Viking in Russia ships 360° Tour! [Battle Trip / 2017.08.25]

Viking in Russia ships 360° Tour! [Battle Trip / 2017.08.25]

I think if we go down here, it’s the maritime park. (There were hardly any people in this park last winter) (The Ferris wheel was the only thing that was moving) It was too low. You had to sit on this side. It looks like a different place. It’s beautiful. I guess we should go there in the summer. (Screaming) (In a moment) – It’s crazy. / – Mommy! – What is he doing? / – Is he experiencing VR? – That’s so much fun. / – It is. In this park, there weren’t… Any people during winter. – But it’s crowded in the summer. / – It is. The summer here is very short. Though it’s quite chilly to us now, it is the warm happy season to them. – There are no waves in the sea. / – A monkey. – A monkey. / – A real monkey? Monkey. Goodness. Hi, Saeyoon. I’m afraid of that monkey although I mimic monkeys often. – I’m afraid of it too. / – There really is one. – It’s cute. / – Is it for taking pictures with? – Your eyes should not meet. / – I know. (A baboon appears in Russia) He looks like a monkey. This part of your face got longer now, didn’t it? – I think so. / – Because you did it so much. – Shall we try this? / – What is this? Isn’t it something scary? What is it? VR World? – That sounds fun. / – It’s VR World. – You try it first. / – Okay. I want to know what it is like. You put on the goggles, right? I highly recommend this. So this is what it’s like. It must be these moving scenes. I’ve only seen it on SNS. It was my first time actually trying it. Gosh. It looks so realistic! (Screaming) Saeyoon tried it without knowing anything. (Screaming) Gosh. It looks so realistic! It feels so real. That’s so embarrassing. (The screen played out for Saeyoon) Mommy! It actually moves. It moves like in real life. (But there is a secret in this VR) It’s so scary. It’s so scary. – Is someone pushing it? / – Is it manually operated? Yes, it is. Is it really manually operated? – Someone’s pushing? / – The man watches the screen… And he pushes you from the back. – It feels so real. / – But Saeyoon had no idea. It moves like in real life. I can see him pushing in the back. It’s so funny that he is pushing it. I thought there was a sensor. But a man is just pushing it. (The man pushing the swing) I’m embarrassed. (He finds it hilarious) Look how tight Saeyoon is holding on to it. In fact, he doesn’t have to hold it. – It feels like you might fall. / – It must be so much fun. With that device on… This is so scary. – It must be scary. / – It’s almost done. That man is such a professional. – He pulls back on time. / – It’s no joke. Because it’s his job. It feels so real. – It’s because it’s his job. / – It’s so realistic. What’s that? Oh, so that he can step down? – He’s so cool. / – That’s fascinating. It’s state-of-the-art technology. It’s more fun to watch it. I’m getting on knowing that. He knows what happens. (Saeyoon doesn’t know it’s manually operated yet) (He starts to push them just like before) Is that what he did for me? Wow. Goodness. You can see everything. I knew it but it was still scary. – Check out his feet. / – It’s really scary. He’s trying to stay on. – It’s so scary. / – I know this guy’s doing it… But why is it so… That’s incredible. Look at his feet move. What is that? He’s so professional. He’s such a professional. Please make sure to try it. We highly recommend it indeed. (He got all teary) That was awesome. Thank you. He’s got the map memorized. He should get a part-timer if a lot of people come. – It feels so real. / – It costs $4.80. I even drooled. – I wish there was one in Wolmido. / – It’d go off. I wish we had one in Korea too. Let’s decide what to ride now. – We should ride the Ferris wheel. / – Sure. How do you pronounce it? – We can take a picture and show it. / – I see. We took a picture and pointed to show them which ones we wanted to ride. How much is the admission fee to the maritime park? There is no admission fee. You just pay for each ride. They’re all cheap. I think the money is charged to this card. We get 50 rubles back when we return the card. What about this one? – Let’s ride it. / – We chose this one. – That looks scary. / – There is no one. (The pirate ship ride that may terrify you) We rode that ship not knowing what it is like. It’s one of the most terrifying rides in Vladivostok. (Anxious) The safety belt is… It’s taped. (Has this been torn before?) It looks like the rides in Wolmido. It’s very old school. Do you call the taped belt old school? There is another belt. Thank goodness. Will this rotate 360 degrees? I don’t think it will. (The pirate ship starts as they feel anxious) I will… Keep my face like this while riding. (We doubt it) It looks like a pirate ship ride. – That looks fun. / – I’m scared. Geez. It’s getting scary. I don’t think it’s an ordinary pirate ship ride. Mommy! What’s going on? – It looks so fun. / – I was shocked. It’s not the pirate ship ride we know. Why is this going upside down? (Oh, my God) You have to go upside down. It looks so exciting. It goes all the way up. – Hey! Hey! / – It’s flipping. – What… / – Seriously. (He might stop breathing) I thought he was Jackie Chan. – Hey! / – He looks like Jackie Chan. It’s flipping. – It’s flipping. / – We didn’t know it would flip. It stopped. I still feel dizzy while watching this now. Didn’t you know what it is like at first? No, we didn’t. (I got teary) You should have checked before you rode it. We should have known what kind of a ride it is. We should have known before we rode this. We should have read the manual. We should have. (The cameraman is also having a hard time) It goes for so long. The ride lasts 4 minutes? That’s amazing. Normally, it’s around 2 minutes. We look old now. – We’re back. / – All their wrinkles are here. Please eat something. – Didn’t know it’d flip. / – So scary since I didn’t know. I really didn’t know it’d flip. Muzie grew a beard. Why are you crying? I keep crying. I keep tearing up. Because I didn’t know about the ride, I was so scared. Lastly, let’s ride the Ferris wheel. Okay. Let’s calm down a little bit now. It’s because you were flustered. Two guys riding that? The Ferris wheel looks unique. (They decide to ride it to settle their nerves) – It looks pretty. / – The gondolas are open. What about seat belts? If you got wicked, you could easily do what you want. – It’s okay so far. / – Yes. There is a soccer field over there. – You can enjoy the view up there. / – That’s right. You should only ride it if you really like thrilling rides. The view is great but… – Are there seat belts? / – What? – Yes, there is. / – I’m scared. This is scary. You’d faint if you just pretend to push it. There’s no safety device… There’s nothing to trust… (He’s holding it so tight that he might break it) Will it turn upside down when it goes down? (This is not why they are on this) The view is amazing though. – Even if lovers ride this… / – You’re right. They won’t be able to talk. It’s scary. (They safely finished riding the Ferris wheel) Let’s hurry and get off. Summer’s the best time to go to Vladivostok. Look, they’re doing something. It’s like Lake Seokchon. I don’t know if you can call this busking. Everyone is doing it. – That’s nice. / – I want to perform on the streets. (Me too) Should we wear a wig and perform? – That sounds good. / – I really like their ideas. – That wig? / – We didn’t know they were filming this. – We didn’t know. / – Yeah. We have too many wigs. The street wig. – The street wig? / – Yes. (That’s why this happened at the maritime park) We went busking. UV is so awesome. Vladivostok! Make some noise, Russia. Make some noise. Thank you. We are Korean singers. – We’re the best Korean singers. / – Yes. Our team name is UV. Do you know, Husky? Husky? Husky baby. The first song is… “Incheon Grand Park.” (They start their highly anticipated first busking) (Frown) (Interested) Don’t put the mic so close. (Traditional Russian performance team approaches) (Will they end their busking?) (They make use of this situation) (Is this a Korean and Russian joint performance?) (Featured by Russian performers) (They are dumbfounded) – That was our first performance. / – This is it. Are you Korean? – Yes. / – Nice to meet you. How is Vladivostok? – I really like it. / – Do you like it? What was your favorite thing here? – Me? / – Yes. Me too. (Hahaha) It feels like you will find love in Vladivostok. Where are you going? I’ll catch it for you. Catch it. Don’t worry. Little girl, don’t worry. He has it. I caught it for you. Little girl, I caught it for you. (Their most known song, “Itaewon Freedom”) Okay. (A big crowd gathered because of the excitement) (Like this?) – So cringy. / – Look at them. Doesn’t he look like a handsome Hong Kong actor as he gets older? – He does. / – He looks like a Chinese actor. Thank you. Aren’t you hungry? – Are you hungry? / – I am. There’s a restaurant that sells crabs. – Let’s go eat seafood and crabs. / – Okay. You have to eat.

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  1. The one thing i was concerned about them riding Арго whilst filming is that people near them could've shouted curse words. And I was pleasantly surprised none did)

  2. I've been on the one in Malaysia and it only spun once😆this is incredible! But the one in Malaysia is bigger and taller lel


  4. 12:25 the performing ladies wear a Indian South Indian saree…i am a South Indian tooo

  5. I was there once too since my family lives in Russia…. i was there with my cousin, it was very funny xD

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