Venture Heat Battery Heated Glove Liners

Venture Heat Battery Heated Glove Liners

hey guys this is brandon from the warming today we're gonna be reviewing one of our most popular glove liners the Ventura heat battery heated glove liner of course all Avenger heats heated clothing products are available at the warming store calm so venture heat has developed a glove liner that is both an incredible value and extremely effective the glove liner is designed to be worn underneath a protective outer glove these are perfect if you have a nice pair of non heated gloves that you like to wear in the winter or if you'd be wearing these in an environment where the outer glove could be exposed to possible damage or excessive wear the glove itself is constructed with a stretchable polyester spandex blend for maximum dexterity as you can see the venture heat glove liners are designed with a snug fit this is so that they fit underneath your outer gloves without any extra bulk and to ensure the heating elements are in constant contact with your fingers the heating elements are made with venture heats razor thin micro carbon fiber heating panels each glove has one long continuous heating panel that's gonna follow the perimeter of your entire hand this allows a liner to give you heat without any cold spots the venture heat glove liners are powered by two low-profile 7.4 volt 1800 milliamp hour lithium-ion batteries you can easily adjust the temperature setting through this on-board touch button controller you can expect the batteries last over two hours on high to 135 degrees Fahrenheit three and a half hours on medium and five hours on low the batteries fit inside this pocket on the top of the glove they've been designed to sit above the wrists in a way that doesn't impede your range of motion at all all while keeping your hands toasty and warm the venture heat heated glove liners are a great product whether you're using these to keep you warm at work every day or going skiing or just walking the dog these are very Universal so they pair great with just about any non heated glove on the market make sure you check out our full selection of venture heat heated clothing and all of our other great heated clothing products at the warming store calm the link in the video description below we'll take you directly to the glove liner page at the warming store calm thanks again for checking out our review of venture heated glove liners and make sure you subscribe for more awesome product reviews you

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  1. ELECTROCUTION! VENTURE HEAT! I bought gloves at the Orlando AIM Expo Oct 2016 The salesman assured me that the gloves are waterproof. That's a LIE!
    I rode from Natchez Ms to Pensacola FL 12-31-16 I started off in a lite rain with 48 degree temp, within the first 30 min I felt my hands getting wet, and by the first stop (120 miles) the gloves are soaked and VERY HARD to get off and on. After the first stop I kept using the gloves and about 10 min in to the second leg of the trip I notice a tingling in my hands, the setting was on med so I switch to low the tingling eased up, I switch to high and about crashed the bike! It felt worse than a 9 volt battery on your tongue! I immediately unplugged the gloves and rode the rest of the second leg with cold wet hands. The second stop I had my brother put his hand in one of glove and turn it on, he jumped back so fast the glove came unplugged! He said WTH! He put his Gerbings back on and waved!
    Thanks Venture Heat for selling a misleading DANGEROUS product! I will tell everyone I can not to buy your dangerous products!
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  2. MOTHERFUDGER!! I had invented these back when I was 8! And now I find out that I'm late to the party!? I hate being born so late. I'm now 19, and am finding all my invention ideas are being taken!

  3. How bulky are these? I can where regular, non-heated glove liners under my current motorcycle loves, but I dont think I can deal with a lot of bulk. I'm only concerned with around the fingers.

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