Tumpak Sewu Waterfall | Bali Travel Guide | TRAVEL VLOG #20.4 (English Subtitles)

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall | Bali Travel Guide | TRAVEL VLOG #20.4 (English Subtitles)

Good Morning Travelers! So if you have watched our previous video series you know where we are now. We’re in Malang City! Today we’re going to see a waterfall from Malang City We both are waiting to see that waterfall! The name of that waterfall is Tumpak Sewu Let us tell you the details and hope to doing a
Beautiful video. This is the first waterfall we explore in Indonesia. So we chose one of the most beautiful waterfall. We rent out a bike for rent. We will tell you more details in future. Let’s go! Malang is located in East Java, Indonesia. The city of Malang is slightly colder due to its proximity to the mountainous region. It’s about 72 km from Malang city to the tumpak sewu waterfall. And near the waterfall we can see the highest volcano in JaVa. it’s called Semeru. You may have seen this volcano “Semeru” in our previous vlog You can see this volcano behind the Bromo. We stopped for breakfast. Sit on the floor and eat. A small shop across the street and We have our bikes on this side. The waterfall has to go another 10 km. Came a long way. You can take a car from Malang and see the waterfall. But a little more expensive. They just only drop (grab taxi) So it can be difficult to find a taxi to go back to the hotel. If you can ride a bike and If you’re travelling on budget.. The best thing to do is to rent a bike. I rented the bike for three days IDR 300000 with full tank petrol. petrol is enough for three days. So let’s see what’s they brings for eat. This is the first time to sit on the floor and eat in Indonesia! This is the shop! Noodles and chicken. The meal looks very tasty. Can’t wait to eat. She’s taking photos. I’m eating! It is 67km from the malang to the tumpak sewu waterfall. We woke up at 5.30am and came to see the waterfall. we have to go 9 km more! We had breakfast and headed to the waterfall again. There were some pretty girls in the shop. Kasun has give more for them.. I recorded this video to say that! Let’s go! We’re at the entrance to the waterfall. You have to get your ticket here. On the other side, there’s the parking area. Wawan helps us to visit some of the most beautiful places on waterfall. Many people are recommended him. Contact Wawan if you’re coming. He’s in near to the car park. Let’s go! The place called Panarama Tumpak Sewu as stated on that board. Very beautiful. Wait a minute. I’m not showing this will right now. Here’s some details on this waterfall. This is one of the highest waterfall in Indonesia. Its height is 120m. Not quite a crowded area yet. So if you are coming to Bali, One of the best option is to head over to the java and watch the tumpak sewu waterfall. We’re at View Point now. There was a 400m walk from the park. We’ll be going down in the waterfall. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes for that. He’s our guide Wawan. It’s a little risky that we go down on our own. It was raining yesterday. So we chose Wawan because it was better to go down with someone known about waterfall. Before we got here, I read a blog about
“Salt in our Hair”. They were the who recommended Wawan. So we came here and showed Wawan’s a photo and found him. So here is the view. wow very beautiful! The meaning of “Tumpak Sewu” literally means thousand waterfalls. There’s actually 1000 waterfalls. There’s a side we can’t see. It’s pretty much all around. Trying to shoot a drone shot now. We’re going down to see the Waterfall. We came from this side and this is the way get down to waterfall. A bit of a difficult. but hiking trips are ultimately beautiful. Let’s go! We came near the Waterfall. One of the most beautiful sights we have ever seen. There is so beautiful here. i have no words to explain that. There was not a lot of people here because we both arrived early. We have recorded Beautiful video clips here. Now you can see little crowd here. Wait I’ll Show you the waterfall. It’s been like 40 minutes to get down. A little bit tired to coming down. But this beautiful sight doesn’t make you want to leave here. Then we climb up again. Then you guys watch this video…. We came to the hotel. You’ve probably seen how beautiful the waterfall.. We’ll give you some tips as in our previous videos. If you’re going low budget, renting a bike is the best option. If you are a kid you should not go below 10 years. If you are over 60, don’t go. What else was there??? Don’t go who have Heart Attack. People who afraid of heights. They put a board on it. If you’re carrying cameras, carry a waterproof bag. Because the dew on the waterfall is coming. So the cameras can get wet. This time also I carried the Canon R camera. Hope you saw some pretty video footage. You can find the guide from there. It is worth taking a guide because we are going somewhere unknown! Our guide was a great help to get us to the right places! We don’t know what’s the dangerous and slippery places in there! He helped us to get photos too. We went to train Station to book a train to go to Yogyakarta We felt sad, because the camera wasn’t taken. Street life in malang is the best. There are shops on the roads. we can shopping.. There are so many stalls open up in night. There are food stalls too. We ate in one place, very tasty.. This is the cheapest and tastiest meal ever we eat in Indonesia. Then we went to get a pair of shoes for Chamari.. Got some fun there. Sometimes you may have seen it on our Instagram Lives. We will put that video on the end. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel and click the bell button. Follow us on Instagram! We went before, Nusa Penida, Bromo. check out our previous videos. We’re going tomorrow morning to Yogyakarta. Forgot to say we booked this hotel. RedDoorz From the hotel we are in, it’s so close to the train station and all. From the hotel we are at, It’s near to the train station and the rainbow city (We’ll go see it tomorrow) That’s why we booked a near place. We’ll upload that video next. Bye!!

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    You guys are very proud Sri Lankans.

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