Unknown Heroes – Happy Holidays from Mahindra Comviva

Unknown Heroes – Happy Holidays from Mahindra Comviva

we see them every day and every night
they may be faceless they may be nameless but they are special these are people who don’t look at their
watches they don’t care about calendars or worry about holidays, for them only
one thing matters, their duty their responsibility to make sure phones work,
trains run and planes fly that businesses work, roads are safe, that fires are doused borders protected lives saved and that our families are together, smiles brighter and our holidays happier for them nothing is more
important than that as we now celebrate the holidays, let’s thank these unknown heroes and wish them the best of this season happy holidays to all from Mahindra Comviva

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  1. Happy New year to the Mahindracomviva family and Mobile life style friends … Great wishes also to my able Tech Ops and BOMs wishing u all a pleasant and great year 2016 . Happy Happy new year

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