USS Vengeance Attacks Enterprise / Warp Battle | Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Movie Clip

USS Vengeance Attacks Enterprise / Warp Battle | Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Movie Clip

Permission to come on the bridge. Dr. Marcus. He’s gonna catch up with us,
and when he does, the only thing
that’s gonna stop him destroying this ship is me,
so you have to let me talk to him. Carol, we’re at warp.
He can’t catch up with us. Yes, he can.
He’s been developing a ship that has advanced warp capabilities… Captain! I’m getting
a reading I don’t understand. Where are we? We’re 237,000 kilometers from Earth. – Damage report!
– Weapons are way down. – Shields are dropping.
– We’re defenseless, sir. Sir, we have a bulkhead breach. – Where’s the damage?
– Major hull damage, Captain. Evasive maneuvers! Get us to Earth!
Right now! Captain! Stop!
Everybody on this ship is going to die if you don’t let me speak to him. Uhura, hail him. Sir. It’s me. It’s Carol. What are you doing on that ship? I heard what you said. That you made a mistake and now you’re doing
everything you can to fix it. But, Dad, I don’t believe that
the man who raised me is capable of destroying a ship
full of innocent people. And, if I’m wrong about that, then you’re gonna have to
do it with me on board. Actually, Carol, I won’t. – Jim…
– Can we intercept the transport signal? No, sir. Carol! Captain Kirk, without authorization and in league with
the fugitive John Harrison, you went rogue in enemy territory, leaving me no choice but to hunt you down and destroy you. – Lock phasers.
– Wait, sir, wait, wait, wait! I’ll make this quick. Target all aft torpedoes
on the Enterprise bridge. Sir, my crew
was just following my orders. I take full responsibility for my actions. But they were mine
and they were mine alone. If I transmit Khan’s location to you now, all that I ask is that you spare them. Please, sir. I’ll do anything you want. Just let them live. That’s a hell of an apology. But if it’s any consolation, I was never going to spare your crew. Fire ’em… I’m sorry. Our weapons won’t fire, sir! Our shields are down!
We’re losing power! Someone in engineering
just manually reset our systems! What do you mean, “someone”? Who? Their weapons have powered down. Sir. Enterprise! Can you hear me? Scotty! Guess what I found behind Jupiter. – You’re on that ship!
– I snuck on. And seeing as I’ve just
committed an act of treason against a Starfleet
Admiral, I’d really like to get off this bloody ship.
Now beam me out! You’re a miracle worker. We’re a little low on power right now. Just stand by. Stand by. What do you mean, “low on power”? What happened to the Enterprise? Call you back.

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  1. Because of inertia, everyone who flew out of the ship while they were at warp would continue to travel at that speed, unless warp itself acts as friction to objects traveling against it. So, all of those people are, today, still theoretically hurtling through space, and they deserve it; most of them were assholes. Except for Sally. I liked Sally.

  2. So… where are the reinforcements?
    There where several captains at the meeting, that means several ships had to be called back and are now near Earth. Sure, they are commanded by the first officers now, but what they are seeing is an unregistered ship shooting the crap out of the flagship.
    Maybe they just hate Kirk that much.

  3. If phasers are like compressed light beams, how the hell are they able to fire them in warp of warp is faster than light?
    Or am i wrong?

  4. During the battle over earth:

    Citizen: I wonder if I should tilt my head slightly up to the sky? …Nah, it would be too much trouble.

    Other citizen: huh… a piece of starship debris in my yard… like it’s recently been shot off a federation ship. Eh, WHATEVER. Not my job to clean it up.

    Other ships near Earth:
    Navigator: Uhh, sir? There are major energy fluctuations over earth.
    Captain Dumbass: oh, I am sure that’s not important.
    Navigator: but sir, it appears to be the energy of phaser blasts and a failing warp core.
    Captain Dumbass: oh look, a new star we haven’t explored before! Set a course!
    Communications officer: Uh.. Sir, it looks like transmissions are being jammed over earth, and it looks like there’s a second federation ship. It might be the one attacking! Sir, this might be a terrorist attack, we need to inve-
    Captain Dumbass: SET. A. COURSE!

  5. The bridge is absolutely flooded with light but "we're a bit low on power". You couldn't just, you know, turn off most of them? Star Trek into Darkness, the tealiest (colour) film ever. Still, entertaining film, love the CG.

  6. Damm i remember wen it use to be somewhat safe on kirk ship just IF U WERE A RED SHIRT U KNEW U WAS GONNA DIE LOL HERE U NOT SAFE AT ALL DAMIT

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  8. My only gripe, with the entire movie is; Star Fleet – Not a single person is questioning why a ship is firing in the entire sector. And lets not act like no one would know. Surely some ships would deploy to this position to assert what the actual fuck is going on, and why is there two federation ships fighting each other lmao. Other than that. One of the best movies out there in Sci-Fi

  9. U.S.S Vengeance, have this ship in STO, as the Enterprise Connie, both amazing ships. Vengeance sounds scary asif.

    Vengeance is pretty much the U.S.S Excelsior NX-2000 response tbf. Abrams response about it.

  10. I HAAATED this so much. Nerd alert.
    Warping is not "going fast". It tears a wormhole in the fabric of time. Theres is no "catching up" because they arent even in the universe in that moment. They technically cease to exist until they exit the wormhole.

  11. Why do they have manual cannons? Shouldn't they be more advanced than that because their the Kelvin Timeline and a Section 31 ship.

  12. We're 237,000 km from Earth. MATE that's closer to the Earth than the moon is. Its takes light 1 seconds to get to the moon. Lets say that the Enterprise has a minimum Warp Factor of 6. It would be travelling at 216 times the speed of the light. So they just happened to come out of warp 1/216th of a second before reaching Earth. That's Bullshit. That's less believable than Han Solo coming out of Hyperspace 300m before hitting the ground in TFA.

  13. So what happens to the bodies of the people who were sucked out into hyperspace, d they continue going faster than light forever?

  14. The frickin vengeance class is a huge warship. This thing can destroy or just delete the enterprise from existence.

  15. Anyone else see what was going on through all the lens flare? I heard 'pew, pew, pew' and then got blinded by flashing lights.

  16. I can't imagine being sucked out into space at warp speed that must be insane.. wonder if your body just evaporates after awhile at that speed.

  17. Vengeance is my favourite ship. It is also the coolest. As spock would say " I would not remind you of that which you know so well " .

  18. Vengeance:pull over enterprise

    Enterprise:he also have A warp for the hole time this is gonna be fun chasing

  19. Enterprise good list: Sound cool,fancy,modern,cool

    bad thing from the Enterprise for me: Really low shield…

  20. Not trying to overanalyze but wouldn’t a ship exiting warp like at 0:40 completely rip it in pieces since one part of the ship is in ‘real space’ while the other is still in the warp field.

  21. Imagine how many humans and other beings is just floating around space from stuff like this happening

  22. if they're at top warp, those photon bursts from vengeance wouldn't be able to catch up with the enterprise right?

  23. @ 0:17 – this is what would have happened in 'Search for Spock', had Scotty not disabled the Excelsior's trans-warp drive… 🙂

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