VLOG #10 – Biketouring Laos – Adventure along the Mekong

VLOG #10 – Biketouring Laos – Adventure along the Mekong

Previously on 421adventure… We used the boat to reach our initial itinerary in Laos We then got back on the saddle but
immediately had to face some issues with the police We finally started to cycle
and it was probably the hardest part of Laos Do you remember Jojo? We cycled together during five months and we are now back together for a few days! Mekong! Wow it’s so big! That’s just what I was about to say! It’s so big and silent! Is it the second time we cross it? Third time, third. We’re going to cross it for a while so get used to it Yeah get used to seeing videos à bout the Mekong but here it’s really nice. And Jojo with the Mekong Best friends. BFs forever! So it’s a wedding! Lao wedding? Lao beer, Lao wedding! Technically it’s the first wedding we get invited to… kind of… So we guess that the people from the wedding they have this shop, it’s like a painting shop And they just decided to do the ceremony just in front of the shop. Yeah it’s cheap! Okay so, as always, we thought we’d leave
the main road and now we’re on this great path. It’s really nice but it
started to rain. It’s actually the first time we get wet Yeah on the main road it never rains! As soon as you leave the main road you start having adventures. Know that kids! So kids, always leave the main road! Oh and we’re going like full of bananas
everywhere! Look at that! And just around the corner we bumped
into some workers preparing the bananas to be shipped to China They just removed the air from the bag
with a vacuum! Impressive! 631adventure in the back country of Laos With all the bananas! Yeah! You know we
decided to abandon that great tarmac road for this one but it’s great, it’s really
worth it! Right, river crossing! This path along the Mekong is really
nice! This river is really silent but there’s also so much water it’s super
full! It feels like it’s a part of the
Mecong which is not touched by like tourism and we feel so close to the
nature, there are some people because there are some villages every three five
kilometers and of course there are some pllantations.
So, to summarize, it’s really nice ! As you can see this part of the
Mekong is really nice but when it comes to where we’re gonna sleep, it’s a bit
more tricky because it’s really steep and it goes straight to the river, so no
flat terrain. But we found this village and there’s a monastery but when we got
there we realized it was empty. People told us there were no monks but they
told us that we could stay here anyway We met three or four locals that just
there’s just a path going through the property of the monastery and people
just walk so we found a couple of people and they told us no problem to
sleep. So we hope it’s gonna be okay It’s a really remote place as you could see so hopefully no police will come Okay so this is also interesting, you
have to cross with the boat just like five meters! As Jojo said, it’s probably
the shortest boat trip ever or it could actually be the longest boat trip ever! It doesn’t have a motor! Maybe we have to pull on a rope or something… No boats this time, we’re gonna see if
it’s better to cross over there Maybe it’s easier to cross this way and
Aurelie has found a place with lots of butterflies. Butterfly village okay… We bought something, we don’t know what it is… Inside it’s like a paste. And we got more of those from yesterday. From yesterday? Yeah those balls… We couldn’t find anywhere to eat but
there’s this woman selling many things on her motorcycle and it’s very famous here in Laos and also in Thailand, maybe in all Southeast Asia Bye Jojo!!! Adios! Bye bye! Jojo is leaving! Bye Jojo! Bye!!! Don’t miss our next episode where we
will show you our favorite part of Laos

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