Visiting the SLEEPIEST TOWN IN PATAGONIA + Our Failed Travel Day in DOLAVON, Argentina

Visiting the SLEEPIEST TOWN IN PATAGONIA + Our Failed Travel Day in DOLAVON, Argentina

well guys this is Welsh town number
three for us we sure are on a roll we’re not even Welsh
I know why are these people gonna have we’re gonna have another one to visit
next week – oh yeah poor San but yeah this place is probably the most remote
of them all the Dolavon Dolavon or in Spanish Dolavon eleven um yeah it’s
even smaller than Gaiman yep we’re seeing lots of like red brick buildings
they have these water mills along the river so yeah we’re very keen to check
it out gonna be a fun day another day trip
we’re just gonna walk around grab a little bite to eat and see what kind of
adventures we can find in this small town Dolavon is a small town in the
province of Chubut and it’s name translates to meadow on the river the
town was officially founded in 1919 and though various European nationality
settled the area the majority were the descendants of the first Welsh settlers
who arrived in 1865 since we were already on a roll visiting Welsh towns
across Patagonia we decided to check this one out as well okay so we just
finished visiting the info centre in Dolavon and got some ideas of what we can do around
town today we did learn that most restaurants are not open on a Monday or
a Tuesday today’s a Monday so the restaurants we
had plotted won’t be an option today but she told us about a berry de in a
camping site that’s a pretty cool spot for food
so that’s where we’re headed next lunchtime so we are walking to the
camping site it was just three blocks away not too too far small little town
we are so ready for food well guys we made it to sabores the Nevada flavors of
the valley it’s the only restaurant available we’re not gonna be sampling
any of the flavors because it’s close no sign of activity inside even can look
into the kitchen yeah I mean the quest for food continues we’re not gonna give
up we will find somewhere we will find something I mean we saw a bar maybe like
the bar we’ll have a little snack yeah I mean we’re gonna grab a bite the idea
really is to show the town of Dolavon so we got needed a little bit of food in us and
then life in Ruston is and then we’ll get going with the town town to her we
walked up down and around and eventually stumble upon this little eatery it was a
local spot with mainly fast food on the menu but at this point we weren’t being
choosy all right guys we found a place that’s open actual on glass and we got
empanadas we’ve got ham and cheese baked and grown beef fried you haven’t had
fried infant us in a while some fries yeah and this place also just pizzas and
other things but we’ve been having a lot of petroleum so we’re like well after
that cheese a bit good so juicy inside the fried ones are always with the taste going on awesome super happy to found a
place all right time to try the ham and cheese
once these are the what the hell horn oh the big ones I don’t know no that’s loaded with cheese look at that cheese
bubbles I press down on it they’re so cute it is their specialty prefer today
is more of a quick fast foodie meal yeah all the restaurants the nice thing about
this too is that it gives us more time to see the town instead of spending
spending the day having lunch man those empanadas were good rides are
tasty to you but there’s some of the best empanadas we’ve had on a trip so
far they’ve been that good ingredients yum yum hey bad well let me Oh certainly
hit the spot it was so cheap – how much like four dollars and seventy five cents
so we got four empanadas fries and a soda water absolutely go that’s amazing
and the quality was so good so if you guys are wandering in town and you’re
looking for a place for it a good quick bite
pop into there yeah it’s called lightning bolt the living bolt there you
go we are going to stop and admire the
water wheels yes for your viewing pleasure they’re all along this walkway
along the water where there’s water there’s water water there’s a water
wheel let’s see how they work you want to say hello don’t you after a
quick lunch we walked back to the tourist office in Dolavon where we had been told
there’s a small museum with an exhibit about the old railway station but guess
what this is Argentina so it was already siesta time and the place was closed for
the afternoon we really should know better by now
so it was back to random wandering across town got a cool little Park here
for children with dinosaurs and all sorts of prehistoric creatures like a
mammoth lots of dinosaur bones have been found here in Patagonia there’s a big
dinosaur museum in Vallejo so it kind of makes sense to be seeing lots of dinos
with a bat friendly manner so we’ve been wandering around for a bit
what have you learned about the town so far all right so this town’s claim to
fame is its mill it’s flour mill which was the first one to be built in the
area and the mill was in operation until 1940 and now it’s a museum and
restaurant well let’s be open on a Monday thank you thank you but we’re
gonna walk on over there and see so this is the restaurant we already knew the
restaurant who would be closed but we were hoping maybe the mill and the
museum would be open that is not the case we’ll make use of our zoom lenses
and give you guys a close-up a peek in through the gate behind we are now waiting for the town’s
museums to open one thing we didn’t realize is that museum also closes for
siesta time so we decided to go have lunch and now that the lunch hour is
over a lot of places have shut down till 4 or 5 o’clock what do we do we do not
know what to do so just walking around town we’ve
friended some dogs I mean this isn’t a very big town to begin with so we
retrace their steps over and over again at one point we even walked into a
little corner store to see if they had any suggestions for too long tourists
they gave us directions to Cafe and Bakery but guess what that too was
closed and that is exactly how we ended up hanging out at a gas station yes a
gas station we are at a gas station riveting stuff guys it’s the really the
only thing that’s open so we we followed a couple leads to some cafes that were
suggested as potentially open we either couldn’t find them or they were closed
and there’s a couple of bakeries that may open again it like 4:35 but around
that time we’ll probably be at the Museum and maybe thinking about heading
back into town integer blue so this is kind of turning into the non tourist
guide to the city where we just show you what what it’s like on a day one not
much is open not much is happening but we’ve in the gas station we did find
some really refreshing drinks – OH – OH which is a citrus jink and this one
which we liked even more is called passive in Los Toros and it is a street
food flavor definitely mellow and we also picked up some alfajores so yeah
brighten our day santoshi and neither playable longer nor the meringue time
yeah and apparently there’s a triplet three layers simple layers
that’s the nice looking alpha horn look at the layers here’s the dulce de leche
I can’t brain anyone’s day know what does improve my mood considerably sugar
and a cold drink sugar in a cold drink and hopefully a museum in about 15 or 20
minutes we are back to see the museum hopefully it says they open at 4:00 and
it’s 4:15 and there’s no one here we’ll wait a bit see what happens maybe a
minute hopefully we can still salvage our sightseeing yeah not the dogs are
following us again we picked up a few more strays along the way yeah hey guys walking down the street our new squad in
this pod I’m so sad to leave these guys yeah I hopefully something opens up and
we can we can buy some dog food and buy food they said I would buy one place
might be open so that’s coming up operation feed the pups was not a
success we went to a butcher closed two markets closed at this point we decided
there really wasn’t anything left for us to do in doll oven it was time to leave
so we went to the bus stop and waited for a bus to appear rolling watching
this people Monday and Tuesday’s are not the best days for tourism yeah
especially in this town apparently the the tourism office was open in the
morning we popped in yeah we were told that almost all the restaurants and
things were closed today and tomorrow so keep that in mind if you’re visiting
Wednesday to Sunday is your best bet the other thing we learned too was that like
in all fairness we did do some research before coming here like we did try to
check see if things are open there wasn’t a lot of online information yes
because all the places I had plotted on my google maps I checked to see if they
had ours or like a website or any type of business information and it was all
blank like you basically just had the name of the restaurant yeah a little pin
and that’s what we were going off of when we showed up so we’ve had a few
ideas of where we wanted to go yeah no clue that it would all fail today but
but to recap I think we had a fun time walking around the city yeah we met some
very friendly dogs who know who I like company we have amazing empanadas they
weren’t just nice like they were there were some of the best we’ve had what
else the price was good we didn’t end up spending much money at all here but a
nice option for the nice alpha whore we got to see some kind of interesting gas
station we got to see some interesting buildings who walk through your campsite
we saw a few like restaurant so that would probably be nice when they’re open
but um yeah and we have a puppy coming over this is my other buddy say hello
hello to the world he’s one of the five dogs we met today
he’s very nice so this is what a travel day it looks like when when nothing goes
right yeah it would have been so easy for us just to like not publish this
video and to never be up on our channel but we thought we’d keep it anyways and
just show you what like a non touristy day looks like kind of a failed mission
but you see it’s just at the same time I’m glad we came I had a yeah yeah I’m
just I am a little disappointed because I was excited to show you guys the mill
the first flour mill / water mill just show you the restaurant because they
take the mill they take the flour from that mill and they have a local
restaurant yeah like it would have been such a cool experience
also think because like there’s not a ton of online information maybe a town
like this it wouldn’t be a horrible idea if like somehow the businesses came
together and maybe on a rotational basis some places actually stayed open on
Mondays and Tuesdays you had once a month or something I don’t know just so
like in situations like thing to do it’s like today there’s nothing to do like
we’ve how many times have we crisscross the town today Oh too many we’ve
actually walked we’ve walked this town more thoroughly than we have giulio is
where we’re spending five nights yeah so I mean we really did try our best but
hopefully you guys enjoyed the visual of what we were able to show you and if you
do come some of the things that we mentioned that would be open say
Wednesday to Sunday give it you know check them out see if they’re open try
some of the restaurants check out some of the other attractions and yeah this
is more of just this is more of a town to walk in anyway so yeah I really don’t
have anything much more to say we’ll see you in the next episode actually
tomorrow we’re going back to Gaiman you have a day we have a day to kill while
we’re our bus doesn’t leave until 9 p.m. we’re checking out 11:00 in the morning
so hopefully we’ll be able to store our bags come back to Trelew we’re gonna
farm tea yeah that that that will that will be open for sure so we’ll see you
guys tomorrow

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  6. Thanks for this video (as always). Watching Audrey cuddling a cute doggy is worth more than any touristic sights.

  7. Come on lads credit to ye for making a bad day into a happy one 😁❤️
    God bless both of ye love from 🇮🇪☘️😘

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