Traveling to Mount Rushmore! | Weekend Travel | Traveling in America

Traveling to Mount Rushmore! | Weekend Travel | Traveling in America

people of YouTube but again it is an i Banda Nellie helis driving this time because I am like four hours of sleep last night so I'm gonna try and catch up on some sleep today we're going to Mount Rushmore last week we went to in-n-out burger and this week we decided to be slightly more adventurous so we're traveling ten hours total I'm going to be there for probably two or three hours the whole trip is only 700 miles so not quite the thousand miles Oh actually doing it they just dine at me what do you think so this is gonna be kind of a dual vlog yesterday I just put my job oh I am well I didn't just put my job yesterday I put my two weeks and two weeks ago and yesterday was my last day so this is kind of a dual vlog of traveling to Mount Rushmore in one day as well as the first day of the rest of my life yeah I want to vlog the journey to becoming a millionaire good so I I definitely want to be getting back on YouTube again and I do have an alternate source of income as opposed to my job that's self-employed and I'm not gonna get into that right now but I do want to include that in my vlogs in the future basically just steps that I'm doing to becoming completely self employed and completely self independent self independent I don't know what I spent tired I got like 4 hours of sleep [Applause] [Applause] oh my goodness that is horrible oh no oh no maybe it's just loose oh well if it falls off at 90 miles an hour I'm really gonna miss it all right well I thought South Dakota was a pretty place to live but I don't want to deal with this every time that I caught the cherry well we have a slight issue that's crazy horse that you're seeing right in front of you yeah the weather is blocking it we're enjoying the pictures of Crazy Horse in the Welcome Center because we cannot see it because of the snow it's not the instead of a Tiki looks like this is a Tiki right I've never actually been inside one of these models it kind of puts a whole new perspective to it so unfortunately we were unable to see Crazy Horse due to the weather probably should have checked the weather before we come here but now we know for future reference well we did check the weather but not very thoroughly I just checked the hour by hour and it said it was gonna be clear so it said there's gonna be snow in Wyoming but apparently it was in South Dakota as well so at this point we're going to go get some lunch the weather says there's a decent chance it'll clear up about 1 o'clock so we're gonna just hang out till 1:00 or two and if it's still not cleared up then I guess we're just gonna go home but we're I'm not super hopeful but I am hoping that it does clear up but yeah still too snowy so I don't know if we're gonna be able to see Mount Rushmore today or not but Travel 800 miles for a sandwich so we came to Mount Rushmore it's still snowing but we're gonna see if we can see anything I haven't recorded for like the last three or four hours just because I've been like snowing while we're at Mount Rushmore so hopefully Ellie got some decent footage that I can fill in with yeah oh yeah she didn't record for the last three or four hours either pointed out that the snow coming down between the parking garages since it's perfectly squared off here looks like minecraft figured all you minecraft players would enjoy that it's pretty cool actually Memorial I think we might be able to see it oh my goodness you can see it and nobody's here look at it that's actually really cool I don't know if this is even showing up on my camera very well or not so I definitely think this is gonna be an ongoing trend of me and Ellie just doing random weekend trips on things like this because you know even within and out it was pretty cool like that was a pretty fun adventure but this this just makes me want to do more you know you learn about Mount Rushmore and stuff as a kid in school but this is the first time we're ever seeing this and this is like I don't even know how to describe how I'm feeling right now this is just amazing it's like if you met your I think I'd be a lot more excited if I met my gosh hit me up Olivia this is a slightly closer view or over around the amphitheater I didn't even realize there was an amphitheater over here and Rushmore apparently there is but we're standing over here and that's the view of it from here I'm still like in total shock at how I don't even know how to describe it like I don't really know what I was expecting to be completely honest me and I know you're having a snowball throwing contest you can throw it further oh no all right so why is the small one yours is the big one all right three two [Laughter] no details not just one else's sure it's respectable kind of hard to do this mall snow yeah noise that's respectable cool trip is official oh yeah sticker collection updates yeah alright so we're about to head out here we've been here for a little while now le opinions it's cool seed your expectations it's cooler than I thought so I thought I was gonna be really tiny because I had heard that it wasn't like too spectacular yeah but um yeah it's pretty cool and I'm surprised we actually can see it through this no I know right yeah it's as you guys can see it's snowing out and it's a little bit hazy so you can't see it quite as well as you probably could on a summer day but we can see it just fine and it looks really cool yeah it's kind of magical this No so yeah forever back up in this area we're definitely coming back here oh yeah having lunch on the benches here or something yeah alright cool well I guess that concludes this video if you guys liked it be sure to leave a like if you just absolutely hated it then I guess leave a dislike leave a comment so me and Ellie are gonna be traveling a lot more in the near future hopefully every weekend maybe as little as twice a month but we want to hear from you where should we go next I do want to see more monuments like this one idea that's in the works currently is the Grand Canyon we're gonna be doing that and probably mid April yeah pretty soon I've already seen the Grand Canyon once but I didn't have my contacts at the time so I basically never seen it and I didn't of course wear my glasses either so yeah that's what's in the works hopefully if you have any other places to suggest feel free to leave them in the comments down below as soon as we're not broke teenagers then we might consider places outside the US as well we were just discussing that it would be a really cool thing to go visit Egypt yeah so hopefully we can do that in the next year or two I'll be on them that would be cool but anyway I'll see you guys in the next video again leave your suggestions down in the comments below as to what we should see and I hope you guys have a good rest of your week me

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  1. Nice video it is so inspiring that with all the struggles during that trip you still never gave up
    Keep up the good work

  2. I loved this video, thank you for sharing your experience, glad your making memories to look back on, 🙂 looking forward to more to come

  3. You mentioned the Grand Canyon. When you go, try to fit in a side trip to Sedona. Red Rock State Park is awesome. Slide Rock Park is kind of goofy and crowded in the summer. I don't know what its like in mid April, but the area is gorgeous either way.

  4. You two need to get an old camper, fix it up and go on the road and travel vlog. Get inspo from less junk more journey 😉

  5. Awesome, Glad y'all are traveling and seeing things. So sorry you couldn't see Crazy Horse. You do really need to go back. Rocky Mtns for us. I'm sure you've seen it but you could show your audience.

  6. Mt. Rushmore is a cool place. At night they have lights that light up Mt. Rushmore. I live in California. Been to Mt. Rushmore several times.

  7. I loved the great attitude you both had. You didn't let the snow deter you. Just a suggestion you might want to check out what smaller local things are along your journey. We have been pleasantly surprised at some of the really interesting parks, museums, etc. we have seen. I can't wait to see your next road trip.

  8. Awesome video and trip! …and the despondent music and wistful montage weren't as crushingly depressing as I first thought. 😹. More trips please!

  9. Have fun!  I'm excited for both of you.  I'm SO glad you went to Crazy Horse!  It is a cool place.  Sorry you couldn't see him.  But SO glad you saw Mt. Rushmore.  It is amazing!  Our country has so much to offer.  I'm looking forward to the next trip.

  10. We went in Oct. and to see it lite up at night is really magical also and you can see it from quite away! Went back the next morning to check it out again and watched the films they had then of course everyone had to try a buffalo burger in the restaurant, was too cold to eat outside! I was surprised to see all the miles and miles of sunflowers fields!

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