Uzbekistan tourism attractions

Uzbekistan tourism attractions

hi I'm Naomi and I'm very excited to show you the world's greatest attractions found in the country of Uzbekistan is the ancient and historic city of bukhara the city was founded over 2,500 years ago and has been undergoing restoration in recent years many of the old buildings in Bukhara were built over a thousand years ago one of the city's largest buildings is the arc fortress the palace of the Emir it houses a museum on the amazing and sometimes bloody history of the city there is also the mausoleum of ismail samani which was built in the 10th century the Charminar is the city singular madrasah but only one of many wonders here three magnificent structures stand imposingly over the registan of summer can in Uzbekistan registan means sandy place and its use is a public square made at the heart of ancient Samarkand after the first structure was built the space was used for executions celebrations and public announcements these Islamic clergy academies were some of the most famous and recognized in the Muslim world the buildings are decorated with colorful mosaics gold and the minarets are topped with onion shaped domes many invasions led to the destruction and rebuilding of many parts of the square Arabic Greek and Mughal influences are apparent throughout registan giving it a worldly and timeless charm thank you for watching our travel video series see you next time

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