Updated Book Traveler's Notebook

Updated Book Traveler's Notebook

hey guys it's Sarah and today we are going to do a little bit of an update on my book traveler's notebook if you won't this is a traveler's notebook that is used a lot in scrapbooking right now what's kind of a big trend and I have one of these that I used for trekking books and series and things that I want to read authors all that stuff and I haven't done an update on this for a while I'm actually gonna do it with you so I haven't been in here for a little bit and I'm gonna do it with you so I'm probably gonna be filling some in maybe acrossing some things off maybe asking your opinions on some things and we're gonna just go ahead and kind of do an update all together now for this one I use these colored pencils that I use in my bullet journal as well these are from Fantasia artist they're just colouring pencils that I got at a craft store called a Seymour and I got these a couple of years ago so I've had these for quite a while and they're still still going strong so I use them but they're they're lovely to color with so um we're gonna fill some things in with these at some point here it'll kind of keep these off to the side but so this is a little traveler stuff like I got at Michaels they do still have some not this kind anymore this was like a Michaels brand and they don't have these anymore I actually got this one on clearance but they do have some more like cuter if you will updated designs okay so I have two different inserts here so I have series to read and then I have authors like favorite authors so let's start with the series now what I do in the beginning here is I have this list of these are just one that I want to try out and then decide if I want to continue and I've already you know checked off a couple of them because I did read the first book in the series and I just don't feel like continuing on so let me see if I have any that I could maybe cross off okay so beautiful creatures I have decided not to read those I actually sold them at a yard sale I had the first two I think and I got rid of those so I can cross that off um ok Percy Jackson I did read the first book in that so I'll go ahead and color that in since that is something that I completed and I'm just gonna do this I did create these boxes with my ruler I just tried to make him as even as possible so nothing fancy just a ruler ok so I did read the first Percy Jackson I definitely continued plan to continue in that series I really liked the first book and after world I actually got rid of as well yeah that's one that I sold to so ok so I crossed off a couple that I just don't plan you know to read and then one that I actually did ok so I'll just briefly go over which ones are in here I won't talk too much about them but if I am if I'm questioning anything I'll let you know and you guys can give me your feedback down below but this is all the Shadowhunters books I definitely plan to continue with that I can't fill in anything else because I haven't continued yet the Daughter of Smoke and bone by Laini Taylor I did read the first one a couple of years ago I do need to read the other two bucks by Jennifer L Armentrout I plan to read that first one hopefully in August miss borne definitely want to finish the other two the lunar Chronicles definitely want to read those the bronze horseman by Paulina Simon's I do have the first one just haven't read it yet end of days by Susan E I'm iffy about because that's an angel type of book which is not usually my forte I don't know if it's worth it it is a trilogy and I think I have all three of them on my Kindle so if you've read the end of days series by Susan E which is Angel fall world after end of days if that's worth it let me know if it's not worth it let me know the fever series by Cara Maria Moaning I definitely want to read those the Grisha trilogy by Leigh bardugo 6 or crows by Leigh bardugo with Vampire Academy and bloodlines maybe if I'm in the mood for some vampire stuff I'm not sure if I'm gonna love it because I'm afraid it's gonna be too why a for me I do enjoy vampire books though but I'm afraid it's gonna be too juvenile so your feedback on that too at least the Vampire Academy bloodlines like whatever but Vampire Academy let me know what you guys think of that one Mara Dyer shadow falls by Cece hunter winners by Marie Bukowski book of IB by Amy angle these are all ones I'm still mildly interested in parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger chaos walking by Patrick Ness the knife of never letting go was being turned into a show with Tom Holland so I definitely want to read that one legend by Marie Lou young late by Marie Lu thrown a glass I'm still working my way through that one queen of the tearling I did read the first one and I really liked it I need to read the other two Firebird by Claudia gray and malediction by Jeff Daniel Jensen those were ones I still want to read left behind I would like to continue in that one as well magicians my love Grossman Sabriel by Garth Nix Outlander by Diana Gabaldon for sure I do want to read the fiery cross here soon before the next season of the show starts Raven cycle I'm up in arms about I'm not sure I think I would have to reread the first book because I listened to it and I kind of didn't get it oh yeah I don't know Raven cycle I'm I'm not sure if I'm interested in that anymore enough this is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher I love this series I need to get back to it actually Remnick Chronicles by Mary e Pearson definitely want to read those darker shade by Victoria Schwab definitely want to read that snow like ashes by Sara Raasch not sure if I'm gonna read the other two or not I did read the first one and I enjoyed it I don't know that I'm interested in the other two and it's almost like it's been a while so I'm not sure and then the bone season by Samantha Shannon and I'm actually halfway through the first book right now so I'll be able to check that off soon red rising by Pierce brown the Kingkiller Chronicle is by Patrick Rothfuss and burn the ashes myself a tear for sure clipped wings by Helena hunting I'm not sure about this one there's only two so give me your feedback on that one I think that's an angel one two so just I don't know angel books I'm not sure I've to know vampires for sure want to keep going I I definitely want to you know continue with that we're all the way up here already falling keenness by Morgan Rhodes I have most of these I don't have the last two yet I'm waiting for paperbacks but um you know I have the first four in that one murder complex by Lindsey Cummings not sure about that geology or not want to see nearly gone by al-qasim ah no maybe double murder squad by Tana French definitely and I think this one is getting adapted as well Bloods of gods and Royals by Eleanor Herman I have the first two books in that one come on strike I did I definitely plan to read the Cuckoo's calling here in the next month or two Archie and Gretchen by Chelsea Cain I definitely want to read that one that one follows this female serial killer definitely interested in that Thunder Road by Kenny McGarry still mildly interested Dark Tower by Stephen King we'll see I haven't heard the best things about that one um Serena legacy by Anna banks she's a local to me author so I definitely want to get those or try those or mermaid books that's Alex cross by James Patterson Farseer by Robin hobb death I want to read the other two and I actually need to reread the first one and I plan to do that because that is the shortest one and it's just been at least three years since I've read that so I definitely need to reread the first one I think and then don't continue on but that's a definite guess for me and then this is more about with Han the girl of fire and thorns by Rae Carson definitely the neapolitan by Eleanor Ferrante definitely want to read the first one and see what I think Magisterium by Cassandra Clare yes which lens by Susan dinner yes illuminae yes the Jack Daniel's series by je Conrad I've actually read all of these already up until either this one or this one I can't remember but I haven't read the last two for sure and I want to reread them all this is a detective series it's very dark very violent I loved it I flew through them like just back-to-back-to-back-to-back at one point and I mean this is all before even Leila was born so we're talking at least eight years ago that I read these but I want to reread them they're really really good um lady Trent possibly a natural history of dragons is the first one I think I have the first three so we'll see if I you know would like those I think I did have tried a chapter with the first one and I did enjoy it but it's definitely gonna be a slow read for me fire Drake's by Farah Oh mah boi possibly I read the last of the fire Drake's and it actually surprisingly really enjoyed it and I have the next one on my Kindle so maybe I'll pick that up at some point land of stories for sure I have the third one sitting by my nightstand right now and villains by ve Schwab I'm actually planning to start vengeful today as a buddy read so that's definitely gonna get crossed off and then Nevermore by Jessica Tamsin which I read the first one and I haven't worked that off so it's oh I read both of those what am I talking about I read Nevermore and wonder Sethe and then we have the title for the third one so I'll write that in here as well I actually probably need to look it up cuz I don't remember there's an H in it I know that I think I want to say it like hello how effects or how a fox or something like that that's the next title she did release the title I think it's coming out in the u.s. in March UK is earlier I believe but I do have the US cover so that's what I'm going to be collecting but if you like the UK covers better and you want to if that's what you're collecting I think it comes out towards the end of this year maybe September maybe a little bit later I don't I can't remember exactly but I do need to write the next one in there okay so I just looked it up and the third book is called hollow pox and it's called the hunt for morgan crow so it's h o WP o x hollow pox so that one will be read probably right after the release date I'll definitely be picking that up that's probably gonna be a pre-order for me once it's available okay so that's all I have for series right now so definitely a couple that I just need your feedback for and because I trust you guys so let me know your thoughts down below and I was able to update a little bit okay so let's do favorite authors now I have updated this off-camera at one point I don't remember when but I was able to add a couple of authors in here so I'll talk about that I think so JD Baku I haven't read any Joanie backhoe recently or Christopher Moore LeAnn Moriarty I have not read any more of hers either Jojo Moyes no Colleen Hoover I have not read any more of hers the only ones of hers I haven't read oh I need to write Verity down here actually I have two more I need it right in here so too late is one and Verity so those are two books that I really want to read and then the other ones of hers these are very different they're very dark very much more adult I guess you could say so different from some of her you know contemporary ones but contemporary I still need to read maybe someday which I have on my Kindle slammed which I don't have I don't think so I'd need to get a hold of that one and then I have point of retreat in this girl which are follow-ups to slammed I've heard like you don't necessarily need to read those but I would like to at least read slant I think that was her first book and then never never which she wrote with Taryn Fisher that I do have on my Kindle as well so those are ones that I still need to read from Colleen um let's see Dan Brown I have not read origin yet I haven't read any more Sophie Kinsella either she's one that I'm a little bit on the fence about whether or not I want to continue reading her books or not just I don't know I kind of enjoy them but then they're just they're never ones that stick with me so okay Gillian Flynn I read dark places so I have officially read all Gillian Flynn books and I believe she's writing another one right now we haven't had a lot of news about it but she's talked about on Twitter where it's kind of coming together organically for her so that's why she's writing it it wasn't something that felt forced or anything which is you know gonna be a good sign on so definitely keeping my eye out for news on that because she writes another one I'll be the first one in line okay um Rainbow Rowell she's another one I'm not a hundred percent sure about I do need to read fangirl fangirl maybe kind of like my clincher on whether or not I stick with her or not um Sarah pinburrough I have really enjoyed the three that I've read from her but I haven't read any more so I can't cross anything off there Kara McKenna I'm planning to read badger this month so I can do that and Kristin Hanna I have not read any more from either Karin slaughter nope Chevy Stevens nope Clare McIntosh nope Hetty's I have not read any more first either she has another one coming out as well and it was on my most anticipated books let me look up the title The Fountains of silence that comes out October 1st so I'm going to write this in here this is definitely what I'm going to want to pick up I really enjoy her historical fiction okay so that will be read as well I do have one more from her that I haven't read yet Riley Sager I did read the last time I lied so I will mark that one off I still need to read final girls and I have plans to go pick up lock every door with a books-a-million coupon I think this coming up weekend there's a big coupon that came out that is only good for one day so I'm planning to go and maybe get lock every door cuz that's kind of the one book right now if I went into a store and bought it that would be the one that I picked up so I think I'm gonna do that okay Kristina Lauren I wrote all of her books in here because I read love in other words and then I was like everything Christina Lauren and I did read The Honeymooners so I will mark this one off I just requested twice in a blue moon on net galley so we'll see if I get approved or not sometimes I do sometimes I don't so we'll see if I get approved for that one but that one comes out I believe in October as well and I cannot wait for that and then I have let's see I have the house I have roomies I have Josh and Hazel and I have the first beautiful bastard on my Kindle as well so I have a few of theirs that I need to read as well all my shells and I'm excited but I want more like I want all of them okay Stephen King I have not read any more Stephen King since I updated this so I don't have anything to update on that but I have read four of his novels and Taylor Jenkins read I read seven husband's Evelyn Hugo and I read Daisy Jones in the six so let me cross off Daisy Jones that one's not and I have everything else written down here because I want to read all of her books now I definitely want to go back and do her back list and read everything that she's written because I loved both of these books they were both so good okay and is that it I think so yeah that's it and I don't have anything to add as far as authors go I don't believe I haven't read any other authors that I'm like oh I have to read everything that they have written now I may want to do and rule because I just read the stranger beside me which I loved as so much but I need to do more research into what her books are about I know most of them are nonfiction so I kind of want to pick and choose which ones I'm going to read so we'll have to see about that I don't know if I want to read her entire book series or not but it may be kind of like picking and choosing but she does have one about the Green River Killer that I believe was in Washington and they are releasing that one in the same kind of edition that the stranger beside me just got reread released in and I do plan to pick that up that comes out in August so um okay I think that's it that's all for this here but just a little glimpse into it and kind of updating some stuff so anything that I asked for a feedback for you guys just let me know down below what you think about the series and if you think I would like them and I'll kind of make some decisions based on that but yeah okay that's going to be it for me today hope you guys enjoyed it let me know if you have any questions have I talked about any authors lately that I didn't include in here that maybe I'm overlooking or I'm not remembering let me know and I will see you guys again soon hope you have a great day bye

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  1. I have pretty much the same system of listing books by author and series and then coloring the square in next to them when I finish a book.
    I also have a huge Stephen King list and I’ve read 11 of his books. Currently reading It and I’m really loving working my way through his books.

  2. Your lists gave me ideas for my bullet journal! Of the series you listed, I liked the mayra Dyer series. Book 3 wasn’t the best, for me, but I still enjoyed the series. It’s also the only series I’ve read that you had listed

  3. The clipped wings series by Helena Hunting is not angel related. They are contemporary romance. There are 4 books in the series.

  4. Loved this….went to Michaels and will be starting one. Can’t wait!!! You are more creative than me though.

  5. Highly recommend continuing with the Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb and Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson (and Mistborn, Era 2 — and all of Sanderson’s books as well)! The Remnant Chronicles books were good too, and nice quick reads. Kingkiller Chronicles is definitely worth reading! More recommendations: The Song of Shattered Sands series by Bradley Beaulieu and The Gentlemen Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch. Love your organized method of tracking your books. I just keep a running list in my TN of titles/authors and dates read, but I like how you mark off each series on its own.

  6. OMG i was in staples the other day and they have travelers notebooks. Idk what happened but i had all the notebooks when i walked out and a new journal 😆😂 augh I'll probably end up returning them because i don't need them….but they're so pretty 😁

  7. Hi Sarah, I'm not sure if you hadAshes in the Snow by Ruta Sepetys. I also enjoy her books. I like your idea about putting your lists in a journal. I might have to lift your idea if that's okay.Tfs, Elaine. I love your channel.

  8. Wow, you have so many series you want to read like me 😊 My plan was to finish the ones I started this year but I started three more 😂😂 In the following months I am planning to start four more series for sure. The Bronze Horseman is the one I will start in September 😊

  9. Ann Rule has stand-alone books and a "from the files of" series. The "files of" early books are well done (usually one long story then shorter stories related somehow to the main story (same area, same motive, etc.)), the few before her death weren't as well researched and some were duplicate stories from earlier books (possibly repackaged?). Never reading a Colleen Hoover book – issue with word choice in a "condolence" email she sent to the losers of one of her Goodreads giveaways [all I'm saying publicly].

  10. I love your book and how you have everything organized. I'm going to have to go to Michael's and see what they have. Lately I've just been using up some composition notebooks that were laying around the house as reading journals, but I like the idea of having one just for series.
    I read the Ann Rule Green River book and thought it was good. We are going to be reading Stranger Beside Me later this year for library book club.

  11. Nora Roberts has a new trilogy – The Chronicles of the One. Year One and Of Blood and Bone are out and the third will be out in November. I didn't know if I would like it or not but I've really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the third book – The Rise of Magicks.

  12. I love this idea. I think I will try this myself. Are you interested in the Will Trent or Grant County series by Karin Slaughter? Love your nails by the way 🙂

  13. This was food for my soul. I really like the way you have organised your lists simple, clear and so pretty but. ……. I LOVE your nails they’re gorgeous!

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