Traveling to Saguaro National Park – Rincon Creek Ranch – Park Travel Review

Traveling to Saguaro National Park – Rincon Creek Ranch – Park Travel Review

when we decided to travel to Saguaro
National Park out in Arizona we knew that we needed a place to stay in
looking at Google Maps I found the perfect place Saguaro National Park is
in two parts divided by the City of Tucson Rincon Creek Ranch is the perfect
location to see the Eastside they say on “to experience
the best natural beauty sincere hospitality authentic culture outdoor
activities and serenity that the Southwest has to offer stay in our
private casitas for a true getaway each unique house features authentic regional
art cozy rooms and a true Arizona ranch experience with all the modern luxuries” Matt and I found this to be very true in
our casita which means little house we had a full bathroom a full kitchen even
laundry the ranch owners bill and Gretchen are wonderful hosts they came
to check on us and see if there was anything that we needed they even
provided dishwashing detergent coffee and laundry detergent not only that but
fresh eggs from the chickens on the ranch one of the perks of staying at
Rincon Creek Ranch is that they have a trail that connects into the
southernmost trail system of Saguaro National Park on the east side so we are
walking straight from our casita and headed into the park there’s perks there will be a full trail
review video of this hike coming out on our channel very soon please be sure
that you’re subscribed to happy trails hiking so you will know when that video
comes out as well as be able to follow along with our other Park travels until
then here are a couple of pictures to whet your whistle when you stay at Rincon Creek branch you
don’t have to go into Saguaro National Park to be out in nature it’s all around
you we spotted these birds just from the front porch of our casita they also have
a one and a half mile nature and jogging trail that surrounds the property we
spent a good portion of a day just walking around and taking pictures and
enjoying the nature that we saw on the trails at Rincon Creek Ranch as the name would imply rincon creek
runs through the property it is home to many species of birds and other wildlife animals aren’t the only things to see on
the trails at Rincon Creek Ranch the mesquite trees and the cacti in the area
are wonderful to view too if you are into art and sculptures Rick
and Creek Ranch is a great place for you to wander around and look at all of the
things that they have in their gardens this building is called Louella boomer
hall it replicates an early Spanish mission with white stucco walls
terracotta clay tile roof tiled murals a bell tower and 11-foot heavy wooden
arched doors inside you will find a great room that’s furnished with a bar a
pool table a shuffleboard table a computer as well as a library there’s
reading area recliners and a fireplace Direct TV and Wi-Fi are also available
in this space after a long day on the trails and enjoying all that nature
around you it’s nice to just sit on your porch at your casita and enjoy a
fantastic desert sunset you watching the sunset on the Rincon
mountains in Saguaro National Park was an amazing experience
we appreciate the cozy home-like atmosphere of Rincon Creek Ranch and
can’t wait until we get to return we think it might be the best place to
stay when you’re visiting Saguaro National Park till next time this is Kay
and Matt from happy trails hiking thanks for watching

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  1. I love those desert sunsets so much! Looks like a fabulous place to stay! Looks like the kind of country I could retire in someday. Just absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the tour!

  2. I have always loved the Arizona desert more than the California Mojave. What a nice place. Well done my friend. Wow fresh eggs.

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