TROLLS 2 WORLD TOUR Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2020) Animated Movie HD

TROLLS 2 WORLD TOUR Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2020) Animated Movie HD

[Applause] hello darkness my old friend sleeeeep who like that there are other kinds of trolls our ancestors created six streams each for different type of music techno country and Rock I'm gonna unite the six strings and destroy all music except for so I'm gonna need your string we have to unite all the trolls and if we don't stop her who will we're gonna need a battle plan and weapons violence never solves a problem is this some kind of jewel it was actually kind of cool looking the only weapons we need aren't this guy this guy / hug this is gonna take a lot of hugs this is a terrible idea that will blow up in your face the controls look friendly does everyone else think this is crazy I think I can see our house throw in your piece of no honey and Daddy you

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  1. The infinity guitar and the 6 strings sounds a lot like infin- never Mind this is a great original movie wait it’s not called infinity gauntle- guitar wonder why i said that. Hmmmm…..

  2. Ok but I’m just wondering why they made Branch grey again? At the end of the first movie he got his colors, so why did they change him back?

  3. I hate how they just reveal there's other trolls and they revovle all around music but anyway techno trolls are the coolest looking ones

  4. Wait… I know i might be late but why Branch turn gray again?? Isn't blue was his original color?

  5. So is it only me seeing that big mistake in the trailer?
    Troll singing sound of silence = pink
    The awesome troll performing crazy train from prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne = pink
    So why does pink not know pink?

    Sound of silence = rock
    Crazy train = rock

    So stop crying about avengers, cry about missing respect to rock n roll

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