“Wakuwaku meets Trip” by Pastel*Palettes 【FULL】

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  1. Thank you so much for being so fast Erai chan! I love this song and I've been really looking forward to it coming out. The full version is just gorgeous!

  2. yessss! ive been waiting for this!
    i love this song so much, cant wait to vibe to it on ww as well. definitely one of the best pasupare songs!

  3. I love how the cover put together all the events they passed instead of just using one. Also I love the full version so much!!

  4. Erai chan, i know you just posted some songs recently but can you post Go!!! Full cover by Afterglow and kokoro tsurumaki?

  5. Another song I've bene waiting for for so long. Gotta be one of my fave songs to play by PasuPare. Thanks!

  6. This song is very unique compared to other PasuPare songs. Their other songs are just simply cute and energetic but this one is… different. More funky and (maybe) hi-tech. But i love it

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