Vietnam Vacation Travel Video Guide

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  1. My country much more advanced, industrialized and much happier these days…this video is like 50 years ago lol

  2. Although Vietnam doesn't develop rapidly as well as many countries do, see what vnmese have? A peaceful country, kind-hearted neighbors, world heritage. We're proud of our country, of course, Vietnam ain't China 🙂 Look what the mistake you had in this vid?? I detest that =)

  3. I am from Vietnam. Thank you for visiting Vietnam and sharing it. Please introduce our country to your friends. You can visit your channel to see more beautiful country vietnam us!

  4. I'm Mexican and I have Vietnamese friedns thanks to soccer and rock and roll and I love Vietnamese women!!!

  5. An absolutely wonderful country. In every respect, this country must be visited. Much of this video is quite old and many things have been modernized. But not too quick (modernization does not always achieve the goals that are set for it). Can't wait to return…

  6. Thuy Ta,
    what wrong information about? Is bother you that North communist and South is not? Well the war should not start from Noth at all. Good luck to you if you are form North

  7. beautiful land, beautiful people, Vietnam stays in the heart of every visitor. I recommend studying about Vietnam's history before visiting because it makes it easier to understand what this marvelous country and its people had gone through.

  8. Despite the beautiful shots, this video has many major wrong information about Vietnam. The producer and editor of this video don't have adequate knowledge about Vietnam to to it all.

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