packages that we have that are doing all the best places in California and then we'll finish it off telling you about one of our rail experience packages these are new for this year and they instantly became some of our top sellers and great for those who really want to experience the Train and see America these trips they use the long distance train and most of those nights are actually on the train but just one or two nights in each of the cities that you're stopping in now keep in mind on any of the packages you're about to hear today you can actually start them from any of the 500 Amtrak station you also have the option to fly to the start and home from the end of your trip it all depends on where you're coming from how much vacation time you have and how long you'd like to be on the train and now it's my pleasure to introduce our guest speaker today John Bob Rena hi everyone Jackie thank you for having me today and today I join you from our offices in Southern California so I'm excited to have the opportunity to share with you my pictures and experiences on our California coast trips I've been fortunate enough to have visited all of the destinations that we're featuring today and just do me a favor don't hold my New York accent it's me let's get started we're board the train and head down to San Diego so with our San Diego ultimate getaway you're going to spend four amazing days in the birthplace of California and this was the first place in California that Europeans settled in so even though Native Americans have been living in San Diego for over 12,000 years Explorer juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered San Diego Bay in 1542 but it was about 200 years after that before Europeans settled this area a fort and a mission were established in 1769 which gradually expanded into settlement under first Spanish and then Mexican rule it became part of the u.s. in 1848 and was granted statehood in 1850 now next thing you see here in this picture this is Balboa Park it is a San Diego must see and it is ranked one of the best parks in the world it is home to over 15 major museums several performing art venues lovely gardens and many other recreational attractions including the world-famous San Diego Zoo and at twelve hundred acres it is the largest the nation's largest urban cultural park here we see Coronado Beach in San Diego this features scenic white sand beaches offering tide pools fire rings a dog run surfing and sunbathing it's a great for family fun bodyboarding sunbathing plus San Diego has arguably the best year-round weather on earth and I say that because it's average high is 70 degrees its average low is 64 degrees and the average daily temperature in August which is one of the prime times to go to San Diego is 77 degrees included in this package is admission to the USS Midway that has been voted by travelers on TripAdvisor as the number one thing to do and the number one museum in San Diego the Midway was the largest ship in the world until 1955 it operated for an unprecedented 47 years during which time it saw action in Vietnam and served as the Persian gold flagship in the 1991 s Operation Desert Storm it was decommissioned in 1992 and is now open to the public in San Diego here we see a few shots of the scent the world-famous San Diego Zoo which houses over 3,700 animals and over 650 species now this Zoo pioneered the concept of open-air cageless exhibits that recreate natural animal habitats it is also one of the few zoos that houses the giant panda in fact you can see the giant panda in the picture to the right behind my son Joseph in the middle there you see another picture that's actually my daughter Jenna with the giraffe right in the background I have to say that the the picture on the left of the pink flamingo is not one of my children so in addition to what we just spoke about this package also includes three nights hotel accommodations a multi-day hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour a sightseeing cruise of san diego and dinner and a popular restaurant as you can see san diego is a destination for history buffs and beach goers alike a little something for everyone the next package is our southern california family adventure and this is a great family adventure and sometimes people ask me why is that John and I you know basically you've got the ideal weather of Southern California you have breakfast included you have scenic train rides along the California coast you have complimentary transfers between the hotels the and Amtrak stations and of course Disneyland the happiest place on earth here's another shot of the San Diego Zoo once again world-famous for over 3,700 animals including the giant panda so let's recap we have a two nights hotel accommodation Anaheim Anaheim is very close to LA and it's where Disneyland is is located to one day one park admission to Disneyland two nights hotel accommodations in San Diego admission to the San Diego Zoo hop on hop off sightseeing of San Diego and coach accommodations on Amtrak from San Francisco to Anaheim Anaheim to San Diego and San Diego to San Francisco now you notice I know I mentioned that is coach accommodations we do have several other first-class accommodations with sleepers and we'll talk about those a little bit later what I would say I'll tell you though is really coach accommodations for this trip is probably one of the best choices because you're traveling during the day you're not with spending overnight the Train and our so the coach accommodations are the most economical and really all you need a little bit later I'll go through the different the different types of accommodations that we have and when I would recommend them but on this this package I would stick with the coach accommodations however if you do have the desire to have a first-class accommodation we do have them available as well this is a nice shot of the train ride between Anaheim and San Diego this is specifically taken in San Clemente which ironically is where Jackie had lived for for some time so Los Angeles the City of Angels the first motion picture theater ever opened here in 1902 and our included starlight sightseeing tour enables you to see all that Los Angeles has to offer from Hollywood to Beverly Hills downtown LA and the beaches of Santa Monica you can also do a little retail therapy by window shopping on Rodeo Drive you can walk the stars along the iconic Walk of Fame and you can see celebrity handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre stop by the LA Griffith Observatory it sits on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood and commands a view of the LA basin now this is a very popular tourist attraction with an excellent view of the Hollywood sign and admission here is free however there are some planetary shows and they do have a small charge if you decide to attend one of those the Santa Monica Pier is a great recreational and entertainment center featuring restaurants retail establishments and an amusement park it's a popular landmark that's been that's been around for over a hundred years and you can get there with your included hop-on hop-off past so let's recap the hop-on hop-off tour will bring you to more places than you can squeeze into three days here in LA however we do offer a number of additional tours if you would like to customize this vacation here's a picture of the coast starlight it is one of the most scenic train routes that can be seen and it can only be seen by train if you look closely you'll notice there are no roads in this picture and you certainly can't see this view from an airplane window this is a nice picture of some row houses in San Francisco a little trivia that I usually like to ask people or tell them about is did you know that the Chinese fortune cookie was invented by a Japanese restaurant of San Francisco this is San Francisco Bay which is home to Alcatraz and at 60 miles long and between 3 and 12 miles wide depending on the part of the Harbor you're in it is the world's largest landlocked Harbor so now we're talking the Napa Valley Wine Train so climb aboard in 1915 to 1917 Pullman car and you enjoy a gourmet lunch which is crafted by an executive chef using only the freshest ingredients while on board you're also invited to explore the Train where you can visit the chefs in action in the kitchen you can visit the wine tasting bar and have an expert on you a new favorite wine and you can visit the operation excuse me the observation deck to enjoy the unobstructed view of the valley another picture of a winery there in a in California so I'm by the way I don't know how many of you know this but California produces more than 17 million gallons of wine each year and accounts for nearly 90% of American wine production in fact if California was a separate country it would be the world's fourth-largest wine producer so let's recap the San Francisco getaway with Napa Valley Wine Train three nights hotel accommodations hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour of San Francisco dinner at a popular restaurant norm a lunch among those Napa Valley Wine Train and round-trip ferry bus transfers from San Francisco to the Napa Valley Wine Train so there's no need to rent a car or anything we make sure we take care of all that for you the San Francisco and Yosemite familyadventure so as far as states with the most national parks tied for first place is California which has eight national parks which includes Yosemite one of the nation's most visited national parks over 3.8 million visitors come here every year Yosemite was established as a national park in 1890 making it the third oldest national park after Yellowstone and Sequoia Yosemite is also a UNESCO Heritage Site and contains beautiful cliffs waterfalls three giant sequoia groves and diverse wildlife in fact you see many Falls our North America's tallest waterfall here you see the pier 39 attraction pass so you have access to all the funding attractions of pier 39 with one pass you can see the sights with a 48-hour hop-on hop-off bus tour experience life under the sea walking through the clear tunnels of the aquarium by the bay challenge yourself to find a way out of Meghan's infinite mirror maze immerse yourself in the 7d experience cruise around San Francisco Bay boats or by the way the seventy experience sometimes people like what exactly is a 7d experience the way I kind of describe it is if you've ever been on the Transformers or the spider-man ride at Universal Studios you can think of it something similar it's a combination of a laser blasting game in a movie theater style type ride which moves with you so it's uh it's it's definitely a big attraction that people love and they actually of all ages people love it so you don't have to feel exactly so they describe it as a rollercoaster type of ride but it's really not it's I mean if you're someone who's afraid of roller coasters you it's not it's very slow-moving itself it just moves with you great attraction a lot of fun something not to be missed this is another picture of the of Yosemite that's actually me in the picture from last year about 80 pounds ago because I've lost quite a bit of however one of things I will tell you about Yosemite when you're there and you're looking out at some of the scenes it actually looks fake it almost looks like it's a painting because it's so unbelievable the views that you see so let's review what's included San Francisco and Yosemite familyadventure which is four days you get three nights of hotel accommodations you get the pier 39 attraction pass which includes not just a hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour but all the items we just spoke about you get to sightseeing tour of Yosemite National Park and round-trip account coach accommodations on Amtrak next adventure I'm going to talk about is a California dreamin and this is a trip of a lifetime that kicks off in Los Angeles with tours of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills you'll then head to Santa Barbara the land of glorious beaches for some fun in the Sun treat your palate with delicious wine in the vineyards of Paso Robles you'll spend a day touring the architectural wonder of Hearst Castle and finally you'll experience beautiful San Francisco with a deluxe sightseeing tour that sightseeing tour includes Japanese tea garden Fisherman's Wharf and of course the Golden Gate Bridge this tour of the California coast is one that you will not want to miss this is actually you know the sightseeing tour of the hottest Hollywood stars homes I think if you look really close you can see George Clooney in the background well maybe not you're gonna view Santa Barbara boarded the trolley tour again land of glorious beaches Hearst Castle was actually the home of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and invitations to Hearst Castle were highly coveted during its heyday which really back in the 1920s and 30s the Hollywood and political elite often visited and usually what they would do is they would either fly into the estate's airfield or they would take the private Hearst own train car from Los Angeles among hearst guests were Charlie Chaplin Cary Grant marx brothers charles lindbergh Bob Hope Frank Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill and one of the things that has become quite popular spot this is spotting wilds Ebers on the Hearst ranch as their descendants from the Hearst private zoo and the story goes like this when her started going bankrupt and he started selling off his assets and letting he start donating all the animals that he had on the on the estate grounds to the different zoos he had a bunch of zebras that were headed to the San Diego Zoo to be donated to the San Diego Zoo and the story is that his grandson didn't want to see those animals caged up he wanted to see them get free so the stories that the grandson actually let them go the night before they were before they were supposed to be shipped to the San Diego Zoo and even today you can be driving around in Paso Robles and you can see you can see the hordes of the zebras there's about 80 of them all together they usually traveled together in packs and and it's just a you know it's a fascinating sight to feel that hey I'm not even I'm not in Africa I'm actually in California and I'm seeing wild zebra running roaming freely this is a nice picture of a trolley car in San Francisco with Alcatraz in the background federal officials have initially doubted that any escaping inmates could survive the swims of the mainland across the cold Swift waters of San Francisco Bay but it did happen in 1962 prisoner John Paul Scott greased himself of lard squeezed through a window and swam to shore he was so exhausted upon reaching the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge that police discovered him lying unconscious in hypothermic shock today hundreds of people compete in the 1.5 mile swim annually during the escape from Alcatraz triathlon so let's review what's included in the California Dreaming package sightseeing tour of the hottest Hollywood stars homes you may or may not see George Cloney in the background viewing Santa Barbara border trolley tour taking a tour of at least four california wineries including a picnic lunch at a vineyard and paso robles i will tell you that you know you don't have to worry about going driving or anything in between those wineries we do provide transportation part of the tour by the time I was done with the second winery I was not in the shape to be driving so keep that in mind you don't have to worry about that visiting hearst castle on a special tour of one of the largest historic museums in the US it is a great site and then experience the sights and wonders of San Francisco and a hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour the Californian so on this package well first of all many people don't know that the Republic of California was its own country for about three weeks in 1846 basically the residents of California rebelled against Mexico who was ruling the territory at the time they took over the town of Sonoma which we actually visited in some of our packages that we're going to talk about they declared their independence and replace the Mexican flag with the famous Bear Flag however the rebels knew they wouldn't last in an attack from the Mexican army so they sought the assistance of Captain Fremont of the US Army and in a joint battle in San Francisco the rebels decided to fight with Captain Fremont they ended the Republic to down the Bear Flag and replace it with a US flag so on July 9th 1846 25 days after becoming its own country California was placed under US rule and has been there ever since so we talked a little bit about this before but did you know that over 60% of our travelers have us edie rail from their hometown to the beginning or end of their packages so a lot of times people will look at our packages and they'll they may decide to fly in or fly out sometimes they'll ask us to do rail from their hometown and they'll fly home afterwards or vice versa but over 60% actually have us add rail to both the beginning and end so for example maybe they do one of our packages and they live in Chicago or Kansas or virtually anywhere of any one of our 500 stations throughout the US and the package starts in in San Francisco we can add on a portion from wherever the hometown is to the beginning of our tour and then once again when they're completed the tour we can add a portion to get them home and about 60% of our travelers they they take advantage of this another shot in the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and another shot of the Yosemite National Park again you know it is picture-perfect some of the views really amazing to go to Yosemite National Park and see you know some of the waterfalls and some of the nature without seeing a bunch of no condos in the background don't you just feel like picking those grapes and eating them right off the vine I will tell you that that's that's my favorite part of going to Napa Valley a lot of wineries actually do have a specific area set up where you can pull and you can eat some grapes right off for wine however you want to make sure it is one of those designated areas you know you don't want to be picking grapes off the wine where they're actually growing the wine and it's not designated for that a picture of La so saying you're from Los Angeles these days doesn't doesn't really mean much anymore and the reason why is there's more than 80 different cities within the city within the city well let's just say it's become a big place so big in fact that it has six different area codes which is more than any other US city can say so San Diego some of these a little bit before about it has arguably the best weather and were year round in the world I will tell you the opposite is true for its traffic though the average motorist spends a grueling 256 hours a year sitting in their car and that's why we travel by train so let's recap the Californian enjoy a day of sightseeing on a hop-on hop-off tour of San Francisco explore Yosemite National Park for a day visit Sonoma and Napa Valley on a wine country tour explore Los Angeles on a hop-on hop-off tour and enjoy a hop-on hop-off trolley tour of San Diego now this is the West Coast spectacular this is another favorite amongst travelers because it includes Seattle and also this is the first package we're talking about today that includes an overnight train experience which is much different experience than just traveling during the day so Seattle which is known as the Emerald City is a gem in the Pacific Northwest Seattle offers stunning views throughout the city and it's surrounded by water and mountains so right you know you can see in the main picture it's also in the picture to the right in the background I'm in the background I'm actually in on the right hand side I'm into hula Gardens and you can see the Space Needle right behind me that is a great place it's actually not the highest point in Seattle but it certainly is the most famous and is a great place to get a 360 degree view of all of Seattle and that area you most we have the full day Napa and Sonoma Wine Country tour I do you think we like wine here on the west coast so included in this package is admission to Universal Studios so this is a little bit different than those of you that have been at Universal Studios down in Florida down in Florida you know it's really just a muse montork but in California besides being an amusement park the park is actual is an actual film and television studio so occasionally you're going to get a chance to see a star on his or her way to work so recap in the West Coast spectacular three-day hop-on hop-off tour Seattle full-day Napa and Sonoma Wine Country tour one-day guided tour it was an admission to Universal Studios including transportation one thing I actually didn't itemize here but I should mention too is the overnight portion of the Train we're gonna go a little bit into that in just a minute here so this year we design packages for the true train enthusiasts and these train packages became very popular what you see here is a Western Rail experience you'll notice it starts in Chicago but doesn't actually spend any night in Chicago now of course the ability to customize any trip for you we can customize the rail starting from your hometown to get its Chicago we could also include nice in Chicago before or after the train starts but the the way we've designed this package is the most popular routes and combination that we've had people request in the past the Western Rail experience starts here in Chicago you board the train and spend a relaxing overnight as you head towards Los Angeles and traveling by train is different than any other mode of transportation because it's actually part of the vacation unlike flying on a plane or riding in a bus which is strictly transportation one of the most popular places to go on the train is the observation car you can take in the sights here you can meet new people play games at one of the tables eat a snack from the cafe car etc I'll tell you even when I'm on a train whether it's whether it's an overnight training or it's a train where it's a day train and my seats are in coach I spend the majority of the majority I'm saying probably about 95% of my time in the observation car really because I like to meet people but even if I didn't if I just wanted to read a book and take in the sights I can do that too are all in the same car by the way all right we're back in LA here and for anyone who's not sure I like to throw in some of these trivia questions and odd facts once in a while but if you're unsure whether or not you're breaking the law in LA it is illegal to lick a toad there so don't do that this package includes a day visit to Sausalito and Muir Woods Muir Woods National Monument is an old-growth coastal redwood forest so the trees here they their ages range from 400 to 800 years their height goes up to 250 feet and Sausalito is a seaside town where you can enjoy outdoor dining and savor the San Francisco Bay view because you really get a good view of San Francisco from Sausalito Bay there are many outdoor fairs art festival festivals or music concerts all celebrating summer in Sausalito you can go I mean it is ideal you can visit any any time of year but summer summer is very popular and there's a lot of festivals and concerts and stuff going on in Sausalito during that time on the right there you will see the you know kind of the size of some of these trees so that's me stuffing one of my you know one of my workmates there Simon from our special projects team inside a tree there are a lot of trees there where you can actually climb inside the tree and take pictures Seattle which is obviously as you can tell from this picture a great place for seafood lovers I myself am the seafood lover so I enjoy Seattle for many reasons but that is definitely one of my that really ranks high on my list so let's recap the western ramble experience you explore Los Angeles with a hop-on hop-off tour you enjoy a day of sightseeing with a hop-on hop-off tour of San Francisco you make make a day visit to Sausalito Muir Woods in Northern California you experience abate Cruise in San Francisco you explore Seattle with a hop-on hop-off trolley tour but you also spend quite a bit of time on the train itself and a lot of people that choose this is really it's really the Train experience that is the highlight with you know stopping in these different cities is actually kind of usually secondary to the people that want to spend the time on the train itself so right here you're going to see a few shots of some different rail accommodations and we're going to start talking about that I'm not going to kind of describe the differences and and some of the recommendations that I'm going to make here so the first one is coach combinations so anytime you're not spending an overnight on the train really coach accommodations is what I would recommend and the reason why it is first of all they're very very comfortable think of an airplane seat that's a smallest seat you could possibly get and then think of a bus bus he'd look on a greyhound being about 50% wider well then think of the Amtrak an Amtrak Amtrak seat being like a lazy boy chair it reclines 45 degrees much more comfortable than any other form of transportation it's a great way to travel during the day you do have access to restrooms but not a shower and it's just a it's an economical comfortable way to train and like I was saying before when I'm traveling during the day I'm spending 95 percent of my time up in the observation car so whether I'm in whether I'm in a sleeper or I'm in coach during the day when I travel I'm gonna be in that observation car it's only at night where I really want to be in a sleeper so it's when we talk about those different accommodations so roommate is the most economical first-class accommodations now all your meals are included when you're in a room at so your breakfast lunch dinner depending on what time you're in are included just like any other sleeping accommodation that would be included the seats transform into bunk beds so this seat where they're both sitting becomes a bottom bunk and then the top bunk folds down from the ceiling rest rooms and showers are private but shared so what that means is there's about 12 room s in a in a train car and there are bathrooms and showers that are assigned to that train car so it's only to the people in that train car now when you go and you're taking a shower no one's walking in brushing their teeth or coming in there because it is private you go in you lock the door it's all yours but you're your addition of shared accommodation amongst the other room mats I'll tell you I traveled this way all the time and it's never been a problem never had a way to use a restroom I've never had a way to use a shower sleeper bedroom so the difference with a bedroom versus a room at a bedroom is generally about twice the size it includes the bathroom and shower or the toilet and shower in the room so they are private and they are not chaired so it is a private bathroom shower or private toilet shower that is located in your room I will tell you it sounds very appealing people look at and they love to look at it and a lot of times will work up the quotes for people and giving pricing but generally it's about three times the cost of a room mat and most the time when people do an overnight once we really you know look at the pricing form really a room that tends to be what the majority of people go for not if some don't go for the sleeper come in for the bedrooms or some of the other sleeping accommodations that we're going to talk about but roommate is typically the most popular due to the pricing okay so next this this page if you look in the upper left hand corner that is a accessible bedroom that actually does include a toilet in the room and it's it's it's really designed for people that that have mobile issues or they're in a wheelchair something along those along that case the shower is right outside the door which is a you know easily accessible but it is also shared with the with the other roommates below that you will see a suite now a suite is basically just two bedrooms that we can book for example let's say you have a family of four and they want to be in the same bedroom well this is what you're really doing is you're booking two bedrooms and then there is a Murphy wall in between that we basically unlock on both sides so it can be open and you're really sharing that better it's really two bedrooms with the wall removed in between the two to the right you can see a family bedroom now the family bed accommodates up to five people but I will tell you three of those people need to be small children it's not recommended for children that are over four feet tall and let me get kind of give you an example my seven-year-old daughter would fit fine in here however my ten-year-old son or my twelve-year-old son from fact but my ten-year-old son is he's over five feet and he would not be comfortable in this in this type of sleeping so when you were thinking you know you think about he like I can fit up to five people you have to be aware of that three of those people have to be real small children and here's a another shot of the observation car great photographer must have taken these shots I'm just joking I'm actually the one who took these shots in fact I think you can see on the bottom picture you can see Jackie enjoying the sights out there this is actually my favorite car like I said I'm in here during the day whether I have sleeper accommodations or whether I'm sitting in coach this is my daytime where I'm spending the majority of my time and one other thing I wanted to mention here is dining on the train so when we talked about the sleeper accommodations they you're given priority for seating at in the dining car your meals are included however when you're in coach your meals are not included yet you still do have the ability to dine in the dining train car what they'll do is they'll go around they'll take everyone's from sleep their accommodations first what time they want to come in to dinner or lunch or whatever it is and then with the excess room they will then offer it to people in coach to come and dine there now you do pay because it's not included in the price of your ticket and when you're sitting in coach so you will pay however the pricing is very affordable it's not like when you go to a ballgame right you go to a baseball game and you want to buy a hot dog and they charge it nine bucks for a hot dog because they know they got you that is not how it works on an Amtrak the number one the food is very good I've had salmon I've had salads at that stage at burgers I've had everything across the board and it's very comparable to what you would what you would spend if you were to go out to a let's say like an Applebee's type of restaurant not a real high end not a you know not a bottom barrel place but it is a you know very moderately priced very it's very fair value and with that said I'm going to turn it back over to Jackie well thank you so much John for all that great information on some of the packages that we have taking you through California so how do you book these great vacations well there's a few different ways you can call one of our vacation specialists our numbers right there they'll be able to help you out they can also add that rail taking you to the start of your package they can also help you customize anything maybe it needs a few tweaks there you can visit our website Amtrak vacation comp you can also visit your local travel agent and they'll be able to assist you with any of these bookings now that's just a small sample of some of the packages and destinations that we have today we just focused on California but we have over 50 destinations to the US and Canada you can view them all online at Amtrak vacations calm click on our destinations tab there and you will see all those all of those packages and keep in mind if you aren't seeing the package that you love let us know we can help you make the changes or even customize something to help you get that vacation that you love we can help you getting the right number of days and helping you hit a special price point we also have a travel protection option it really is one of the best in the travel industry to the cancel for any reason until noon the business day prior to your departure and you get a full refund minus the cost of that trip protection it also has some benefits to cover you while you're on your trip it is optional but you highly recommend it we have some every day discounts on the Amtrak rail portion year trip there's discounts for veterans active military a great triple-a discount and your local triple a travel agent can also help you booking any of our package here we have one for seniors so any one 62 or older and children 2 to 12 get 50% off the adult rail fare but now I'm excited to tell you about these exclusive discounts that we have just for all of you for taking the time to join us today but don't wait to buff because these offers are only good until March 30th the first author that we have is for select independent rail journeys which are some of our multi City trip we currently have an early booking discount running but we're offering all of you an additional hundred dollars off just for attending tonight so you can save 300 dollars per couple and this applies to the California Dreaming and West Coast spectacular trips that were featured today the second offer that we have for you is on our family adventures packages now if you booked before March 30th view of two weeks will give you $100 off for a family of four so an extra $25 off per person this is good on our San Francisco and Yosemite family adventures as well as our Southern California family adventure which includes Disneyland and San Diego and I'm so excited that we're able to get these exclusive discounts offer them to all of you I know that's a lot of information that we threw at you today with all the different packages discounts promo codes there so I do have a handout with all that information that you can click right on the right-hand side of your screen and download that there if you do have any questions at all please feel free to type them into your questions box and we'll spend a little time answering those questions for you before I go ahead though and answer those questions I do anyway now our lucky $100 Amtrak vacations gift certificate winner and that winner is break chicha so congratulations race you now have $100 to put towards your next Amtrak vacation vacation there now don't forget to copy down our number to help you with your or answer any of those questions that maybe you come up with later and remember you can also book any of these passages with your local travel agent now let's get to some of those questions actual been coming in we have one from Jeffrey Wendell Amtrak's are allowing customers to book Amtrak vacations online so great question Jeffrey you can book some of our packages online right now at Amtrak vacations calm some of you who have been on past webinars may have noticed that little screen shot there of our website was a little different so we're excited diet just a couple of weeks ago we launched a brand new website there – certainly tens off you know any of those packages there online if you are looking to customize anything maybe you're adding some rail doing the row master bedrooms and upgrading them that's what I highly recommend give us a call or reach out to your travel agent because we can assist you with that and really customizing that leave a question from Frank can answer our guests rewards points be applied to Amtrak tours don't grieve let them when it comes to Amtrak guests rewards they can't be applied to the Amtrak vacations toward tours but you can use of your Amtrak guests rewards to earn points on any of the rail portion of our packages here so we have a question from Kelly my husband and I are planning to take my son and he'll be 23 months so we're hoping to do a full day on the coastal starlight and so not an overnight but I wondered if we should get a room or a coach would be okay that's a good question Kelly and it's young that's really a matter of preference for you and knowing when you want to put him down to take my guess is he takes a number of naps by the way if if I'd be in 23 months he's under 2 which means he travels for free but let's get back to that question you will see a number of people in coach that will shut the shades and they will turn they will let these suit remember seats are pretty big and they'll let their children sleep either on them or next to them on the seat and just recline the seat so it really a preference for you you will see a lot of people travel with children there in the day though on the train as well so you will see people put put their children down for naps and stuff on the train but again it's really you you'd be the best you know the best one to choose between the between what what really works for you and your family so Margaret is asking any discounts for people traveling solo and what's the story with the single person supplement so Margaret if you're traveling solo yes any of those discounts I just mentioned that are per couple will give you the per person rate so you do get those discounts they're still we can also apply if you're adding on rail any of those everyday amtrak discounts if you're triple-a a senior anything like that we can certainly add-on for you patrice up see here we have one from and i noticed that when you go from LA to seattle you can go on the train all the way but ever need a portion by bus why is that and so the coast starlight runs from los angeles all the way up to seattle on occasion amtrak maybe doing some track work there i know recently they were doing a little bit around Seattle in that case sometimes they will have a bus because they still keep those routes going those schedules on time things like that also occasionally there is a bus so it may have been a specific day that you were looking at that might have been the case there I definitely give us a call though because there is a train that goes from Seattle all the way down to LA all by train so you don't have to do a bus there that's actually great there there are multiple routes so sometimes people want to leave it a specific time and that route will will include a bus yet if you're flexible with the times you can leave you can get a train that goes straight through without taking the bus so Selma is asking are there meals on the train for special dietary needs like gluten-free etc so so much yes there certainly are so if you aren't you know gluten-free vegetarian anything like that definitely one year book a lot offs or let your travel No so we can make sure to make the note and lets us staff on board you'll also notice for the menus there there's a wide variety so if anyone is you know gluten-free dairy-free anything like that you will see there are options to offer that you know and that brings up a good point Jackie was just saying you know you can let let us know or let your travel agent know and people come to that question periodically is well you know should I just book through you would it be cheaper and the answer is no whatever price that you would pay for us you'd pay the same with your travel agent the difference is usually when you have a travel agent is you have someone locally who can walk in and sit down with when you're working with us it's strictly really over the phone but there is absolutely no advantage to booking through us directly versus a travel agent so if you have a local travel agent who you use I would encourage you to to use your local travel agent but again we're always here to answer the phone if you if you call us directly but there is no advantage to booking with us directly over booking with a travel agent so we have a question from Kevin is the triple a discount on the Train portion only like the senior discount or the entire package so Kevin yes the triple a discount just like that senior discount we can apply it towards the rail portion of the trip for the entire package you'll get some of the discounts that I mentioned like a one first select independent rail journeys of three hundred dollars offer our hundred dollars to offer a family of four on the packages there but yes when it comes to that Triple A discount you can get that towards the rail portion so looks like that's all we have for questions today so I want to say thank you so much everyone for taking the time for joining us if you do think of anything later certainly reach out to us or call your travel agent we are standing by ready to help you book your next vacation thanks guys

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